winter picnic

Occasionally during Utah winters, we’ll get some blissfully near-balmy forty plus degree days. Days where you can actually feel the warmth of the sun on your cheeks and being outside is enjoyable for longer than a few minutes. On those days, we love to take advantage and enjoy these beautiful scenes where we live.

We came equipped with a Clemmie Sue teepee to block some of that occasional icy wind that tends to whip up in the mountains. A picnic of grilled cheese and hot cocoa warmed our bellies, we are still coming up with awesome ways to use those Pebeo porcelain markers and added a little something extra to a tray full of mugs.

Photography by contributor Jylare Smith, who will be in Southern California from January 21-28, book away S.C.-ers, she’s incredible!

Here’s some more links for sources used in this post:

Sucre wooden spoons. We just die over these for any special function or party. Available in just about any color scheme and pattern you can think of!

Awesome retro style pixie knit hats by SweetKM. Sweet as can be!

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