pumpkin carving templates

If you’re like us, you check the date often and are usually in shock at how fast the weeks, months and years are flying by. When we all realized that Halloween was in a few days and none of us had carved pumpkins with our kids yet, we rounded the troops! We were so excited to use these darling pumpkin templates designed by Tori of That Pair of Crutches.¬†She was so nice to share them! Keep scrolling to download your own set of free pumpkin carving templates.

Pirate Pumpkin Stencil

To see the rest of the stencils and download the free PDF file for your own last minute carving, keep reading!

Lion Pumpkin Stencil

Pumpkin Carriage Template

Tulip Pumpkin Carving Template

 Pumpkin Stencils designed by Tori Bowman.

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