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So we’re gearing up for family photos again,¬†t’s been only about 7-ish months, but everyone has already changed SO much. It’s been such a sweet time in our lives, Raleigh is at this amazing stage I can’t stand to forget and it. How often is too often? ūüėČ
I have been collecting canvas enlargements of our family photos since the beginning of time and so they take up quite a bit of space. It’s hard to decorate with them and although I will always find a place, I am ready for something a little more minimal for now! Our wall is currently in the hallway on the top floor of our townhouse (beige on beige rentals for the win), right in between the boys and our room.gallerywall

But I caught a glimpse of¬†friend Stacie’s (she owns the DARLING Alice & Ames shop) wall forever ago and never forgot it, check this amazingness out:

Modern Family Photo IdeasI love the oversized and intimate feeling. The candid moments, the levels and scale. It’s all so good! The set of 3 is so easy on the eyes, too!Modern Family Photo IdeasAnd wanted to collect a few more inspiration pics for any of you in the same boat. Modern Family Photo Ideasvia Design Milk

via¬†Chris Loves Julia — this whole home reno is UNREAL!!Modern Family Photo IdeasThe reason why gallery walls get tiring is because they’re so busy! SO much for the eye to take in. Controlling the size and balancing the busy-ness with those large white mattes, and of course taking the actual photos black and white, has a calming effect to me. 10 Modern Family Photo IdeasVia Studio McGee

Another great use of black and white photos, uniform frames and major mattes to keep things feeling minimal!10 Modern Family Photo Ideasvia Curbly



how do you hero?

This post is sponsored by Revolution Foods, all opinions are my own! Win a month’s supply of breakfasts, lunch and dinners here!

Everyone, say hi to Cal Frame.Revolution FoodsPlease tell me you have kids that make this face when you try to give them nourishment that can’t be purchased at a gas station? Cal is far and away my pickiest eater – he is my only picky eater in fact. He has a gag reflex thing and he gets seriously grossed out (like sick to his stomach) by certain smells. On top of which he might have inherited my hypoglycemia. If he doesn’t eat every couple hours, he falls apart. So feeding him requires a lot of energy. A lot of mindfulness to avoid that face above. When I get him nice and full from a well-balanced meal, I feel like an actual super hero. Truly. So let’s see how we got him from this face to this one:Revolution FoodsAnd most importantly to this one. (Full disclosure, he would rather die on that stool than eat broccoli. Believe, me we’ve gone toe-to-toe.)Revolution FoodsThat is the thing about this kid, he truly wants to be adventurous and loves getting praised for trying new foods, he just has to find the ones he likes. Lucky for us (and lucky for them so I could give such a glowing review) it just so happened to be Revolution Foods.Revolution Foods Revolution Foods¬†was started by two moms who were in the same boat as ¬†lot of us and want to feed our kids in a healthful, delicious way. They started in schools and recently switched to retail for breakfast, lunch and dinner meals! Yay for us! 200 million meals later they have perfected flavors and ease of use, and this meal was a breeze to make!Revolution FoodsI especially love the design of their boxes, where the front cover is actually a flap that opens up to the cooking instructions! Makes it so easy to prop open while you work away.revolution2 Here is the finished product! So pretty and I love that it’s a perfect leftover, next day lunch, candidate! Most importantly you all know how much I want to be better at dinners from home and this feels totally doable to me. No last minute trips to the store, everything is ready to go and delicious. Just thaw that meat!revolution3

Always thrilled to have another meal I can put on the rotation — this one is Sesame Garlic. I am itching to try their pre-made pancake batter and their take on a Lunchable looks so spot on! Revolution Foods is giving¬†away a¬†month’s supply of meals right here!

best of: backpacks


RED: Jetpack backpack // Red NY pack

PINK: Pink with black straps // State Multi Red and Pink

ORANGE: Fjallraven Рalso if you hate the price Brickyard Buffalo has a super similar dupe for $25! Posted a pic at the bottom of this!

YELLOW: Legobag // Leopard // Mustard and Navy // Gold irridescent

GREEN: Herschel day pack // Dragon bag

BLUE: Denim patch // Legobag, made of water bottles! // Popcorn backpack // Skiphop Raccoon. Too many cute animal packs not enough years in my life!!

PURPLE: Herschel //

GRAY/BLACK: Gray with tan tipping // Plain black perfect for patching! // Cream windowpane // Space Backpack



Oh man it has been AWHILE since I wrote one of these. I have a bunch of small, unrelated things to share, so what better way? I’ll try to keep it in the old format so we don’t get lost ūüėČ

READING: I have a Book Review post coming, I swear! My choice this month (Homegoing) has taken me a lot longer to finish this time around – I should be able to get it done by next week! The kids are still audio-ing and loving it.

LISTENING: Feist has a new album!! It’s very Feist-ish and a welcome release as I thought she was dead. Six years is TOO many years between albums. So far my favorite is Get Not High, Get Not Low.

EATING: I posted this on Instagram yesterday and had a few questions! This is a Mezze Platter which we had at a Lebanese restaurant a while ago. I think most Middle East and Mediterranean cuisines have their own version of this but its basically like a sample platter or charcuterie or cheese plate. Russ loves Greek and Mediterranean food so I knew he’d dig this for dinner and turns out everyone picked at it since there were so many options!¬†Mezze Platter

Pita Chips and Wasa Crackers / Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Artichoke Hearts, Green Castelvetrano and Calmata Olives / Two types of Feta cheese / Salami (3 kinds!) / Tabouleh and Hummus. Just dip and go wild and it was so freaking good!


I have been sharing what I’m wearing everyday on Insta Stories for a few weeks now! t I am so glad some of you are loving it! Just a friendly reminder that I put up all the outfits I share on there on this page of the blog¬†too so you can catch them later.

Also! Amazon brought me on to launch their new Spark section of their app! It’s an app-only feature where you can select your interests and see what other people are buying on Amazon in those categories and build a social network of sorts once you find people that fit your taste! Several times a week I’ve been sharing outfits, beauty, hair and makeup favorites, and more! You can share your own picks as well! If you’re on there let’s be buddies.

Posts like, CAR MUSTS:

Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 7.39.55 AMThis Supergoop sunscreen pump is a Summer must. It makes one handed momming SO much easier. // Dryel laundry pen is 100,000 times better than the tide pen. Just saying. // Floss sticks // Sunnies

And GETTING READY IN A HURRY:Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 7.39.40 AMBobbi Brown brick // Rodial Skin Tint // Cashmere Mist Deodorant // Rose Tint

June and January has a huge Summer sale right now 40% off favorites!! We loved this Shorty romper for instance, such a steal! Raleigh has worn them all Summer long! (Also, hi Lolly!)¬†That’s all for now, as always thank you for being here. Thank you for being so kind through transitions and encouraging. I am figuring it out and seeing where my strengths lie and blogging for 10+ years I’ve had to adapt quickly and I think we can make things great here once again!

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