Today is our second post in our lighting series. Last Friday we talked about chandeliers and fixtures for the kitchen and living room. Today, with smaller fixtures we are focusing on bedrooms and hallways.

Many of these could be purchased in twos or threes and used lining the hallway. Or, hung alone in the center of the bedroom or playroom. The 5 arm brass sputnik is what we have in Dash and Sunny’s room. It is perfect since it doesn’t hang as low as the others. This was crucial for Sunny. I can just see him swinging from his bunk bed on of these pendants. HELP!


Medium or Small Brass Sputnik // Wire Copper Pendant // White and Orange Pendant // Black and Gold Pendant // 5 Arm Brass Sputnik // Bird Cage Black Pendant // White and Gold Pendant // Grey and Natural 

In larger bedrooms and playrooms with higher ceilings, many of the lights in last weeks post would be a lovely fit as well! Remember to show us your updates with #smallfrylightfixtures on instagram!

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GIVEAWAY! The Studio Forty Six

We have a HUGE giveaway for you today!

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The Studio Forty Six is a natural light lifestyle studio for photographers and brands located in Pleasant Grove UT. Equipped with a white kitchen, bedroom, nursery, white bathrooms, many lifestyle props, couches, toys and tables, all for your personal use. Good luck! Cant wait to see  you at The Studio Forty Six.

@thestudiofortysix on instagram for more info.

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Toy Talk continues with our second Toy Review. Today, Dash and Ozzy will review Magnetic. This Construction toy is best for ages 5+, and enjoyed but kiddos up to age, well, adult! I loved playing it along with them. To see how it works, watch the review below!  Enjoy Magnetic!

Graco Extend2Fit 3-in-1 Car Seat with TrueShield Technology

By Emily.

Raleigh is off the charts for weight, height, head, the whole enchilada. So needless to say carrying him around in his Infant seat became a struggle pretty fast! We loved our Uppa infant seat but as he has gotten taller and taller he simply didn’t fit it anymore! I have used Graco seats for all my boys now and was glad to try out the Extend2Fit because Raleigh is my first kid that will stay rear facing until he’s 2! This guideline wasn’t in place until Cal was long past the old requirements and I was secretly glad. Of course, we want our kids to be as safe as possible, but our old seats just weren’t equipped! The Extend2Fit 3-in-1 is made with those new guidelines in mind. So here’s my favorite features!Graco Extend2 Fit 3-in-1

  1. First and foremost, the fact that I need one seat until he’s out of a booster thrills me!
  2. Simply Safe™ Adjust Harness System: Simply Safe adjusts the height of the harness and headrest, in one motion, without having to rethread the straps. It has 10 different positions so I can easily adjust as Raleigh grows. Which I feel like I am adjusting so often. Stop growing, baby!! You can see below his head is perfectly nestled, where as his infant seat he was actually sticking up and out of it! Yikes!aDSC_4540
  3. Everything has this super easy one handle lift on it. So to lift the headrest, or pull out the leg extender (seen below) you just need one hand and virtually no muscle. Its so easy! This leg extension provides 5 more inches of leg room! This was my #1 concern about the 2 year rear facing guidelines, where do their legs go? He looks pretty comfy to me!graco
  4. When you’re rear-facing on the side of the seat is this handy level (seen above.) so you know based on their age exactly what position the seat should be at. They also say that the seat should always be at least 80% on the seat have they have little markers to show that guideline as well so you don’t go past that percentage.
  5. The latch on the harness is super easy to use and there is harness storage so you don’t have to mess with the straps when you’re trying to get them in and out. I love that!

Graco Extend2Fit6. The seat has reinforced steel so it will last up to ten years. So if we ever have another baby I don’t feel like I have to start over! We went with the all black and it looks awesome in our car. Raleigh loves being able to have a better viewpoint and seems a lot happier/more comfortable to be in a seat that fits him so much better as he’s grown! 

7. From what I’ve read they also have TrueShield technology which provides advanced side impact protection from a child’s head to hips, offering a new level of safety to children!

Thanks to Graco for sending this seat for us to review! As always all reviews and opinions are my own and I’d love to hear which seats are your favorite for this age as well! You can buy this seat Prime or Target has 20% off right now as well!


Raleigh’s romper and backpack  // Emily’s tee, jacket, sunglasses