best of: women’s waterproof

One of the requests when I asked what you guys were in the market for this Fall was all weather, comfortable shoe options! Whether it’s snow or rain or sun, these shoes will keep you covered but also polished. One new to me brand, Blondo is an entire line of regular looking ankle boots, knee highs, sneakers, that just happen to be waterproof! Super cool!

womens waterproof boots
Blondo Boot options: ONE // TWO 
TRANSPARENT BOOTS // 1964 Sorels are the best looking snow boot in my opinion.
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best of: boys waterproof shoes

Boys Boots! It snowed a little bit up here this weekend so I am ON it for all my kids. Here’s what Ive liked from around the web. Ranging from $17 for these duck boots, on up!

Boys Rain Boot
Shoe Covers! Something to think about if you live in a climate that isn’t wet often, or if your kids insist on wearing “fast shoes” to school. Just mine? Button Clasp // Zipper  //$12 Shipped for these half boots in most colors! //  $40 Duck Boot // If you want just a basic welly here are two options! Solid Colors // Solids with Black Sole // Helly Hansen – Plain and Striped

halloween class party ideas

Who’s signed up for class Halloween party volunteering? I signed up for the “book/treat”, not sure what that means, but I am bringing both just to be sure! I asked Cal what treat would be fun and he requested Spaghetti. Can you imagine a worse snack for 25 kids?Monster Spaghetti

Here are the MOST checked out Halloween books according to an Elementary Librarian! Halloween Class Party ReadsThere Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat // Clifford’s Halloween // Room on the Braaoom // Little Old Lady Not Afraid of Anything // In a Dark Dark Room (scary stories) // All the Lovely Bad asOnes (scary stories)

Chocolate Covered Pumpkin Pretzels

Halloween Treat DIYMonster Bark – there are 1,000 versions of this online but I love that this one used multi colored chocolate! Such messy fun.Halloween Treat DIYPudding Cup Bats – I’ve seen this with juice boxes (covered in white cheese cloth for a ghost), apple sauce pouches (wrapped in crepe paper like a mummy), String Cheese with eyes and a mouth for a ghost, faces on Clementine Oranges like jack-o-lanterns. I like these ideas because it doubles as a craft and isn’t opened so it’s less germy as they handle their food.Halloween Treat DIYScary Donut Ideas Scary Donut IdeasAnd a few cute treat ideas to add to these 8 we found a couple years ago! Also still stand so hard behind this Healthy Halloween Lunch I posted 6 years ago, ha!

And if you’re in charge of activities here’s a few easy ideas! ALL of My Mind’s Eye Halloween Decor is on sale! For smaller groups, rotations or maybe a fun price to win this Monster Magic book would be awesome to have them each do a drawing.

Print off one of these nine Ad-libs! // Sheets of stickers to make faces on small pumpkins! // Spider Ring Toss 

britax boulevard

So stoked to have Britax send their new Boulevard ClickTight in Cool N Dry fabric  for a review! We were coming up on the expiration date for our carseat (used it with all three boys) and it was for sure time fora fresh one! Here are some features and things I am loving about this carseat!Britax Boulevard Review

The look. Call me vain but I love the look of this seat. The casing around the sides feels so sleek and this Boulevard seat is made with their Cool n Dry fabric which looks amazing even after being wiped down. Raleigh runs hotter than my other boys, he gets red faced and after running for 30 seconds and is constantly sweaty! So having a fabric with him in mind is so nice! I just wish I had this for Summer because he was constantly complaining about being hot!

Cool Max Review

The Click Tight system. I haven’t ever used a Britax seat before but this technology is super cool! It makes installing the seat so so easy and you don’t have to wonder if it’s secure. You push the button and it automatically sets the tension for the different seat belts so the carseat doesn’t budge!

Britax Boulevard Review

A few other safety features I love are the SafeCell Impact Protectors. That same shell I loved for the look? Also helps absorb shock in side impact situations. Britax has created impact absorbers for the base, frame, harness and tether so if Heaven forbid you get in an accident all these places of impact are ready to lessen the effects. Do you see the harness impact absorbers with that grey rubber encasement around the belt? It takes some getting used to as it takes more effort to move up and down, but I have found that it stays in place more readily, avoiding that chest buckle slippage that can happen!Cool Max Review

For the price this carseat is so luxe looking, and easy to use! Far and away the easiest system I’ve ever installed! You can check it out here!

white boot trend

The white boot trend caught my eye this past Spring but just now getting around to buying a pair! These were $25 at Charlotte Russe and of course sold out. I’ll be sure to update if I see them come back! But, let’s see how people in the fashion world are styling them  and of course I rounded up 16 of my favorite options from around the web! Happy weekend!!

Similar Boots // Turtleneck // Leather Jacket Jeans // Lip 

White boots started sticking out to me this past Spring but I LOVE them for Fall. I think the trick is finding boots that a little something other than white leather. A black heel or elastic, a silver stud pattern, a wood heel. Just something to break up all the white!

white boot trend

Snakeskin boot options to ease your way in. I’ve been wearing them daily and here’s some good lookers! 1. With buckles. // 2. The orange heel are you kidding?? // 3. Black buckles – Chloe knockoffs! // 4. Gold Buckles – Chloe knockoffs! // 5. Asymmetrical shaft // 6. Wood Heel + Goring // 7. Patent Go-Go style // 8. Black heel + goring – sold out the day after I made this dumb collage, but I’ll link if I find them! // 9. Hiking Boot // 10. Patent Goring // 11.Chunky Heel and Split Gore // 12. Western Isabel Marant Vibes // 13. Silver Multi Strap Buckles // 14. Pointed Western Vibes // 15. Western Vibes with Goring – Acne knock-offs! // 16. Studded 

A few other ways to style them!

I know these colors aren’t screaming Fall or Halloween BUT fun nonetheless to make our own monster cookies! I used this set of edible facial features!Monster Cookies

I made the cookies from scratch and bought the frosting. Typically would have bought ALL of them because Macey’s bakery is so dirt cheap but I was in a rush. (You can order frosting from most bakeries in whatever colors you want! It was $8 for all three of these!)Monster Cookies I also love a frosting spatula because it makes it SO much easier to smooth and control.

Monster CookiesNot so scary but still delicious!Monster Cookies


Costumes + Trick or Treating: All our costume ideas from the last 6 years! // DIY Candy Tote

Food: Best Halloween Snack Ideas HERE // Healthy Halloween Lunch //

Modern Decor Ideas: Graveyard Wall // Best Ideas from Around the Web // Garland Ideas 

Party Ideas:  Spooky Party Hat Printable // 3D Balloons 

at home carpet cleaning

After seeing my townhouse carpets looking brand new after a carpet cleaning, I knew that if I could find a way to keep my carpets looking that clean, I might just love carpet again! Part of my problem being I’d have to clean them more than just once every couple of ayears, ha! When Hoover reached out and said they had a new SmartWash Automatic Carpet Cleaner that would do the job without making my head spin — I was in.Hoover SmartWashAt home carpet cleaners always felt daunting to me and I guess I wasn’t alone because Hoover put their engineers to the test to eliminate all my same hesitations! How much soliton do I use? How long do I need to stay off of it? When do I pull that trigger, and when do I release it? This SmartWash takes all the guesswork out, whether its the amount of solution, how to run the machine, how much water it actually puts out, and drying time! It’s all automatic and easily marked on the machine. SO easy!So Russ works in construction and basically swiped it from the house for a few weeks, using it for his professional jobs and loving it! One fateful day I wasn’t watching Raleigh very closely and he made his way up to the loft (our only room with wall-to-wall carpet.) When I finally got to him he had taken up my chocolate protein drink and spilled it ALL over the place. I immediately started crying because he has been known to spill my protein drinks before (when will I learn??) and I have never once been able to get it all the way out of our rugs. I immediately started spraying it with everything I could find and called Russ to tell him the bad news. 

He didn’t even pause, just happily said “Get the Hoover up there!” His confidence immediately calmed me down, but I wasn’t so sure, it being my first time using it. You guys, I know this sounds like the cheesiest infomercial, but it got every last drop out.  Consider me SmartWash’s biggest fan! *Cue “Ah!” and audience applause* I was so relieved, I am sure any of you with new homes or recent renovations know how awful it can feel when some damage occurs. I wish I would’ve thought to grab before and afters, but scout’s honor, I know it exactly where the spills were and I can’t see a trace.

If you have kids or pets or carpets or a mixture of all three, you will love this! It’s given me confidence in carpet again! Hoover is giving the SmartWash+ (valued at $250!) on my Instagram enter here! @emilyframe

ankle booties in every color

I decided recently that I am just an ankle bootie girl. I don’t need stilettos, or comfortable slides, or designer whatevers. Just get me a cool ankle bootie and I feel the most myself. But most importantly its what I want to wear every single day, so buying anything else really isn’t a good investment anyway. 😉 Now all I need is a bootie for every occasion. Here’s some faves!ankle booties in every shade

RED: I get asked about my old red boots all the time and these are a great plan B! The patent wears way longer than my suede ones. If you need inspiration for red boots just check my OOTD page where I styled mine 100 different ways. Ha! // ORANGE: These Rust boots might be my favorite Fall color. It’s an edgy boot so you could pair it with a feminine dress for some balance. YELLOW: MUST have these perfect mustard boots. Raw edge black denim and a rock tee. Done. // Hear me out on these Crocs. The neon yellow color is so fun and wild I can’t resist. I love the lacing and would have the best time splashing around in these on a rainy day.

GREEN: These hunter boots have that hint of Western that is huge right now in fashion but not too much that you won’t be able to wear them in a couple years.

BLUE: These royal blue Chinese inspired blue booties are only $40! More colors here! You could pull so many colors out of it to tie it together. Hot pink, red, gold, light blue. Would be stellar with a red wrap dress. // Navy Suede boots with a studded back? Hole-y boyfriend jeans, a baggy white blouse, BAM!

PURPLE: Purple was HARD to find but I never tire of my multi buckle boots and purple suede is so unexpected. It would spice up even the most basic outfit – tee and jeans!

PINK: These pointed kitten heel booties come in virtually every color and I NEVER go for pink but these feel so fresh! I’d probably wear it with my brown suede leggings and a striped turtleneck or multi colored sweater.

BROWN: These are more burgundy but also my favorite boot silhouette. I love a stacked platform ankle boot! So hot. Pencil skirt and a graphic tee with these? YES! // I love the smart menswear look of these rain boots. I’d wear them with black tights and a wraparound sweater dress. // This camel color bootie is perfection. I’d wear it with light wash looser fitting denim and a cozy sweatshirt. Perfectly casual but still polished.

GREY plaid bootie. Love this with a big ol’ navy chunky mock neck sweater and skinny jeans.

WHITE: Wasn’t sure about the white boot trend this Spring but I LOVE it for Fall. Especially with black detailing like in these pointed chelsea boots. Im loving the white boot trend so much I have a whole other round up for it!

BLACK: I’ve shared these before because they’re beautiful but worth repeating. I love an all black outfit and these military slash victorian inspired boots would carry the look no problem. // This lace-up combat boot with the white laces reminds me of my favorite boots from the Nordstrom Sale. No money for them then, but $25 now?? Sure thing.

mine + ours: books #13


small fry book reviews


LISTEN: I loved Trevor Noah’s narration of his autobiography Born A Crime. I learned so much about Apartheid in South Africa and am absolutely shocked it continued virtually the same until 1994. Just boggles my mind!! The book was so funny, so sweet and touching, so eye opening, so well written, and so heartbreaking. Definitely worth a listen. 5 Stars

READ: A Visit From the Good Squad has been on my list for years because as a English Lit major I heard it’s a must. For people who study literature and get excited by something they’ve never seen done before. Tricky to follow, challenging for sure, a lot of messed up characters, but something cool to take on if you feel like you fall into that category of readers. Three stars.


STICK CAT series by Tom Watson + MY WEIRDEST SCHOOL series by Dan Gutman (Book 12 releases next month!) We reviewed these for a sponsored post and My Weirdest School is a joke a minute! I love that it would help an early reader be exposed to a more casual voice when storytelling or learning how to use their own voice in their writing! Stick Cat is more subtle jokes but still awesome! Both series are boasted as getting even the most reluctant reader on board, so if you have one of those, check these out!

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skin + makeup routine

Everyday products that I have bought + used year after year and a couple new items that worked so well I immediately incorporated them! Happy shopping!


Every 10 -14 days I use the PMD and swear by it. Best investment I’ve ever made for my face!

Daily: Run a cotton pad with this Bioderma Micellar Water first. New to this one (Thanks to Kayti! @beyoutybureau) but actually shocked at how well it works. My face hasn’t felt that clean maybe ever. Then wash it with clairsonic + La Roche Posay Gentle Cleanser or an M2 (got it at Spa Trouve and think its only sold at salons!) cleanser that is heavier duty during my period. Hormonal break-outs, fun! Also gotta shout out Mario Badescu Drying Lotion for zits or the COSRX patches for doozies that won’t stop oozing. GROSS, I’m sorry!!

Tone with Rose Toner

Eye Cream from Rodan + Fields

Serum – CEO by Sunday Riley. Awesome!!

Heavier Night Cream – This budget one by St. Ives  is so great and crazy good ratings. If you want a cleaner version Divine’s whole line is wonderful but their Collagen Cream is luxe.

Tint + SPF by Rodial (I wear Hamptons) for no makeup days. I wish I would’ve been better about SPF daily even when not wearing make-up. So many sunspots from sun through my car window. (They’re only on my left side, oof!)

Lip Mask by Laneige

Too Faced Hangover Primer

Eyelid Primer by Urban Decay

Still Stay All Day Eyeliner

Brow Pencil by Etude + Brow Gel by Ardell

Fit Me Foundation (120) – I like the dewy formula because it’s more comfortable to wear all day. If I am doing a shoot or just a dinner or something matte is awesome!

Eyeshadow – I love this Naked Heat palette for blue eyes and use at least one color on it daily.

I love the Stila glitter eyes as well for special occasions!

Contour – For my skin tone I need to keep it light, usually with a grey or ash undertone. If I go too dark or too warm my face just looks dirty! This Kevin Aucoin one is stellar (I use light!)

Blush – I switch it up based on my mood, tan, rest of my make-up look. I always lean towards peach though. Start with this palette, it’s awesome!

HIghlighter – Tried a whole bundle and Becca (Moonstone is my fave!) is still my favorite for consistency and pay-off. This Urban Decay disco stick is fun for a little extra something interesting.

Stila Stay All Day Lip is my favorite formula hands down. It wears comfortably on the skin and the colors are wonderful, too! Beso is an excellent red.

Mascara – Better than Sex by Too Faced. Prettiest featheriest formula that doesn’t fall on me.

HAIR — I wrote this post about it all! in this post!

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