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There are so many amazing brands for kids out there, we’ve shared a lot of them and still haven’t even scratched the surface! We always wanted to find a one-stop site that had them all in one place and Design Life Kids is it! They’re offering 15% off your purchase now through June 2nd! Enter “DLKSMALLFR” at checkout!

Here’s some of our favoritesDesign Life Kids1. Cool kid bikes are hard to find and this one blows them all out of the water. Its a 3-in-1 strider that grows with them, and its made of recycled materials. Awesome!

2. These amazing girl hangers to spruce up their closet or to use as decor to show off an heirloom pieces from a blessing day, or home from the hospital outfit.

3. Are we still shopping for our kids? Nope! That is what we love about DLK, they curate truly timeless pieces that can grow and room-hop and be loved forever. These vases in particular.

4. This minimal cherry light fixture would be so great in a cluster or standalone for any nursery.

5. We love the notion that every item in your home should bring your joy or function or both, styling your home down to your matches definitely doesn’t hurt.

6. These Stick Hooks are such graphically interesting pieces to add to any space. They spark  our imaginations just looking at them.

7. We are obsessed with this bar cart/coffee table/toy storage/arts and crafts holder, so many possibilities!

8. Is this Dollhouse for real? Yes.

And here’s how we’re incorporating some favorites into our own lives:

Nicole framed these modern initial prints for her living room. Sunny and Dash love seeing their letters each day! And we love the modern take on a family portrait.

Design Life Kids


Jenna is loving shopping for Lolly and couldn’t resist these tops! Milk De La Milk // Fiskur Tank // Jus D’ Orange


Design Life Kids


Emily is all about Summertime and this crazy soft Gimme A Beat tank is a perfect warm weather addition! This Empty Pools print t-shirt and Garcon tank will be well loved this Summer too!

Design Life Kids


Their site is such a treasure trove, go get lost and don’t forget to use the 15% off coupon! (“DLKSMALLFR”) Have an awesome weekend!!

Design Life Kids

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pirate party ahoy!

Our next party on Zurcher’s brand new party site is here! Pirate Party ahoy! Our boys have a pretty good gig over here, we’re thinking and you can find all the available products right here on this party’s shop page!Pirate Party Ahoy!


Pirate parties are such a classic and we can’t help but love the simplicity of it all. Black and white, stripes, gold coins and a hearty argggh or two, done an done!Pirate Party Ahoy! PENNANT // PIRATE FLAG // SODA // HATS // BURLAPPirate Party Ahoy!Pirate Party Ahoy! Pirate Party Ahoy!


Pirate Party Ahoy!


Pirate Party Ahoy! Pirate Party Ahoy! ADDITIONAL SOURCES

Striped Plates // Black Plates // Black Cups //Striped Wood Utensils


Luggage Free + Packing Tip For Kids!

By Jenna.

With busy lives, a lot of kids and hectic work schedules I’m always looking for ways to cut corners to make life easier! It never ceases to amaze me the geniuses out there in the business of convenience, making my job as a Mom a little easier! Enter, Luggage Free!Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 6.35.00 PM

I don’t know about you, but lugging strollers, carseats, suitcases and people through LAX is my idea of a personal hell so when I found Luggage Free I knew I had to test it out for our recent family trip to Hawaii.Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 6.07.55 PMLuggage Free is a door to door shipping service that will literally come right to your door step, take your luggage, golf clubs, skis, bikes, pack and plays, ANYTHING (besides your actual children) and ship them to your destination!Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 6.18.37 PMTheir courier service called and set up an appointment to pick up our suitcases and when we arrived in Hawaii two days later they were waiting for us at the hotel! It was A DREAM to simply take the children, car seats and carry-ons with us. I can’t tell you how much time and headache it saved me. Also it was surprisingly nice to be done with the packing process a couple days before the flight so I could focus all my nervous travel jitters on buying sanitizing wipes for the entire airplane #germaphobe vs. over-packing sundresses up until the last second #shopaholic. If you’re traveling solo with kids, this is an absolute must.Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 6.31.56 PMInitially I was worried that such a service would be money better spent at Matsumoto’s, but honestly after calculating out what our airline would have charged us for baggage it was comparable. The extra money it cost over the airline luggage fee was definitely worth it for added convenience – check out their pricing here. I would and WILL use Luggage Free service again it was just too good, and I had to tell you guys about it. Check out Luggage Free here and book the service for your upcoming trip.Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 6.25.33 PMAlso to add here are a few tips I’ve learned along the way for making packing with kids easier!Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 6.38.20 PM1. Don’t pack in outfits. Some people like to pack in outfits, but I find it easier and less limiting to pack in clothing category. So I like to have shirts, pants, shorts, onesies etc…that can be interchangeable and coordinate pretty well with each other so I’m not freaking out when outfit #1 goes for a dip in a mud puddle or something weird.

2. Don’t let the baby clothes takeover. With little baby things I like to do Ziploc bags for each category. Baby clothes are small, but mighty. It’s amazing how messy and out of hand a few onesies can get. Put them in separate zip locks based on their categories and you’ll thank me!

3. Don’t listen to them about over-packing. There isn’t such a thing especially with kids. Have a backup, a second backup, third-string, guy in the wings, etc… you can never have too many clothes with kids and DEFINITELY over pack their underwear/diapers.

4.  Bring Toiletries. I know you can find a pharmacy at your destination but the fact is that you won’t and your kid definitely won’t need a Band-Aid while you’re out and about, but more like when you’re just getting cozy on the beach. Pack Band-Aids, sunscreen, medicine, essential oils, whatever you need to get you through. I always spend a fortune at pharmacies on vacation with stuff I have at home and it drives me nuts!

5. You will never, ever, ever, ever have too many snacks. This is perhaps more of an airline/roadtrip tip, but kids are hungry. Always. But they are always MOST hungry while: 1. Swimming 2. At the park 3. While traveling. And unless you want to keep buying them $4 Vitamin Water, I suggest you come prepared!

Hope this helps with your upcoming family vacations and I can’t wait to do a recap of our Hawaii trip soon! It was the PERFECT place for our family. Where are you going this Summer?

nordstrom half yearly

Nordstrom‘s Half Yearly sale is happening right here and it never ceases to excite and overwhelm us! They have such a large demographic so sorting through lots of different aesthetics can be daunting! We’ve sifted through it all sharing our favorite modern on-trend items that we’d be stoked to wear right this second.


Mara Hoffman Hunter Boots, Wildfox (their sweatshirts are so soft she’ll be in Heaven!) and more!


Roshe Nikes, Vans, 50% off Herschel and so many great t-shirts!


Sandals, Booties and Heels that we want to wear right now.

australian kids fashion

It has been awhile for our Thursday Threads but today we’re back and we’re going Down Under! Australia is consistently putting out some of our favorite brands and we wanted to share them with you today!

We can’t tell you how MUCH we love these Two Tykes onesies. Every print is unique, to die for and the cut of the onesie is so perfect. They are a thick cotton and are the most durable we’ve ever seen. You just don’t see this quality very often.australia2

Guys. Sapling Child. They have bloomers with a huge heart on them. We feel lie that should say enough about it but there’s also halter bubble rompers and cozy onesies. It’s delicate and beautiful for both boys and girls. Jaimie King also just collaborated on a line with them and well… she’s perfect and so is Sapling Child!australia3

Bow Ties can be oh so wrong or oh so right and Hugo’s Wardrobe does it more than right. Every pattern is gorgeous and will make your boy stand out in a crowd. The shape is beautiful and the craftsmanship flawless. Love this Australian Mamma owned brand.australia4Lastly but for sure not least is HUXBABY. Even if you don’t have a baby just go to their website. Their design is so innovative, fresh, clean and stunning. We love that the pieces can be mix matched within the collection making several different outfits out of a couple pieces.

Have you been following Australian fashion or are you from Australia? Leave a comment with some brands should we check out! G’day!


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