FRYday: Emily

Oh man it feels like ages! Here’s the latest and greatest from my neck of the woods!

  1. STILA STAY ALL DAY LIP WEAR — Okay my babe friend Laci Davis always has THE greatest lip colors and finally I made her send them to me, turns out they’re all Stila’s all day liquid lip. If you are looking for a bright lip for Summer these colors are epic. It wears so well and it only takes a couple swipes so I can see it will last me a long long time. Off Laci’s suggestions I got Amalfi, (sold out at Sephora but still in stock at Amazon!) Bella ($3 cheaper than anywhere else here!) and Carina and am obsessed. Carina might be my new signature hue. I sent back Fiore (another hot pink) and Venizia (bright red) and as it turns out Amalfi and Bella are SO similar like you can’t even tell here probably, but I can’t decide which one to keep. Bella (far right) has more purple in it so I am thinking Amalfi is more of a true hot pink and might be my winner. Also, I searched for good swatches to show you and there aren’t any so I made some myself. THIS IS EMBARASSING. Still Stay All Day Swatches
  2. You all know we’re renting while we build so we’re in a townhouse with no yard to care for and I am missing our garden so bad! We have a little patio deal and so I bought this planter to hang over our railing. It’s self watering and has kept everything looking amazing. Despite Utah’s weather they’re thriving somehow. Its no blackberry bush but fresh herbs make me happy too! Self Watering Railing Planter
  3. READING– I finished All the Bright Places (hated it not the writing but I felt like it was irresponsible), Nightingale (loved it and thought it was really redeeming for anyone with an imperfect family), Dark Matter (not my usual style but it was hard to put down) and now reading Nothing to Envy which is a retelling a four families in North Korea, which is fascinating. I just can’t even believe places like this exist, no electricity, hardly any food, and they are seemingly grateful and respectful still to their leaders. What!books
  4. Batiste for blondes. That regrowth got ya down? That blond looking a little too muddy? This is actually great.
  5. I’ve been using a ton of this dry shampoo lately because Nicole got me into Hot Pilates and Yoga and I cannot get enough. I feel like weight is literally dripping off me both physically and energetically and I’ve loved it so so much. If any of you are into it I found this semi sticky yoga mat towel that doesn’t budge while you’re using it. The bottom has grippers and the top is just regular microfiber. Perfect!!
  6. Shandali Stickyfiber Yoga yoga

Have a great weekend guys!!

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10 Modern Nurseries

Its been awhile since we shared our favorite nursery trends, see our archive here! We’re including three trends we’ve been loving lately below and how they’re done well.


This nursery has such a spot on use of color, every one is suitable for a baby’s room but still feels fresh. The combination of that chartreuse and deep yellows (not mustard, but almost!), mint or aqua, blush pink, orange pops. The combo is so fresh it hurts!10 Modern Nurseries

10 Modern NurseriesAnother nursery with chartreuse, coral. lime grinned that deep yellow. 10 Modern Nurseries

NEUTRAL GROUND: Neutral color palettes are huge in nurseries lately just as they are in homes. This one is more luxe but still has lots of great elements. Via Emily Maynard’s nursery tour!10 Modern NurseriesThis nursery has I would say no color as it is just black white gray and wood tones, but it still packs a huge punch, no? Not modern per se but still worth breaking the title rules to include. 😉10 Modern Nurseries Here is even more neutral… Just white and black and the green from the plant. Via Holy City Chic10 Modern NurseriesAgain mostly using neutrals but that wall is anything but demure. Via Project Nursery.10 Modern NurseriesNeutral palette with a completely different vibe. That white washed ship lap and southwestern textiles make huge impact. Just shows how styling can effect a room so drastically!10 Modern Nurseries

Stripes might seem like old news but this combo is so timeless. And if you’re over a trendy look this is for you.


JUMBO ANIMAL PRINTS: One trend we’ve seen in several nurseries lately is the oversized animal portaits. It bring such a sense of wonder and sweetness – while adding that interesting pop without breaking the bank. Via YourHomeandGarden

10 Modern NurseriesThis nursery via the Animal Print Shop is the same as the yellow tassel image up top, click here to see the whole space its awesome!!The Animal Print Shop by Sharon MontroseAnd this image is from an Etsy shop filled with options!10 Modern Nurseries


Weekend Deals

Happy Monday! Here’s some awesome deals we saw while browsing this weekend.

Cotton On has their awesome 2 for $20 swim shorts and 2 for $15 tank tops. STOCK UP! This brand is our favorite for Summer wardrobes for the boys.Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 8.12.16 PM Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 8.11.37 PM

Urban Outfitters has 20% off women and men’s shoes, no exclusions. Grab some Adidas or Leather booties and get a nice shave off the top!

Old Navy has 30% off everything Gap has up to 50% and a minimum of 20% — both their girl’s lines are killer. Here’s some faves:old navy

Bomber // Romper // Ankle Wrap // A cute variation on a summer tank! // Sweet little shirt dresses (three colors!) //

Beauty Faves like Batiste have coupons currently. Shave off some dollars on stuff you’re buying anyway, we say! If you’ve been wanting to try these foundation and contour brushes they’re more than half off and it comes with a silicon blender which we’re dying to try! These are a must for brush washing. This Himalayan Sea Salt Scrub is awesome and half off! If you’ve been wanting to try the cult favorite Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick this threesome is only $20 (down from $36) and has amazing color options. We were sent this Vichy Double Glow Peel Mask to try out and it is amazing! Its also confusing because its not a peel, you simply wipe it off, but you will see amazing results on the texture and smoothness of your skin in just one use, promise! Its become an instant fave over here. amazni

Seen any other good deals around? Share below!

How To: Clean your Oven

Cleaning the oven is arguably in my top 5 least favorite household tasks. Yet when I open up the oven when its clean it gives me so much pride! It always felt like such a production with the sprays you find in the store. They’re crazy potent and horrible for the environment so it’s tracking down rubber gloves, it’s using cloth after cloth. Its a headache, literally. I recently found a more environmentally friendly way to clean that works amazing well, so I wanted to share! You know we have the whole Maytag set up in our house and the oven has proven to be just as great as the rest of the crew. So of course I want it to be sparkling inside like the outside remains to this day. Yep that fingerprint resistant stainless steel is legit!! And the front only needs water to clean, so don’t be trying this mixture out on the outside!

Okay, here’s what you’ll need:screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-10-10-03-am

Baking Soda and Vinegar. Seriously that’s it, you’ve got all the things, right? YES! Next mix 1/2 c of baking soda and three tablespoons of water. It will create a paste like consistency. Then take out your racks and save those for later.screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-10-09-17-am Next you spread that paste ALL over the INSIDE of the oven. Just the inside, remember the door just needs water, and the Maytag Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel finish cleans right up no problem.

screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-10-09-17-am dsc_0212

Once you have the paste coated inside let it dry as best as you can. Over night, a few hours, whatever you can do. If you cook as much as I do you could wait a few weeks. 😉 Then take spray bottle of vinegar, and spritz the whole oven with it. It will start to sizzle, this is very satisfying. This will make it easier to scrape off the baking soda and you will be amazed at what comes up with it!

What to do with oven racks? I have been known to fill up the bathtub and let them soak in there for awhile. So much easier than trying to manhandle it over the sink! Then your oven will look good as new, I promise. And you didn’t even have to don a haz mat suit to wield the oven cleaner spray!mgr8650f.jpg

Besides that fingerprint resistant stainless steel I have been loving the Precision Cooking system. It has Precise Bake, Precise Heat, and Precise Broil which heats so quickly and evenly I feel like my baking is so much more consistent now especially! I know a lot of you are building and moving around this year so if you have any questions about any of the Maytag items we’ve featured this past year just holler! I can’t recommend them enough. Now that you’ve learned all about our new Maytag products, you can check out the upcoming May is Maytag Month promotions. Go to this May 2017 for more information.

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