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solly baby giveaway [closed]

Congratulations to Jessica L for winning this giveaway! It is now CLOSED, but please visit Solly Baby for more!

Solly Baby

One of our favorite things about the blog world is the ability to share favorite things, best practices, and little tips and tricks mothers use. There are a million ways to do just about anything when it comes to parenting, but sometimes it’s nice to hear what’s working for everyone else.

We have our own list of favorites and we are excited to share them with you! We hope you will love the features as much as we do.

We are huge fans of Solly Baby wraps, and the owner/designer, Elle.  Baby wearing is comfortable, warm and safe for the baby, and all about convenience and closeness for the parent, and with the multiple point support, you can comfortably wear it for hours. Some might look at it and think it’s too complex, but after a few tries it truly becomes second nature. Elle timed herself once and had it down in eleven seconds! All three of us have used Solly Baby wraps, and especially after having that second baby it becomes a real life saver! Baby Wearing Baby Wearing

Because we love Solly Baby so much, we teamed up with Elle to giveaway a wrap of your choice to a lucky reader! The colors and patterns are so amazing, we’re sure it will be hard to choose just one.

Here’s a few ways to enter:

1. Visit the Solly Baby shop and tell us in a comment which one you’d pick.

2. Like Small Fry Blog and Solly Baby on Facebook.

3. Link us in a new blog, Facebook post, or tweet.

4. Instagram a motherhood related picture of your choice and tag @smallfryblog.

If you know someone who would love it, you can enter on their behalf as well.

Leave a comment for each entry and we’ll pick at random, announce and contact the winner one week from today! (October 11th at 5:00 am MST.)


276 thoughts on “solly baby giveaway [closed]”

  1. What a great wrap! I love the grey and natural strip/organic cotton! Thank you small fry! PS love this blog!

  2. I’ve been wanting one of these gorgeous wraps and if I were to win the giveaway I would love the grey and natural stripes!

  3. I love your blog and am madly in love with these wraps! I’m having my 3rd son next month and would nothing more than to snuggle him wearing this wrap. My favorite is the grey & natural stripe.

  4. I would love the seafoam or the grey and natural. I have wanted one of these for the longest time. Hopefully I can win one and use it on my last lil bundle…whenever that is. 😉 I will also link you guys on FB and love both fb pages!

  5. I would be happy with any of them…with baby number three just a few months away I’ve been trying to dream up a way to grow a third arm. 🙂 This would be perfect!

  6. That video is totally cute! Sunny is a babe! Like everyone else I would pick the gray stripe, but I would take any color actually!

  7. I love your blog! I like the seafoam green and the grey wrap! I also like both of you on Facebook! And posted a picture on instagram! Thanks!

  8. I love them all!….I liked the gray striped one!..We are planning on having baby number 2 pretty soon and I’ve always wanted to try a baby wrap, and it seems like this is the right one to pick!…I liked both fb pages and I will instagram right now!…I want to win this so bad!:)

  9. Yay! This blog is awesome! You’re all superwomen for sure! I have been eyeing the Solly Baby wrap for awhile now, with my third just six-weeks-old, I’m juggling. It would be wonderful to have & I’d love it in the grey & natural stripe. Super excited for the giveaway. Fingers-crossed.

  10. Just discovered your blog a few days ago and I’m in love!

    These wraps look similar to my Moby that went missing after my first outgrew it. I would love to have one for my second! The Gray/White stripe or the Gray are just awesome!

  11. Loooooove all the colors! I’m gonna say its a toss-up between the stripes and the Olympian blue!
    Love this blog design by the way, so clean and pretty.

  12. I would love to win the seafoam green one! Perfect for either a boy or girl. 🙂 I also liked small fry and solly baby on fb!

  13. I’ve had my eye on the grey & natural striped wrap, but I am loving that picture of the olympian blue wrap… so I’m not sure which I would choose.

  14. love the grey/white stripe one. i never used anything like this for my first, and now i’m expecting #2 in january, and think i’ll definitely need something like this to keep my hands free with busy toddler. 🙂

  15. yay! i’m so happy you’re doing a solly baby giveaway. i’ve been wanting one so bad! fingers crossed! i would choose the grey & white striped wrap if i won. 🙂

  16. Love the blog! I’m expecting my second in march and think this wrap would be very helpful to have!! I would go with the grey or green- too hard to choose!

  17. I liked both pages on fb! I love this wrap… I would love to carry my baby boy around in the gray & white striped wrap.

  18. I love the stripped one, it has been on my Pinterest “Wish List” for awhile, and the new little man is making an appearance next month, so this would be perfect!

  19. I love wearing my baby in a carrier. We have the ergo and it’s great. It would be nice to have something more soft, light, and airy. I would pick the grey and natural stripe.

  20. Ooh La La! I have to say these look nifty and my favorite are the pink and turquoise. Can’t wait for my little girl to be here 🙂

  21. This is not a subtle announcement (as in I won’t need this yet but I want one so bad for when I do need one… I’m trying real hard) but I would love the grey/neutral stripe organic cotton. It’s adorable!

  22. This is an amazing give a way! I just had my second baby last week and this would be a dream to win, I’m already finding that I don’t have enough hands to balance these two little boys. My favorite is probably the gray and natural stripes 🙂

  23. I love wraps! I couldn’t possibly choose a color, they are all great! I wrapped with my first son but passed the wrap on and now with a 4 week old I need another!

  24. I love those wraps! I wrapped with my first son and then passed it on (not thinking we would be blessed with more kids) to a friend. We now have a 4 week old and are in the market for another wrap! I love all the color options! I couldn’t possibly choose…seafoam and the stripes?!

  25. i’d love to win this for our latest addition to the family. it’s the first girl we’ve had in a long time! the grey and white stripe is a great one.

  26. oh my how i would love the striped solly baby wrap for my next babe and any additions to follow!! i’ve liked y’all on facebook…via my blog….and talked about small fry on twitter too, not to mention i think my friends are getting a little sick of my referencing this haven of a space whenever i talk about all cute kid things as of late. anywho!! love what you girls are doing/have done/will no doubt continue to do!!

    1. We did, it was a girl named Jessica and she has claimed the prize. It was announced in October 11th’s post but I’ll udpate the actual post! Thanks!

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