head to toe: goat-milk

Goat-Milk is one of those companies with so much passion for quality kids clothes that you can’t help but jump on board. Roland traveled for his job, and when his friend and co-worker Tania realized he was going to Spain, she requested underclothing for her kids.  She remembered the quality from her childhood there and wanted the same for her own kids. Roland would bring her back pieces each time he traveled to Europe and eventually they started their own brand, with a new stamp of eco-friendly practices. 100% organic and 100% gorgeous, here’s Goat-Milk from head to toe:

On Matthew:

On Dash:

These are the type of pieces that you will be washing in every load because they get worn so much, and with each wash, we can attest, only improves their comfortability. With a full unisex line, these pieces will be loved through your whole family. Check out the list of retailers both online and brick and mortar that carry Goat-Milk right here.

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