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stamped pants

Printed pants have been popping up all over the place for several months now, and Emily had great success making a polka-dotted pair for herself early this Spring. It only took that long since to realize the same concept could be done for kids. Here’s how she did it:

There are endless options for stamping, we’ve seen the pencil eraser for a simple polka-dot pattern, but if you want to go more unique you can try your luck at a free-hand stamp.

Using a simple Pink Pearl eraser and an Exacto knife, Emily marked a chevron shape and then cut out the rubber around it leaving a raised pattern. Stamping one and then another directly underneath it, it creates a super cool military vibe. ┬áIf free-hand stamps aren’t your thing, she also made a darling pair for our little girlfriend Tess (pictured center) using one of her boys’ triangle blocks. All you’ll need is a piece of clothing to stamp, and an acrylic or fabric paint in your preferred color choice, and you’re good to go!

Emily’s tips: make sure your stamp’s edges (and your fingers, too) are clean before every stamp application. Excess paint will be the death of your project otherwise, but quickly saturating the unwanted paint in water and wiping it away should do the trick.

13 thoughts on “stamped pants”

  1. You guys make being a mommy look very fun.
    Next I want a blogpost on how to creatively handle two year old’s temper tantrums…

  2. Love this! My Jersey is so tall for her age (20 months old and in a size 3-4T) so finding pants that don’t look too short has already become an issue. (Buying them bigger doesn’t necessarily make them longer, only wider) I like the idea of painting on her pants and adding a ribbon edge/lace trim to the bottom of them! Ohhh the ideas going through my mind for the holidays!! Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Okay, I am doing this right now! YAY, so fun. Did front side and it turned out fantastic, great instructions. Do you do back of pant legs too?

    1. I just did the fronts for these, but I’ve made my own polka dotted pair (with a pencil eraser) that I did front and back and it turned out great!

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