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We have an awesome guest project for you today from Connie in Mesa, Arizona!

Here’s what she has to say about today’s DIY:

“As soon as my four year old, Brody, saw the aviator hat his brother got for Christmas, he put it on and started running around like he was in an airplane. I had seen cardboard box airplanes before and realized it was the perfect time to make one for him. It was a very simple activity, and he enjoyed making it with me! It was hilarious watching him run around in a cardboard box… and cardboard or not, it was the coolest plane in his eyes! Every little kid should do this at least once!”

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You can see the original post and more about her cutie Brody here, and Connie’s photogaphy site here. What an awesome mom to take the time to do this with her little guy. We also love the idea of a beautiful set of photos of our kids playing with their very favorite toys of the moment! Isn’t that a fun way to document their ever changing interests and imagination?

Thanks Connie!

95 thoughts on “cardboard airplane”

  1. Nice idea but how does a kid hold it? I don’t see the purpose of “arm holes” (at least not of the kind shown here, it might be better to make real holes).

  2. Love this! I think I will add shoulder straps attached to front and back of plane so he won’t have to hold it up. Thanks for posting…..will be getting grandpa started on this asap for next visit with grandkids 🙂

    1. I wanted to add straps too! My son didn’t mind holding it AT ALL though so I didn’t want to go through the trouble. He was saying he wanted to add a steering wheel and buttons though so maybe go all out! You can even make the propeller spin while you’re at it, they’d love it! The possibilities are endless (:

  3. Wow a very creative idea.An optimum utilization of otherwise perhaps not to be used again cardboard box.Very educative and enteraning for children and also good way to enhance their creative skills.

  4. Thank you for the tutorial! This is the easiest one I’ve found. My son wants to be an airplane for Halloween so I’m hard at work creating his vision. Question though; I can’t figure out how to attach the tale rudder. Is there a slit cut in the box and it slid in? Would it stay with just tape or glue?

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