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For today’s Wellness Week post we wanted to first readily admit that we have so much to learn in this area! Part of the reason we chose this series was because we wanted to be more knowledgable and have more healthfullricks up our sleeves when illness, boredom, and hunger strikes! We have found so many great resources to share! Here are a few links from our favorite online resources regarding wellness as a family.


We love Jillee’s 16 Simple Ways To Be Happier, such a great place to start! She also has an amazing list of all natural ways to sooth colds and flus right here!

Read our very own editor, Jenna’s, weight loss and journey to becoming more healthy and self-aware right here.

For wellness in the kitchen (for anything from cooking for kids with allergies to nuts, dairy and eggs, gluten intolerance. Introducting vegetarianism, and Paleo to children, or just plain healthier cooking) we love: Honey We’re HealthyPeas & Thank You, Super Healthy Kids, The Allergic Kid, Stay at Stove Dad.

For a total lifestyle overhaul as well as quick education on a vast variety of topics (who has time for it all?), head to the Root of Health.

And, finally do you remember our own post about Tiny Yoga? It’s still one of our favorites, and definitely something easy and fun to try!

These cold months are so tricky with kids, taking them out into the world means they’re picking up all kinds of germs, keeping them in is a surefire way to cabin fever and too much TV (we’re as guilty as anyone!) Whether your home or abroad, here’s some of our favorite activewear for kiddos, so you’re ready to run, skip, hop and jump no matter what’s on the agenda!

For BOYS //

Featuring: Gap, Neff, Mini and Maximus, Life Factory, Nike and American Apparel


and GIRLS //

Featuring: Old Navy, Time Co., Skull Candy, Nike, Polarn O Pyret, Life Factory, and Target.


If you have any favorite online resources for family health, we’d love to check it out, leave a link below in the comments!


8 thoughts on “activewear + a link up”

  1. Love all these selections! I think the best way to teach your children healthy living is by living it yourself! My parents always had routine exercise habits and ate healthy which I am sure it is why I love to exercise myself!

  2. Thanks for including us. Just so you know, next Thursday, Jan. 17, we’ll be a guest of a FB chat with the National Wildlife Federation on getting kids outside to play in the winter. Perhaps you’d be interested in that as well.

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