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Here at Small Fry, we all have two boys each, isn’t that something? We’re not sure if girls are the same, but boys are so hard on their clothes. On top of that they grow like weeds, and we are replenishing their too small wardrobes monthly it seems. So when we find inexpensive staples, we like to stock up. But, of course three best friends with six boys between us, the boys are constantly matching. Embellishing these inexpensive finds is the perfect way to put a little individuality back into their wardrobes. Here’s how Emily did it:

Painted Shoes

Using painter’s tape, mark off your desired design. Make sure you press the tape into the creases and that it is adhering, duct tape might work well too! Using our favorite go-to, acrylic paint, and a sponge brush, dab the paint into the design. Depending on the saturation of the paint and the shoe’s material, you will probably need a few coats. But, it dries quickly, so once it’s set, remove the tape. In only minutes you’ll have one-of-a kind shoes.

Slip ons via K-Mart, and shorts are thrifted Wranglers cut off above the knee.

If you upgrade any shoes, link in the comments, we’d love to see!

And can we just say we hope you have the happiest weekend! It has been an incredible week for Small Fry, and we are on cloud nine. The morning we launched the site was taking minutes to load because so many of you were here. We were laughing because while you were reading our motto, we were either scolding or ignoring our kids while we frantically tried to troubleshoot. We are doing this for our boys, and to be better mothers, but we are definitely not perfect. While we work out the kinks in life and online, we hope you know how much we value and appreciate your support. We hope that we can show you even an ounce of what we’ve felt in return.

38 thoughts on “shoe upgrade”

  1. Ladies – I don’t personally know you (we have tons of mutual friends) but the new blog is oh so lovely…I just had to comment. Very nice job. Looking forward to many more great ideas etc. And I love Ann’s video…she is my dear friend and you captured her life in such a magical way! Keep it up…

  2. what a lovely blog! i’ve been talking to everyone about it since you launched it. i’m a fan of fabulous emily at ruffling feathers and just followed her over her. i am definitely going to try this little shoe project. thanks for sharing!

  3. love. obsessed already. your grams are my favorite, and now a blog. cant wait to try this…hope i don’t foul it up. please update lots, pretend you aren’t busy with cute little mister’s ha.

  4. As a mother to a one year old boy myself, I’d love to see more of your inexpensive staples for boys. They have the best style!

  5. What a fabulous idea! And Kmart for those darling shoes?! I’m stopping on my way home:) I have one boy and another on the way…reading your blog makes me feel like I’ve got sisters in the Boys Club!

    1. Would you believe if we told you that most of our friends have only boys! It’s crazy. There’s at least 7 of us. Welcome to our club!

  6. so excited about this site (i found it blog hopping/stalking)! especially since you all have boys! i just had my second and i feel like so many of the blogs i read are centered around baby girls, i can’t wait to see more ‘threads’ posts!

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