finger print memory art

We have an awesome handmade gift idea for you today! It is perfect for any holiday, or to commemorate or celebrate a special day. It seems appropriate and thoughtful for a baptism, Bar Mitzvah, big surgery, first day of school, adoption, or any time you want to show your tiny loved one how truly loved they are! This is the final product, filled with fingerprints of Quinn’s family and friends. Keep reading to learn how to do a simple cut-out using Photoshop.

Here are the easy instructions for cutting out an image on Photoshop, by our resident PS expert, Jenna. If you have any questions about the tutorial, stick them in the comments and she’d love to assist you!

Have a great weekend, everyone! Congratulations to Bethany Jackman on winning the Book Worm grand prize!

22 thoughts on “finger print memory art”

  1. Oh Wow!
    How cute is this!
    Not to self .. must try!
    I will totally be doing this to send on over to my nephews in Australia .. ahh my wheels are spinning!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Hello, I love this- but a stupid question, what are the steps to getting the fingerprints on afterwards? Do you print the finished version of the child holding the balloon tope? Then use watercolors to do fingerprints from there? Thanks,

  3. Just wondering what type of paper would i use to get a high quailty photo image & what the finger print ink would work on?

  4. I want to do this, but I don’t have “photoshop” I was able to print the pdf, but not sure what to do from there. I was hoping to do this with my students for a mother’s day present. ???

    Is there way to do it with an apple computer?

  5. Thanks for a really great idea! Not too complicated or time consuming, the kids (5 and 8) can participate (with their limited patience) and the result is a really nice gift (especially if using thicker paper and a good printer – we didn’t…)

    I converted the kids to black and white (not grey-scale), so the ballons would stand out as even more colourful. That makes a nice effect, I think.

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