Frozen Yogurt Dots

frozen yogurt dots

Frozen Yogurt Dots! A quick and easy frozen treat that you can make yourself, here’s how we did it:

Frozen Yogurt Dots

We made several bowls of different brightly colored Greek yogurt sweetened with honey and put them each into their own sandwich bags to make the dots. We used artificial food coloring for these, but gave all natural dots a try on this post, check it out here! Snipping a small tip of one of the bottom corners on each bag, then squeezing gently, will get you the circular dots. We piped them onto a sheet pan lined with a Sil Pat for easy removal and threw them in the freezer for an hour.

Tip: the easiest way to get the mixture into the bags cleanly is to turn the sandwich bag inside out. Put your hand in the bag like a glove and spoon the mixture right into your covered palm. Once you have 1/4 cup or so of the yogurt mixture hold onto it with your hand and then flip the bag right side out. It will be clean and ready to pipe!

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  1. I’ve been wanting to try these for months. Love the suggestion to use agave nectar and Greek yogurt. Doin’ it!

  2. I love the colors!!! Well done Small Fry girls! 🙂
    You gals are talented in so many ways…it’s frightening! lol.
    Not to mention how adorable your kidlets are!
    Thanks for sharing your spin on the frozen yogurt dots! Inspiring!

    1. Thanks for lending your famous post, Jillee! We had issues with the pictures’ resolution, but they’re fixed now if you want any for your site! -Emily

  3. I love this idea. Sorry if this is obvious, but do you use Plain Greek Yogurt and then color it with food coloring OR when you say “brightly colored Greek yogurt” it’s from flavored yogurt plus you add the Agave Nectar? Thanks!

      1. If you freeze them for the full hour, they don’t melt for a bit, but they will start to soften when they’re handled. Perfect for babies who will still sit in highchairs and wear bibs, haha!

      2. Good idea! If you freeze them for the full hour, they don’t melt for a bit, but they will start to soften when they’re handled. Perfect for babies who will still sit in highchairs and wear bibs, haha!

    1. If you freeze them for the full hour, they don’t melt for a bit, but they will start to soften when they’re handled. Perfect for babies who will still sit in highchairs and wear bibs, haha!

  4. Where ever did you find the Vneck tshirt he’s wearing in this photo?! It’s adorable and I have been looking everywhere for some plain tshirts for my 19 month old. I’m sorta surprised at how difficult they are find. Love the snack idea, btw.

    1. We have been on a life long hunt for v-necks for boys as well! American Apparel started carrying them a couple months ago and we’re thrilled.

  5. adorable baby. I’ve been looking for one like that for two weeks. Where did you find him? And where do I pick one up for my house?? 🙂

  6. THANK YOU! My granddaughter and I go thru sooooo many packages of these as “outside the home treats” that this will save a bundle! I’m so weird about foods being packaged with so many preservatives, artificial colors/flavors and the effects they have on our kids in the long run!! This is great!! Look forward to creating some this afternoon!

  7. I have been teaching and studying nutrition for over 15 years and agave nectar is actually not low glycemic. It is highly processed and raw honey is extremely better as would natural stevia or trehalose and absolutely NO FOOD COLORING!!!! USE beets, blueberries, homemade lemon curd or other foods to color. AWESOME idea and love the site!

    1. ooh yummy! Yeah, we do greek yogurt with stevia all the time and it’s delicious. I would just use natural colorings as well. No use using food coloring, yuck.

  8. I have done something similar to this, but used fruit puree instead of agave nectar and food colouring. This would be a fun alternative. Thanks!

    1. It’s an alternative sweetener that comes from the agave plant. It is lower on the glycemic scale so it doesn’t spike your blood sugar like other sugars/sweeteners do. It’s as healthy an option as you can get for adding sweetness to things, and all natural! We all love and use it regularly. Hopefully this helps, thanks for your question!

  9. So worried about them melting. We are leaving in a couple of days for a 2 day car ride home for the holidays and i want to make a ton of these for the trip so my bug has a healthy snack that’s not messy (another reason why i spent extra for the applesauce in the squeezable container lol) Glad to see they won’t melt into complete goop again! 😀 Already have everything out and ready to go.. We are using Strawberry/Banana, Raspberry, Blueberry, and Peach Yoplait yogurts. Yay for fun colors and yummy treats!

  10. well- good idea however food coloring is disgustingly bad for children. to make it worth your while, either do them plain or invest in a vegetable based or European grade food coloring. but man, please don’t give them yellow 5, red 40, etc.

    1. Totally agree! There is a reason many countries have banned artificial coloring. We loved traveling Europe where we didn’t have to worry about it.

  11. I would do this but without the food coloring, as they can have the same effect on children as sugar. You could use other things such as beets to give them color.

  12. Nice, but why the artificial food coloring? If we want to be so conscious about what we feed our kids then let’s drop the artificial colors. You could boil some fruit juice down to be thicker and add that, might not even need the agave syrup then! Beet, carrot, pineapple, grape, blueberry, all make great colors! I used this method for cookie icing this year and it worked great.

  13. Also thought I’d provide some food for thought regarding agave nectar. Agave nectar is not a traditional natural sweetener. Is highly refined, and actually has more concentrated fructose than high-fructose corn syrup. It is not a “natural” sweetener.

    Yes, it has a low glycemic index, but that’s not the whole story… Here’s an article that explains it fairly well:

    I don’t mean to criticize, I fell into the agave nectar craze myself until I educated myself a little better. Now I’m back to using raw honey mostly…

  14. Loved this idea as soon as I saw it on Pinterest! I tried it today with just a plain yogurt (whatever I had in the house), I don’t have a deep freezer so I put them in my refrigerator freezer for longer… I think about 3 hours or so and when I gave them to my kids they seemed to melt almost instantly. They still loved them, but I was just curious if it would work the same in a regular freezer. Or maybe if I have to freeze them for a lot longer. I do something similar in my dehydrator which are very good as well.

  15. A good idea, but adding colour with food dye doesn’t sound like a very healthy idea. Perhaps if the dye that was used was from a natural source- ie. beets to produce a red colour.

    1. great idea. thanks for the tip! we’ve heard that several times now and perhaps we’ll re do the post and add that. thank you!

  16. Artificial food coloring is one of the worst, toxic poisons for children! Do NOT feed your babies this, mamas!!! Most countries have banned artificial coloring. Don’t feed your babies poison. EDUCATE YOURSELF! Good idea if you take away the artificial color. Research.

  17. so sad 🙁 we can’t use food coloring. It is not natural and full of chemicals. I wonder if I can use natural fruits to color it.

  18. I am wondering if these dots can be dehydrated on the trays of a dehydrator that are lined with either parchment paper or plastic wrap. Please advise. Thank you.

    1. I’m sure you could! Gerber makes melt-away dehyrdrated yogurt dots, and that seems like the way to do it! Let us know if it works!

  19. I understand the concern, but people have been eating artificial sweeteners/dyes/preservatives for how long now? I know about 98% of my generation has and no one’s dropped dead. You’re kids will be fine. Relax. I think they’re going to die of suffocation before being harmed by food coloring.

    1. To answer your question, people have been using petroleum based artificial food dyes, otherwise known as food coloring, since the 60’s but you only found it occasionally. When Dr. Feingold started to study it’s effects on children, the average use was still very low. It has increased drastically since then to the point that the UK has banned it’s use. If a tourist candy bar or an American food is imported and it has food coloring, it gets a special warning label. For more information see

    2. Really? I’ve heard similar excuses from people who want to believe that it’s ok to smoke around their kids “my parents smoked around me and I turned out ok.” How do you know what problems you would be living without if you didn’t consume toxins unless you try going without them? Food coloring causes A LOT of harm in my house, but I didn’t know it until I eliminated it. Try it, you will be shocked!

  20. I use a medicine dropper on parchment paper & save the drops in the freezer in the little gerber rectangle dishes.

  21. I LOVE this idea! I’m definitely going to make these for my 3 kids. I see everyone’s concern with the food coloring, maybe everyone should educate themselves on what they’re feeding their kids already, and they’ll see artificial coloring and sweeteners in almost everything already! Like someone said, generations have been using food coloring and we’re all still fine. Relax people!!

    1. Um I think that is the point…they HAVE educated themselves.

      You are right, it is in a lot of mainstream processed foods in North America. But there are also a lot of foods it isn’t in. And a lot of other countries it is BANNED in. I can tell you that you wouldn’t find any of those ingredients in my house.

      And your statement about everyone being fine is so arguable. Do you know the stats on ADHD in North America compared to those other countries, where they are banned? And that’s just the beginning. Try doing some research and educating yourself on the studies that show how harmful the effects of petroleum based chemicals are and all the problems they can cause.

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    At the very least, read the description on the box and ask a store associate for their opinion.

  23. What a fun idea but we’ll use natural colorings. Berries, peaches, spinach, etc. blended in with the greek yogurt make beautiful colors without being full of nasties. Petroleum food coloring is horrible stuff.

  24. Great idea but I will be using honey for sweetener. And definitely no artificial food coloring. From the comments I have read I see most people are already educated on the dangers of petro chemicals. For those who don’t see a problem with it, do some research. You won’t have to do much to figure out how they can cause a lot of problems. That is why these chemicals are either banned or required to have warning labels in other countries. I used to think the same way you did until I eliminated them from my family’s diet for a week as a test. The results were beyond anything we ever expected. My son’s ADHD disappeared. We all felt better than we had ever felt. We stuck with it. After a month I realized my PMS problems had disappeared as well. I had also suffered irregular periods my entire life and suddenly they became regular. My son’s nightmares stopped. He started sleeping through the night. He stopped complaining of what we had thought were “growing pains.” The kids were happy all the time and no longer fighting with each other and getting mad over trivial things. The list goes on. You don’t know what they are doing to you until you stop consuming them. We would never go back!

  25. Freezing yogurt bites? Good idea
    Using artificial colors? nuts

    And nope my children don’t get any artificial colors, artificial flavors, or chemical preservatives. Study after study has shown the damage they cause.

    To previous poster who noted her children weren’t likely to die from food colors – um my standards are higher.

  26. OK, can we STOP piggybacking on the ‘artificial dyes are the devil!’ and ‘agave will kill you’. We GET it. We got it after the first few comments. No need to beat a dead horse and harp on it. And there’s no reason to judge or criticize those that use it. To each, her own! Gawww

  27. Ok, going to sound like an idiot, but how much honey do you mix with the yogurt, or if something else is used, what can I use for that? Not sure I understand the completely easy directions. LOL

  28. ***** Love this idea, but please remember honey is NOT recommended for babies UNDER 1 YEAR of age due to possible presence of botulism toxin which is a serious health hazard. *****

  29. I did these before. The yogurt dots look amazing when frozen but they were quick to melt after taking them out for 10 minutes. Are they supposed to stay solid? Maybe it’s due to the hot weather at my country. Room temp is 30 degrees

  30. How & where do you store them? For how long do they last (once out of storage)? Definitely going to make these this weekend.

  31. Great!! Will try these… Only, for a small toddler of less than a year old, people should be careful about giving honey : it may contain a toxin causing botulism. I would rather suggest maple syrup!!!

  32. Infants under 12 months should never be fed honey it causes botulism. Maybe reserve for older children or sweeten differently.

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