happy valentine’s day!

Let’s be honest, what else could we possibly post today that would do a better job wishing you all a Happy Valentine’s day than a repost of this film? We are so blown away by its reception! It’s been on the news, and shown on websites from here to Timbuktu, and we’ve even heard it will be played at a few Valentine’s Parties across the world.  If there’s one thing we’ve learned from interviewing these kids, and subsequently sharing it with internet, it’s that love is the universal language. We hope you have endless opportunities to show and tell the special people (small and big!) in your life how you feel.

And of course, we hope you all have hot dates to Hobby Lobby tonight!

Filmed by Jenner Brown of Lumineux for Small Fry.

13 thoughts on “happy valentine’s day!”

  1. This video is just soooo precious. Little ones are the most wonderful creatures on this beautiful earth. I just wanted to squish each and everyone of them. So innocent yet so smart.Thank you for this loving beautiful moment.

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