ghostly footprint art

Before we share today’s no-store-needed craft project, are you ready to hear the winner of the Solly Baby Giveaway?

Congrats to Jessica L of Hello Rosie! Email us at hello at smallfryblog dot com with your mailing address! Thank you to all who entered, we really love Solly Baby and are so happy to see so many of you agree!

Now onto the project! We’ve seen a few amazing Halloween craft round-up links on Pinterest, but after sifting through hundreds, we decided to pick out the ones we could accomplish without a trip to the craft store, hardware store, grocery store and local blood bank. In short, you don’t need a craft room to make this happen. Or even a craft closet! Maybe just a craft drawer will suit you just fine.

Have you ever noticed how some mornings everyone wakes up totally grumpy? Sometimes all you need to reset the day is to exert a little creativity.

Ghost Foot Print Art

Emily did this with both her two and one year old boys and they loved it! Who doesn’t love squishing their feet into a puddle of creamy paint? Make sure you cover the surrounding area with newspaper or other easily trashable material. Coat your kid’s foot in paint and then let them step right onto the desired paper.

Once they’ve made their print, let the paint dry and then add the face! She let Hayes dot the green eyes, and then she used a toothpick for the black pupils. Like we said, this should be a no-store project, so use what paper, paint colors and supplies you have on hand! If your craft drawer is looking dry, you could probably make this with toothpaste.

Ghost Foot Print ArtEasy, easy, easy. More no-store craft projects to come!


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