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Congratulations to Jess Peters who won this giveaway!

One last giveaway, and it is a good one! We’ve picked our favorite gifts that benefit the whole family and each one would make an incredible gift on its own, but altogether you’re looking at over $400 of Christmas cheer.

1. One of our partners, Bluum is generously giving away 3 months of their popular Bluum box! Each month you can sign up to receive samples of the latest gear, books, technology, gadgets, food, and toys for parents and kids. We’ve gotten a few Bluum boxes so far and they are awesome! Edible crayons? A book on positive parenting. You know it’s good if it comes in a Bluum box!

2. Our favorite return address stamp, customized however you like! We use these of course for all our mail, but you can even stamp your books, movies, or any other lendable belongings. By Banter and Charm.

3. My Quotable Kidbook: kids really do say the darndest things. We’ll be laughing to tears during the day, and then our husbands come home and all the sudden we can’t remember exactly what the boys said that was so funny. It’s good to keep a record, and this book is perfect for just that!

4. Nine Stickygrams! Printing photos is sort of a lost art, but Stickygrams makes it really easy, just go in pick a few of your favorite Instagrams and they’ll send them right out.

5. How far up your family tree can you name? We can’t go very far unfortunately, but Family Tree Kits to the rescue! They have perfected the family tree with this minimal and stunning kit. Remember the generations that have come before you and have a beautiful piece of art displayed in your home at the same time!

6. The Stendig Wall Calendar is our favorite functional nod to the sixties. Each giant page is beautifully minimal, and goes with just about any decor.

7. Ashmae Family Portraits are our favorite way to capture our families at all our growing stages. A hand-drawn and watercolored custom portrait is the perfect gift and Ashmae is retiring these portraits at any minute, so you may very well be getting the last one!

8. Careaboo Luxury Blankets need little introduction. It’s like being wrapped in cool and soft mink, perfect for a family cuddle session.

9. Finally, battle the cold winter months with an indoor/outdoor play tee pee! You’ve seen these popping up everywhere, but Clemmie Sue‘s is the best value you’ll find!

Okay, here’s how to enter!

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This giveaway will close Tuesday the 18th in an effort to get the winner’s loot to them by Christmas. The winner will be randomly selected and notified and has 24 hours to claim their prize or another winner will be selected.

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  1. My husband has given me an ornament every year since the first Christmas we were dating. It’s something I look forward to every holiday season and is always sure to induce tears 🙂

  2. We all chipped in to buy my Grandfather in law a picnic table one year, and committed to once a month family cookouts that summer. He loved it!

  3. Love Ashmae’s portraits–always wanted one! My fav gift I gave was to my parents with a box of watercolored slips of paper with memories I had of my childhood.

  4. My favorite gift that I’ve given so far was a play kitchen for my son who loves to cook with his daddy. We gave it to him last year from Santa and he has talked about it all year long (and played with it)! There’s nothing quite like a happy kid!

  5. my mom gave my husband and i christmas books to start our very own collection the 1st year we were married. books are always so special to me.

  6. what an amazing giveaway! my favorite gifts to give are always handmade. leading up to Christmas i spend the time and get so excited to see the reactions and hope they love it as much as i loved putting it together for them!

  7. Fav family gift we’ve given is handmade for the grandparents, from the kids. We have done canvas paintings and ornaments. Such special memories.

  8. My favorite gift I ever got was when I was eight. Santa brought a basket for my bike, and I remember crying because I was so excited. Oh the simple joy of being a kid.

  9. Every year I buy my dad a cd of “trendy” music, starting in middle school with Nirvana and going through to last year with Florence and the Machines. Still on the fence about what to get him this year, but he says he loves feeling cool while he’s cruising to work!

  10. My favorite gift that I gave to my sisters one year were these really cool outdoor drink holders. They are always having outdoor shindigs and these were a nice addition. Love when I can score something great in my budget!

  11. Uh, WOW! These gifts are amazing! I think my favorite gift I’ve ever received was a giant jar of buttons from my Grandma – I treasure those buttons and am so happy every time I get to use them in a project.

  12. My husband and I have been married for one year, and we’ve collected an ornament to commemorate every year we’ve been together. Last year, my brand new sister in law got us a “first year married” ornament.

  13. I’ve always loved giving and receiving “date nights”. The best gift I’ve ever received was probably camera equipment from my hubby. I always love thoughtful, homemade things too!

  14. This year we are giving mostly experiences… we got the kids passes to go to the movies, roller skating, bowling, etc. It’s so fun to create the family memories! And less stuff for me to donate next summer 🙂

    P.S. following you on Pinterest and Facebook!

  15. My favorite family gift sounds silly, but it was a TV consol/buffet from my parents last year in anticipation of our need to baby proof, and bring better organization to our tiny apartment.

    The thought and time that my family put in to finding the furniture piece that would fit both my husband and my design aesthetic as well as functionality with a new walker/grabber/destructor on the loose, overwhelmed me with appreciation.

  16. It’s not as much a gift as it is a tradition… but my husband is an airline pilot and in the early years of our marriage (read: pre kids) we traveled often and collected Christmas ornaments from wherever we visited. We really enjoy our memory ornament tree at Christmas time!

  17. My dad makes us each a handwritten card and I treasure those like none other. I love them 🙂
    This is an amazing give-a-way! thank you so so much

  18. My Favoritegift tradition my husband and I started with our kids is for their first Christmas we get them a musical instrument. For our son Max we got him a Ukulele and for our son Jack we got him a djembe drum. It is something that they will grow up with and be special and will last.

  19. My favorite family gift that I have given was this year. I made cross-stitch ornaments with the year (2012) and a heart on them. I made 17 of them; one for each of my siblings and their families (I’m oldest of 9 children), one for my mom (dad passed on years ago), one for my parent in-laws, one for each of my children (3 married and 3 single) and one for our tree this year. Started in March and finished just before Thanksgiving. 🙂

  20. Love Ashmae!! What a fabulous giveaway. I love handmade gifts as well. This year, I’m making my newly-married sister a “Holiday Starter Kit” with some handmade decorations.

  21. linked your lovely blog space on my own as well as followed you on Pinterest 😀

    my favorite gift that I have given to my family would be calendar I actually created this year. our family dog passed away a few months back, so the calendar is filled with tons of pictures of her and us and all the good moments we had with her.

  22. My favorite gift I have given was a book of all my husbands love letter that I have written to him and ones he has written to me. So tender and easy to make, but it has so much meaning.

  23. Every year, we give ornaments to the people we love – and we get them, too! I love having something unique and special up on the tree to commemorate our years together.

  24. The best gift I’ve given was retouched old photos of my great grandparents and grandparents to my parents. They cried and it was such a happy memory!

  25. The best gift that I’ve given and received is LOVE. Nothing can buy pure love, and its an action we should share every single day, not just on Christmas. Especially after today’s tragedy is important to tell our love ones how much we truly love them!

  26. This year my husband is making my sister a farm table for her dining/home school room. I am so excited for their family to have this table! Everytime I see her I want to explode!

  27. So far my favorite family gift to have received is the new dining chairs that my parents bought me and my husband for Christmas. My favorite family gift that I have giving is a casserole dish etched with the family’s last name.

  28. I surprised my husband with an ipod on a year we said we weren’t going to get anything for each other. He was mad because he hadn’t gotten anything for me, but he loved it too. I would love to surprise him with all of this!

  29. What a great giveaway!
    A favorite gift I have given is a book to my children’s grandparents full of pictures of them with out children over the years! It was a special time to watch them look at it on Christmas Day!

  30. My favorite family gift as a child was the Ungame. It was a game of questions to ask each other and I loved hearing my parents answer questions.

  31. My favorite gift that my family received was a family vacation a few years ago. It was a wonderful chance to get away for awhile and catchup with my parents and brother. Plus-I was able to get some great photos for scrapbooking, too! 🙂 (i proudly follow Small Fry on instagram!) thanks!

  32. My favourite family gift was a pair of red Olympic mittens and a matching hat. My MIL had gotten mitts and hats for the whole family (grandchildren included!) and we took a big family photo wearing our gear. It’s one of my fave photos to-date!

  33. When I was younger all my mom’s siblings would swap family names and I remember one year we got a new board game…maybe cranium…and it was so fun to have a new games to play as a family!

  34. One of my favorite family gifts was when my mom (a dental hygienist) gave us all electric tooth brushes. Kinda silly, but totally practical!

  35. My favorite gift to give was when my siblings and I were in our late teens/early 20s and we surprised our parents with a trip to Europe for their 25th wedding anniversary. Months of secret planning, saving money from our part-time jobs, and then the looks on their faces when we gave them a guidebook with a page flagged noting where they’d be eating dinner on their anniversary – I don’t know that I’ll ever top that! It was amazing. 🙂

  36. My favorite family gift is the surprise I have planned for this Christmas! I had a really BIG canvas made of our recent family photo and I’m going to hang it up after everyone is asleep Christmas Eve. Shhh don’t tell my husband 😉

  37. My favorite gift I’ve given was the scanned slides my husband and I did for my dad from his mission. It took us hours and hours and hours but the look on his face when we realized what we had done was priceless.

  38. My favorite family gift to give was last year when we announced our pregnancy with a surprise picture inside our Christmas card. I found out I was expecting in early December and then had to act fast to get pictures taken and the cards printed and mailed. The hardest part was not blabbing the news and waiting for friends and family to get the news. It was SO exciting! You can see the card on my blog

  39. My favorite gift was a gift not actually given to us, instead the amount of money that would’ve been used on our family was given to a charity and what better a gift for christmas than a gift that really teaches a family about giving! So often we get caught up in all the wants that come with christmas that we forget that christmas should be about the joy of being able to give! Such a great lesson for my daughter to learn!

  40. My babe was born right before Christmas Day and I got to bring him home from the hospital Christmas morning. Best present ever.

  41. oops – posted the comment on the wrong entry (hard to see when doing this on a phone).

    we just had a baby in June, so this is our first Christmas receiving “family gifts” … my brother got us a white noise machine & crib mobile (yes, we already opened the presents!). sleeping baby = happy parents!

  42. My favourite family gifts have always been boardgames. At our baby shower someone bought us a board game called “dixit family edition”. Even though we won’t be able to play it with our DD for years it was such an awesome unexpected gift!

  43. The best family gift we got was when my husband and I were first married and we were given a box of food storage to start. It was full of essential things! Perfect.

  44. My favourite family gift that I gave one year, was a homemade book filled with all our family favourite recipes. I had been secretly collecting them from each family member for months before, along with our family classics. It was a huge hit and we all still use them 6 years later 🙂
    xoerinn t

  45. My favorite gift was for my mother in law. She had just gone through heart surgery and we were all feeling so blessed and lucky to have her with us. We contacted all of her friends, siblings, grandkids and relatives and had them all write her a letter, telling her favorite memories they had with her and how she has affected their lives. I collected all the letters and put them in a cute box and gave it to her Christmas morning. Lots of happy tears that year.

  46. Favorite gift I ever received was a camera from my husband…it showed me he believed in me and supported me as I started my business

  47. My favorite gift that I think I have ever given to my family is something that I am making them this year. I am making a set of family peg dolls for each of my girls. I think they will really enjoy playing with dolls that look like their family. And bonus-I painted them (extra special)!

  48. The best gift that I have ever received was a beautiful diamond pendent from my husband on our tenth anniversary because it was so unexpected and thoughtful and out of the box for him! Still love that man tons!

  49. one of my favorite gifts to give and receive is artwork. it doesn’t have to be expensive, and there is so much original talent out there! it’s fun to customize the piece to the individual or family and their home.

  50. One year, Dad bought the family an army parachute. (Say what?) When erected with a single pole in the middle, it became a tent! It was the only tent that accommodated our family of 8 we could afford. I thought it was cool… When we put a lantern in the middle, the orange and white stripes lit up like a magic circus tent!!

  51. Our favorite family gift was a video Camera. It makes it possible for us to capture beautiful family memories. 🙂
    P.S. I love your blog. I am a new mom to a 3 month old and I am so inspired by everything on your blog. I follow you on both instagram, fb, and pinterest. 🙂

  52. You’ve done it again!! This is amaze-amous!!!

    One year, a dear friend gifted me the most lovely custom postage stamps that featured my own tots. So sweet.

  53. One year my parents didn’t have enough money to buy any “gifts” for us kids (there’s 7 of us!) and so they wrote us each a special letter stating the things that they love about us. It has been the most precious gift that I could have ever gotten from them. I will treasure it always.

  54. we got an ipad last year and it has been such a great gift for our family! we travel a lot and it’s lightweight and easy to carry around which is perfect for us!

  55. This year my family wrote a family journal where each person wrote a journal entry about their year. It was so personal and meaningful…I think it will be a family tradition!

  56. Every year my in-laws give us a DVD of old family videos they’ve converted from VHS. So fun to watch my husband and his sisters as little kids!

  57. My favorite Christmas gift that I ever gave was to my best friend- I hand-made a king-size quilt and sent it to him across the country. I had someone videotape him opening it so I could see it later. He’s now my dear husband 🙂

  58. My favorite family gift that I have received was a family season pass to our local zoo. It gave us an opportunity to do something as a family over and over again throughout the year.

  59. My favorite gift I’ve ever given was the bed frame my siblings and I all built together for my parents. They had never had an actual bed frame in their 20+ years of marriage and they loved it.

  60. I was able to give a family a free family portrait session from a local photographer by writing about how deserving they were. Best gift I’ve ever given.

  61. The best gift I received for my family was a beautiful children’s Christmas book. I loved it and have been adding more to our collection every year. My kids love reading them and I love them too!

  62. why are your giveaways all so unbelievable??!!!

    my parents have given us a christmas themed book since we were little with a note from them. i have oodles of books that i pull out every year to put around the house for christmas reading. i love that special part of christmas.

  63. The best gift I’ve ever received is motherhood! But if there’s one other thing I enjoyed receiving, it’s a gift certificate to a spa treatment from my husband.

  64. I made my inlaws a huge family tree with flattened spoons engrave with everyone’s names and bdays on it. It was a lot if work but turned out wonderfully.

  65. Favorite gift I’ve given has to be pretty much anything to my son… I couldn’t choose just one but last year he loved the wrapping paper just as much as what was wrapped up lol

  66. the favorite gift i received was my favorite drink from starbucks, a huge card, and a rose to start off the morning and then my husband took pictures of me and my kids at the park…it means a lot since i’m so busy behind the camera and never actually in the pictures.

  67. Happy holidays!

    My favorite gift to give to both sets of grandparents: yearly photo albums of the grandkids and their adventures! It’s great to have digital copies of photos, but also awesome to have a physical book of photos to flip through (ESP since grandparents are a little bit older and really cherish a nice book.) it takes a bit more time to create this gift but it’s def so worth it! 🙂

  68. My favorite christmas gift was given to me from my husband , and it was a quilt made out of my Dad’s clothes. A memory quilt. Now I have the gift of snuggling with my son in it.

  69. Last year my in laws treated us to a cruise to the Bahamas. I swear to you, it was the first time I’ve been truly relaxed since I had my first child 5 years ago! That whole all-inclusive thing plus grandparents to help meant I could actually do simply nothing!

  70. I love getting games or puzzles my family can do together! We got an oversized floor puzzle from pottery barn kids of 3 cool robots! My son (who was 3 years old then) loves to work on it as a family- which makes my heart happy: it feels like true quality working on it together!

  71. My family received a family game night goodie basket. It included snackies, games, and s cozy blanket! We love it, and it encourages us to slow down & spend time with what matters mist ~ family!

  72. Favorite gift I’ve received for Christmas has to be watching my two little girls open their Gifts. Im so grateful for my children. Yes, there are days I crave my ‘freedom’ of not being a parent. But there is nothing that replaces the beauty and growth that parenting brings. Christmas becomes so much fuller with little ones.

  73. My favorite Christmas gift was the one my mother gave me last year of this (what I then thought) really ugly snow(wo)man that had a tiny snow baby inside of it. It was not my taste at all but she knew my husband and I were starting to try and have a baby. I conceived my son in January and as the year has passed by, and I gave birth to him this past September, and enjoyed the greatest gift of all, that is him these past months, it has sat on my nightstand and with each passing day it grows more beautiful to me. I look forward to giving it to a friend who also is trying to conceive some day.

  74. This year we are going on a family vacation and I think that’ll be the greatest gift of all; just getting to hangout all together, which doesn’t happen very often.

  75. One of the best gifts we recieved as a family was a simple jar with slips of paper and pencil with the intention of daily/weekly writing down fun lines our kids said, accomplishments, goals reached, lessons learned etc. On New Year’s Eve we read the jar full of wonderful memories of the year past. Now it’s a tradition we have shared with others and continue ourselves. Something so simple and enjoyed by everyone.

  76. I think I’m supposed to leave Comments on the actual other social media small fry spots. But in case not, ima follow suit and say: i’m following you on instagram.

  77. My favororite family presents given are the holidays that we’ve been the most broke! We got creative one year and did all homemade and it was so fun. We made a lot of delicious goodies to give away in the kitchen and put them in baskets.

  78. The dream big button is up and running on my soon to be famous blog! Oh I hope I win. Wouldn’t mind having some presents under the tree other than toddler paraphernalia. yep, sOmetimes I’m selfish.

  79. I Remember wanting a caboodle so bad as a child and when my parents gave that gift to me I was the happiest little child in the world!!! It made my year 🙂

  80. We have a lovely personalized tree ornament that my mother got us – all three of us as pickles! It’s adorable and it makes my daughter so happy. Thank you for this terrific giveaway!

  81. Every year my husband blows our “budget” for each other, but the greatest gift is actually him. His enthusiasm for the season is awesome, and I love that about him!

  82. One of my favorite family gifts is more of a tradition: we do white elephant each Christmas. It’s fun and it’s much more pocket-friendly than buying for every single family member.

    I am now following you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

  83. I know this is really lame but my favorite family gift so far has been our little boy! He is so precious and I don’t think it is possible to love him more!

  84. One of the best family gifts we gave ourselves was a trip to Disney at Christmas. The decorations ,the music , the magic of Disney, it was a great vacation.

  85. One year I put together an ice cream sundae gift basket for a family gift and it was a big hit. Very fun gathering all the items to give!

  86. I love experiences more than things- I loved the Christmas my sister took us to the beach for hte weekend instead of sending gifts!

  87. My favorite family gift that we have received is a family membership to the Arizona Science Center. It lasts all year and the kids love it. 🙂

  88. My favorite gifts to give are the ones that I have made with my own two hands. I like working with felt and clay, and I like to sew. My favorite gift I have given was to a friend for her birthday: a frog on a lily pad looking at a fly, all made out of clay.

  89. this year i’m giving my nieces and nephew a personal blender for making smoothies in the morning! i make a healthy smoothie with lots of greens for my son every morning, and am excited for them to do the same.

  90. My favorite gift, is MY HUSBAND!! We met in December! He has taken my 3 children as if they were his own, I couldn’t ask for any better of a husband or father!!

  91. Merry Christmas!! One of my favorite things is the nabi2 tablet– we bought one for my husband last summer, because he is so ROUGH on his electronics- always dropping them- so I did some research and ordered him a nabi2 tablet– it is made especially for KIDS, and can take rough handling, but is still a top of the line Android tablet!!

  92. My favorite Christmas Gift happens every year. It is watching my two boys open their gifts from Santa. The joy and excitement is the best gift a Mom could ever receive.

  93. My favorite gift was given to me last year. My sister-in-law gave me a picture of my dad earlier in the year that she had enlarged and “painted” for me. My dad passed away almost 2 yrs now. My son and family had it matted and framed for me and gave it to me for Christmas! I love it and reminds me everyday how much I miss him….but remember all the great memories he gave me.

  94. I am very excited about the new food processor I’m giving my husband for Christmas (yes, he wants it – but doesn’t suspect).

  95. My favorite present was from my Aunt and Uncle when I was young. It was a really cute bean bag dog that i absolutely loved and carried everywhere.

  96. I like what I see on your blog. Probably the best gifts our family ever got and gave….were books. We were given a special Bible story book that was perfect for our little ones with beautiful pictures by Frances Hook…back in 1979. Loved it and we all memorized some of the short stories. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. Blessings.

  97. Every year my dad gets everyone in our family Harkins loyalty cups and gift cards so we can go see movies together all year long!

    Marci @

  98. When we were in the hospital giving birth to our first born, unexpectedly early, our families hired a cleaning service to clean our house top to bottom. With everything we had going it was so wonderful to not have to worry about whether the toilets were clean, etc.

  99. Are you kidding me?! This blog is getting better and better! Ha! Favorite family gift? Geesh, we got sleds when we first got married so my husband and I sled all the time. Feels like we are kids again!

    I follow on insta
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    I liked on FB!

  100. My favorite gifts would have to be anything my grandchildren have made for me. Love following Small Fry by e-mail, facebook , and Pinterest.

  101. I’m a new fan from ‘One Good Thing byJillee’…my fave gift I have given would have to be my homemade doTERRA infused essential oils bath salts, scrubs, hand soap, facial cleanser, toner!!

  102. I think my favorite gift almost every year is the quilts we receive from my mother-in-law. She makes piece quilts every year and we will usually get one every few years. She rotates between the adults & the grandkids (& there are a lot). She has 8 children (all are married), 33 grand-kids, 18 great-grandkids & 1 great-great grandchild.

  103. Last year my husband and I put together a book of all of his siblings, their spouses, and children’s testimonies and we gave it to his parents. It was such a fun thing to put together and then to see the reaction of his parents was so special!

  104. My most favorite family gift I have ever recieved is our Apples 2 Apples Game – we have worn it out and had so much fun playing it together.

  105. My favorite gift I’ve ever received would have to be handmade art from my husband. He’s an incredible artist and graphic designer. Every year that we were together he would put together a piece of art on canvas that meant something special to us. My favorite being a special painting from the year we got engaged. Gifts with meaning and memories are so beautiful and you can’t beat a one-of-a-kind gift.

  106. My favorite gift I ever received was last Christmas when I found out I was pregnant on Christmas morning. This was after a year of fertility treatments, 4 actually, that had all failed. We were told our chances to ever get pregnant was less than 2%. Well we had a lucky less than 2% Christmas.

  107. I would love to enter. My favorite give would be for my husband this year. I got a great deal on a used tablet that he will just love!

  108. My favorite family gift I’ve received is the simplest, when we were growing up our family friends would always give us a movie and treats. It was my favorite thing to watch a movie as a family and munch the night away!

  109. favorite gift i’ve given: this year my kids and i sent my grandmother 25 envelopes to open this advent. they were filled with old photographs, treats, and art by the kids. her joy in opening them has been the best part of this christmas.

  110. My first year living abroad, as a wide-eyed 21-year-old English teacher in China, I received a box in the mail from my sister. Inside were crammed a Christmas tree and handmade wire ornaments. In a burst of holiday spirit (=madness…), I decorated my small apartment and invited all 200ish of my college students over for an open house. It was crazy and wonderful and my sister’s thoughtful give was the impetus.

  111. My favorite gift memory is from when I was little and my family donated a portion of our “Christmas gift allotment” to a family in need. We got them a big CD boombox and various other gifts. I will always remember how good that felt!

  112. My favorite gift ever received was to have someone pay for my gas at a gas station. A total stranger. It was unexpected, it was the kindest gesture, and it actually came at a time when I needed it the most. It had a profound impact on me and made me want to pay it forward… Which is what I would do if I won this giveaway! I hope you all have a merry Christmas!

  113. A couple of years ago all of the kids in my family transferred all of my parents old slides and photos onto a disc and made a video that we all now watch every Christmas Eve!

  114. My favorite Christmas gift that we received as a family would have to be a handpainted ornament given to us by a friend. She did such a beautiful job and it fits us to a T. I love putting it on the tree each year.

  115. I’d have to say, the best family gift that I ever gave- was to a family in need. They had a small list of things that they ‘wanted/ needed’. Christmas tree, lights, ornaments, books, and a sweater for each of them (four). So, I went out and got everything on their list! That was better than ANY gift I could have gotten, all throughout my life.

  116. one of my favorites was actually this year! my in-laws gave everyone their choice of a christmas painting of the Savior. it pretty much makes me cry every time I look at it!

  117. Last year, my parents made my husband, brother, sister-in-law, and me a cookbook of recipes mt brother and I grew up with as kids. For the last couple of years they had been collecting recipes and writing them down (since most of them were in their heads) and cooking/baking them and photographing them for the book. I use the book all the time now and it always makes me feel like I’m right at home cooking with them as child. My favorite page is the banana bread page since my mom took a photo of recipe we always used–stains and batters splatters included. Such a thoughtful and memorable gift.

  118. one of my favorite gifts to give is a handmade blanket. its something that can be used year round, and i feel like it is something really special that i can put love into.

  119. A few years ago I made a picture calendar with pictures from all of my siblings and their families for my parents. Now, every year they have me make one for each sibling and their family.

  120. A couple years ago my entire family went in for holiday family photos, it was a great experience to all do together and to have the end result!

  121. My favorite gift was a trip to Disneyland with family. Seeing my son’s face light up with every character and scene that we passed was amazing!

  122. every year i make every “sub-family” in my extremely large extended family a new ornament. i’ve been doing this since my husband and i got married. also, this year i’m starting a christmas quilt – each christmas i will crochet a square. the christmas before my daughter gets married, i will stitch the squares together to make her a quilt to bring into her new home. hopefully she will continue that tradition if/when she has her own children 🙂

  123. The best gift I have received has simply been a phone call from my family saying that they bought me an air plane ticket to go see them. I missed them so much so I was incredibly excited. We are 4 hours on plane away and I only see them 2 times a year.

  124. this would be amazing to win!!

    one of my favorite gifts i ever gave was a handmade scrapbook calendar i gave my mother in law a few years ago. she loved it and i loved seeing it all year hanging at her house!

  125. My favourite gift I’ve received we’re a pair of hand knit mittens with birdies on them in two of my favourite colors:) thanks for the great giveaway!

  126. My favorite family gift we ever received was a crockpot! It freed up so much of my time! Winning this give-away would be pretty awesome, though, and it might just the crockpot a run for it’s money!

  127. My favorite family gift I’ve received was a family trip to Disney World! It was such a great memory and we had such a wonderful time as a family. The memories have lasted much longer than the gifts we would have received otherwise!