chalkboard pumpkins

Kids just seem to make every holiday more fun, don’t they? We’ve been having a blast getting into the Halloween spirit and here’s an improvement on a classic activity.

Chalkboard Pumpkin

We are loving these chalkboard pumpkins for so many reasons: but first, hardly any mess! You can paint the pumpkins ahead of time and then let your kids chalk up, erase, and repeat all month long. With no cuts being made to the pumpkin, you don’t have to worry about the shrivel-effect and your painted pumpkins will last you until Christmas if needs be.

Chalkboard Pumpkins for Kids

While we had plans to show you an expertly drawn chalk jack-o-lantern face, these kids were so excited to get their hands on them that we just let the magic happen. Who knew we had neo-impressionistic geniuses in the Small Fry family? 😉

Chalkboard Paint Pumpkin

25 thoughts on “chalkboard pumpkins”

  1. I am seriously loving this idea. Too bad my little guy is only 6 months old. I can still do it for my own enjoyment though right?! Everything about your blog is perfection, a breath of fresh air as a new mom that is eager to watch and encourage my Ida growth and development. Thank you for sharing the world through your mommy eyes.

    1. laughing out loud. we edited your comment a bit because our grandmas read this blog, but you’re right, not cool at all!

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