Washi Tape Roads

washi roads

‘Tis the season to get reacquainted with activities we can do in our own homes!

With a little bit of washi tape, a few gorgeous wood cars from Bannor Toys, and imagination you can make just about any scene on your own kitchen floor!

Washi Tape Roads

For a huge collection of washi tape options, check out The Sewing Post! And for the amazing wooden cars, check out Bannor Toys! For more Bannor check out their awesome teethers, ABC and Math and Counting blocks, and we especially love their line of stackable toys! Such a beautiful collection.

See BannorToys on Etsy, Facebook, Pinterest!

We’re loving their blog, all about starting an organic toy business and how they strive as a business and family to lead a more sustainable life. It’s definitely something inspiring to think about with this new year and goal setting!

7 thoughts on “washi roads”

  1. Love this idea, my son is obsessed with cars! We tried this with duct tape but its not as cute as the washi 🙂 and I love the way Dash sits, adorable!

  2. Where did you buy your road tape? I’ve been looking all over for some for my kids and for gifts and haven’t been able to find any. I checked out The Sewing Post’s etsy shop and didn’t see any there.
    Thanks for any leads you can provide. I LOVE your site!

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