It’s funny how some content for Small Fry gets planned days, weeks, even months in advance, and then sometimes we’re scrambling to recreate a post after the magic already happened. This is one of those posts!

Jenna had her niece over for a sleep-over and decided to make it a little extra special. Using stuff around the house, like a family sized camping tent in their living room, twinkle lights (headed for storage with the rest of the Christmas decor) for a starry sky, adult-supervised s’mores over the stove, and tin foil dinners to make it all feel authentic. Although the uncontrollable giggling emitted from the thin tent walls was more than enough magic for the evening!

So after, the sun had already risen, Quinn and cousin Arleigh had already (surprisingly!) slept the night through, we had to come in a snap a few pictures for memory’s sake.

A fun addtion to the events, that also goes along with our camping theme, is this darling woodland game by Educational Insights called Sneaky Snacky Squirrel. It is a perfect pre-school aged game that teaches coordination, strategy, handwriting and motor skills. We highly recommend for your three-on-uppers!

9 thoughts on “campover”

  1. so cute! and way to put the effort in. it could have easily been something so plain old normal but this i’m sure created some great times and memories!! love it! And heyy First time I’ve seen another girlie with my daughters name. Except we spell it Arli. so sweet

  2. Is every single one of your posts sponsored or just trying to plug a product? I was so excited to see this one wasn’t but then you through in that thing at the end about the sneaky snacky. I love the blog but I’m starting to feel like it’s just one big advertisement.

    1. Ashley:
      Thanks for your feedback. This post is not sponsored, we simply found a game that our toddlers enjoyed and wanted to share it with our readers because it is typically a hard age to find a game for. Overall, the feedback from our readers is that they like to know when we find products, books, clothing lines, food, that our kids enjoy, and that is why we share when we do. We will always note when posts are sponsored at the end of a post, otherwise we’re just sharing because we like it.


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