from head to toe: old navy + giveaway [closed]

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Megan!

Since launching Small Fry, our number one request has been for more fashion posts! We love dressing our boys and find a lot of joy and satisfaction in the process. While the boys are usually wearing a number of brands at once, for this new series, we wanted to show a head to toe look from one store at a time. Some inexpensive, some higher quality. Some big box stores, and some small and intimate boutiques. And of course, we’ll be showing an outfit for the little ladies too. For our first post of the weekly series we chose Old Navy. It is a wonderfully inexpensive option that stays on top of trends and always has a lot of fun options for both boys and girls. Would you like $100 to shop Old Navy? Keep reading…

Dash for under $40:

Hazel for under $60:One tip that we all live by is to shopΒ in every department, most of our boys pants are from the girl’s department, and the boy’s section usually has great tees, sweaters and cardigans that would look darling on a little girl. Another great thing about Old Navy is there is virtually always a promotional sale going on either in-store or online, and markdowns happen every quarter.

Maybe the best thing of all are Old Navy Gift Cards, are we right? If you’d like $100 to shop Old Navy, leave a comment below! The winner will be chosen next Thursday October 18th, at 5:00 am MST.

For extra entries:

1. Follow Small Fry on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or Pinterest.

2. Link Small Fry (@smallfryblog) in a tweet, Facebook or new blog post.

3. Instagram a picture of your favorite kiddo’s ensemble and mention @smallfryblog.

Β Good luck and happy shopping!

295 thoughts on “from head to toe: old navy + giveaway [closed]”

  1. I totally agree with shopping in every department. Boys sections usually have those nice neutral colors that you can’t find in the girls sections. I got my baby girl a couple sweatshirts from the boy section at target and they’re my favorite!

  2. Nicole this blog is perfect! This is a masterpiece and I am so excited to read it! I have a pinch of a mom crush on each and every one of you:) keep on keep keepin on…please.

  3. love love love this! Im having my first baby in march and love the idea of shopping for boys pants in the girls department. take the frump out of boy clothes!!!

  4. I love the little boys sweaters and cardigans for my little peanuts – Lulu and Naomi. Lulu is loves rockin her dino tees that she picked out her self. I say let the kids shop for them selves then we never have an issue getting dressed, they already love what they chose.

  5. Love the yellow skinnies! Almost all of my son Recker’s pants are girls gap or h&m. I’ve never tried old navy but looks like I’m going to have to!

  6. I deserve the 100 dollars because I’m a strong working American woman who cares about her country, her neighbors, diet coke, and old navy. I support you guys more than an athletic supporter, and I’m your number 1 fan, and i follow you on all of the above! Choose me and I’ll prove to you that I am the best candidate for the job! I won’t let you down!

  7. Can’t walk away from a chance to win $100 Old Navy bucks. Love the blog, love all the babies … especially love that Hazel.

  8. What a great giveaway! I definitely need to shop for some warmer clothes for my little guy. And those outfits are great inspiration!

  9. This post is amazing and those outfits are adorable!!! Love it all. And an Old Navy gift card would definitely brighten up this rainy Friday!

  10. Love this blog and the new segment! I already follow Small Fry on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and just started following on Pinterest. You are such talented ladies, I don’t know how you do it all!

  11. You girls are so darling and have the best & cutest ideas! I’m so glad you’re sharing them! I love the idea of sharing child fashion. Gabriel is my 1st little one and I’m learning how to dress him. Winning the gift card would be awesome, especially since his birthday is next Friday!

  12. I do 90% of my shopping for my 15-month-old at Old Navy. They have great trendy pieces without the high prices of the Gap. Thanks for this giveaway!

  13. Oh yes please! I love Old Navy. For me and for my daughter πŸ™‚

    I already follow on Instagram.
    I liked Small Fry on Facebook.
    And I tweeted this giveaway.

  14. Hey ladies, forget dressing my little bud….want to dress me?? Just kidding….but seriously, I love your individual styles and your kiddos’. (Following on FB).

  15. Old Navy has really great kids clothes. I could do a lot of damage er, good with a gift card:) I liked you on Facebook and followed you on twitter, pinterest, and instagram. Holla.

  16. I love the idea of buying Maxson’s pants in the girls section! I bet they’ll fit his skinny little self better anyways πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the constant inspiration!

  17. I have definitely bought Lennon a few shirts and lots of shoes from boy’s departments. I’ll have to put her in one of her (MANY) head-to-toe ensembles from ON tomorrow and Instagram it for you guys! πŸ™‚

  18. I’m loving your blog! I’m a Facebook/twitter/pinterest fan and have been following via instagram. I also just tweeted about you guys. Keep up the great inspiration!

  19. I am absolutely loving your blog! That boys outfit is precious, I would have to be brave to dress my own little guy in those citron jean, but I do love them! Old navy is one of my favorite stores!

  20. 100 bucks to spend at old navy? yes please. ps i haven’t commented on anything else yet but i’ve been meaning to tell you guys how much i love this new blog of yours.

  21. Old Navy is my go-to for everyday items like baby leggings, socks, tights, etc. Every time I go I end up with something I didn’t plan on for my little girl, their clothes are too cute!

  22. I would love to win this giveaway for my little guy. I am such a fan of your amazing blog!

    (follow on pinterest, fb, twitter, IG)

  23. All three of my children love wearing Small Fry which makes it easier getting ready in the morning. The best thing of all is they look adorable too. Thank you Small Fry and Old Navy!

  24. My daughter Lily needs that outfit! So cute! I already “liked” you guys on facebook and I just posted about it on fb too.

  25. I was just at Old Navy last night and was lucky that I had a time limit. I probably would’ve bought the whole store! EVERYTHING was darling!

  26. I don’t have children yet, but I couldn’t help but to buy couple of things for my future littles yesterday when I made a pitstop at old navy! They really do have wonderful things for such great price!

  27. I love these looks and I love that they come from Old Navy. I will definitely be looking to Old Navy for fashionable, affordable options for my baby on the way.

  28. Happy to have stumbled upon your blog! Our family loves Old Navy, especially their colored skinnies for boys & girls. Checkin’ ya out on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest now! ;D

  29. So glad I found this sight! Having my boy at the end of January and can’t wait to dress him up!
    Thanks for the great give away!

  30. You gals continue to amaze me… awesome ideas, tips, diy projects, giveaways {seriously, Old Navy?! You ladies really know what us mamas like – great taste & fitting for an everyday household budget!} and just an overall fun site! I <3 this blog and think ya'll rock! Gave a shout out on my FB page! Eeppp, SO excited! =]]

  31. Went to old navy yesterday thanks to this fun giveaway! So much good stuff there right now, the gift card would definitely come in handy…

    Continuing to love and share this blog!

  32. So true shopping every department…that’s where most all my daughter’s striped leggings are from. (Apparently baby girls don’t like gray and white, only boys?!)

  33. I LOVE the new blog and all your precious kiddos! It would be amazing to win the Old Navy Gift Card. I “like” Small Fry on Facebook and follow on Pinterest! Thanks!!

  34. Just found your blog today via Sometimes Sweet and I want to devour the archives! Can’t wait to follow on Pinterest too.

  35. OK, I’m seriously obsessed with you guys. I have a little guy too, and think boys are the cutest things ever (definitely not biased). I was already following you guys on Insta, I now follow you on FB and I posted about you on facebook, and just need to pick a fav outfit for my little one and tag you. Old Navy has gotten the style memo this last year!

  36. You have literally opened my eyes! I would’ve never thought to shop in different departments! Genius!
    I am also now following you on facebook, instagram, pinterest, and twitter!

  37. I already follow you guys on instagram and this blog is just the limit! I love it!! i’d love to win a little old navy cash for the kids! thanks ladies:)

  38. I have been loving every little detail from your daily posts & with our first little boy on the way you guys have been giving me so many great ideas! thanks.

  39. Can I just tell you how much I love this blog. It’s beautiful. I love shopping at Old Navy for kids clothes and I agree with checking out every department, it’s a must. I liked you on FB and follow you on pinterest.

  40. Love Old Navy for both my kids!

    (and for extra entries: Liked on FB! Following on Twitter! (SellCookieLee) Following on Pinterest!
    AND following on Instagram now.)

    Can you tell I want to win? ;o)

  41. You guys are just blowing my mind with this blog. It’s all so great and you are all such great mothers. Plus, this giveaway is great. Who doesn’t love Old Navy, right?

  42. I also followed you on FB, Twitter, Instagram AND Pinterest…I’m totally obsessed with your blog and I rarely read blogs anymore since I spend so much of my time writing them! LOVE.

  43. Old Navy is one of my favorite places to shop for my baby Jude πŸ™‚ I want to win! I linked you on facebook and twitter, too!

  44. Wait time out is this for real? Did I win? This is the most amazing day already and I am so stoked!!! Thank you smallfry sooo much I could literally cry I’m so excited! Thank you thank you thank you!!!! Your blog is my favorite! It’s so fun, unique, creative and all of you ladies inspire me! Thanks!!!

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