newborn essentials giveaway! [closed]

Congratulations to Megan H. for winning this giveaway!

One of our most requested posts is our favorite products for new babies and new mamas. We are so happy to present it today, and even better, this entire $1000+ loot will go to one lucky reader! Keep reading to enter, but first here’s some info on why we love each of these products.

1. Candy Kirby Designs leggings [$38]: We’re just slightly obsessed with Candy Kirby. The designs are spot on and the soft jersey is unbeatable for your little one. We hardly get our newborns dressed out of sleep sacks (see below) but when we do, a soft legging is it!

2. As infants develop strength in sight, a simple mobile with minimal movement is ideal. “Up in the Air” [$66.00] wooden mobile by Petit Collage is simply stunning! See more Petit Collage mobiles here.

3. Bloom Coco Baby Lounger [$350] in orange and acrylic. A bouncer is vital in those early stages, especially if your baby likes to be constantly rocked and bounced. Not only is it vital for their happiness, but if it gets you a few quiet minutes that means a shower! And let’s be honest, with a newborn, a shower is everything!

4. Solids! Such an exciting time in your infant’s progression, we’ve all toiled over the idea of making our own baby food, but where to start? We love Piyo Piyo Baby Food Processor Set [$17]: which is a seven piece food processor for making baby food! Piyo Piyo makes the whole process that much easier. Easier clean-up, storage, and think of all those nutrients and enzymes!

5. You’ve heard all about our love for Honest Co. Now you get to see for yourself – with a diapering bundle [$75]! Honest has created a non-toxic, chlorine-free pulp, plant-based inner and outer layers, bio-based absorbent core, no fragrances, lotions or chemical additives, these diapers are the king for sensitive newborn skin!

6. Mother Tucker Nursing Tank by Belly Bandit [$79.95]. This one is everything we love and need as post-partum mothers and more! With a newborn, if you choose to nurse, it’s usually sporadic feedings, sometimes it feels like those (large) ladies are always out. Mix that with the post-partum pooch (like the most supple cinnamon roll dough you’ve ever felt, aren’t you lucky?) and the whole mid-section area is sort of a temporary mess. This tank makes nursing a breeze, and with that tight Belly Bandit material, it will keep you feeling contained, covered and confident.

7. Little Hip Squeaks makes our favorite swaddling blanket [$44.80]! 100% organic fabric, thick enough to keep your baby warm, thin enough to use as a cover, and cute enough to display on the wall. See the collection here.

8. Little Giraffe makes the most luxuriously thick and soft blankets, but did you know about their hooded towels [$55]? Made with that unbeatably soft Giraffe Luxe material, but just for bathtime. We can’t imagine putting those so-soft babies in anything else!

9. If you’ve ever looked at reviews for baby carriers, you already know that Ergo is the highest rated, hands down. It grows with your child and you can adjust for front, back and hip carrying. We love this special edition version [$145] made for Every Mother Counts – which is an organization devoted to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for all moms in all nations. It’s a truly inspired group and we hope you’ll support them as well! More carrier colors here!

10. Do you remember when Puj tubs launched, and how revolutionary it was? Even all these years later, there still is nothing like it in the market. It makes bath time a breeze since you can set Puj in just about any sink or basin and it molds to the area and keeps the baby protected. The new Flyte [$35] folds right in half even! When you’re done, wipe it down with soap and water and you’re good to go! Mold, mildew resistant and not to mention a lot cleaner than the kitchen sink! No more bending over the bathtub side awkwardly trying to wash your slippery babe!

11. With a baby comes stuff. So much stuff! It seems that baby gear takes over your living space, and with that anytime we can find awesomely designed pieces that look great out in the open, we’re thrilled! Boon‘s drying rack [$14.99] is just that.

12. For those first several weeks, nothing will touch our babies except those super soft sleep gowns. Boys or girls, it doesn’t matter. It’s cozy, makes those frequent diaper changes a super cinch and they just look so sweet! We love Winter Water Factory‘s line of gowns [$32] – check them all out here.

13. One thing we’re fascinated by are how women come to find the brands, products, and systems that they incorporate into their life long-term. Like the mom who has put vaseline on their eyes since they were a teenager, we all have this cool chance to sift through commerce and find our own regimens. Bluum box [3 months delivery service! $75] likes this concept as well, and they curate boxes of new products for mother and baby and send them out monthly. What an awesome way to try new things and find your favorites!

Now, for the real reason you’re here, how to enter to win all this loot! Also, if you’re not a new mama but you know someone who is, you can enter on their behalf as well!


1. Leave a comment telling us about your must-have item for new babies or new mamas.
For additional entries:
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This giveaway is open until Thursday February 28th at 11:59 pm MST. The winner will be notified by email and has 72 hours to claim the prize or another winner will be selected.

3,482 thoughts on “newborn essentials giveaway! [closed]”

  1. I don’t know my most needed item as I’m due this August with my first! I’m reading everything I can and getting this would be a HUGE blessing. Please pick me!

  2. So far one of my favorites has been the line of Burt’s Beesbath products- soap, lotion and diaper cream. It has been perfect for my little one’s sensitive skin and makes him smell so yummy 🙂

  3. Those sleep gowns seriously are a lifesaver. They make the constant diaper changes, especially the middle of the night ones, so much easier.

  4. Two game-changers that really help me out these days are: fenugreek for mama milk supply and the Ergo baby carrier. I have a five-month-old son who could totally use all of these products, but I would rather surprise a newly pregnant friend with these goodies.

  5. i’m due early april with my first. just trying to take in all the suggestions i’m getting for what i will need. i’m sure in a few months i will be able to tell you what the best one was, until then… **finger crossed**

  6. Such awesome products!! I’m having a baby in a few months, and would love this! The one thing I never went without with my first baby was hand sanitizer! In the car, in my bag, by the front door! It was everywhere! Especially for those stopping in to see the new baby! No shame in making them sanitize before touching the babe!

  7. I used Mustela’s Nursing Comfort Balm religiously in the first months after having my daughter. I preferred it to the lanolin creams.

  8. Great giveaway! I’m expecting my first in July so I’m still learning about all of the products available to new mamas. I’m a huge fan of The Happiest Baby so I think a good swaddle blanket is my MUST.

  9. I am due with my first baby in one week (!), so February 28. So I’m not sure what I consider a must-have, but these items would be wonderful!

  10. Thank you for hosting such an awesome giveaway. I am due in August with my second and would LOVE and appreciate these products if I won. For new mommas and newborns: With my first I loved my ergo with the infant insert. I could go outside even on cool days and get some fresh air. I “liked” all the vendors and plan to IG today!
    Thanks SmallFry

  11. What a great giveaway! My must have is an aden and anais swaddle blanket…my boys were swaddled until they were nine months +!

  12. I just had my first baby and would be able to use so much of this stuff, and things I already have (like Bloom Bouncer) I would love to give away to women I work with as I am training to become a doula!

  13. I could not have survived without Medela nipple cream- my baby boy was a piranha! I have a baby girl due in June and these essentials would rock my world. I am liking all products on FB for additional entries!

  14. Organic cotton blankets and sleep gowns are some of my favorites! Also, a good breast pump, especially for the first couple of days!

  15. I am due w/ my first baby this August – so not quite sure on a must have yet, but I have had my eye on Honest Co. & the Bloom lounger for a while!

  16. I LOVE Burt’s lavender scent baby lotion. With a newborn, you are constantly washing your hands so putting lotion on your babe has the added bonus of moisturizing your own hands!

  17. My must have with my first was a wrap carrier- those early months I loved having her snuggled up next to me! I’ve been looking to get an ergo with this baby for those later months/years when my first just wouldn’t tolerate the wrap anymore. We didn’t buy a lot with my first because we were on such a budget so I’d love to win this bundle for baby #2 due in May!

  18. We are expecting our first this June, so I’m not entirely sure what the “must have” item is. I am told by seasoned moms that you can’t have enough nursing pads, onesies, and wipes/burp rags. Oh, and always carry a change of clothing! 🙂

  19. I am a mom and early childhood educator college professor and baby needs are very important to me! My favorite items would have to be anything organic and fair trade but I love Petit Collage items as gifts. They are beautifully designed and modern. Love this giveaway. Thanks!

  20. My must have item for a newborn is a sleepy wrap baby carrier! It lets me snuggle my baby and have free hands to try to get a few chores done! Plus chase after my 15 month old:)

  21. I am in love with the special edition Ergo baby carrier – both for the versatile design growing with your child as well as supporting ‘Every Mother Counts’. All around wonderful!

  22. The boppy was my #1 essential. I’m expecting our 2nd baby in September, but my oldest is almost 4. So, I feel outdated on the new baby essentials!

  23. I also loved using sleep sacks with my newborn girl. My favorites were from Baby Gaps layette line, so soft and simple. I’m now having a baby boy in June and we feel like we are starting from scratch. Those 15 boxes of baby girl clothes in the basement won’t work this time around. 🙂 Would love a head start on some new gear from this amazing giveaway!

  24. I’m expecting my first baby in just a few weeks! I plan on toting him around Portland in an Ergo carrier, so I think that’s my #1 baby item (besides essentials).

  25. I have heard glowing praises of the swaddle designs recieving blankets, so that will be on my list. I also have just about everything in the giveaway on my “must-have” list!

  26. Hmmmmm. I’m just learning the ropes myself with a 17 day old infant, but I would have to say the surprising most coveted items are: disposable breast pads, cloth diapers for burp cloths, those awesome gauze wipes for use with water on baby’s super sensitive bottom, a nasal aspiration bulb, boppy pillow and zippered sleepers. It’s the most random things you won’t think you’ll LOVE 🙂

  27. honest diapers, giggle burp cloths, sully wrap, aden and anais swaddles, splendid baby clothes and sophie are some of my favorite items!

  28. I’m as green as they come, due with my first in June! Thanks for these tips – I’ve been scouring blogs and websites for just this sort of information!

  29. All of these essentials are spot on! And oh how I would be over the moon to win them! As a new mom, my newborn essential would be the Aden&Anais swaddling blankets and a nice comfy rocking chair. 🙂

  30. new mama must-have: really, really yummy Matcha green tea and/or coffee from Peet’s!!

    new baby must-have: a glass bottle, I like BornFree, so daddy can help feed and mama can sleep!

  31. I’m due in July, and this little dude or lady will be our first! I have no idea what my favorite newborn essential will be- heck, when the kidlet makes its appearance it’ll be the first baby under the age of 6mos I’ve ever even breathed next to- but, as two students on a teeny-weeny budget, I’m confident in saying that our favorite things will be those that we don’t have to take out another student loan for 😉

  32. My must have newborn baby product is the Boppy nursing pillow! Seeing as it was used for 13 months with my daughter, and it’s still being used 9 times a day with my 4 month old son, it certainly has been one of the most used items we’ve ever purchased. Followed all 9 companies on FB and added your button to my blog.

  33. Such an amazing giveaway! I’m due next week with my second and hope I win 🙂 my favorite baby items are Aden and anais swaddlers and life factory bottles!

  34. I’m 8 months pregnant with my first and would love to win all of these beautiful prizes! I am very excited to walk around town toting my little one in an ergo.

  35. My must have item is my Baby K’tan baby carrier. I use it almost every day with my now nearly 6 month old. Having my hands free is a life saver with a 2 year old in the house too! 🙂

  36. I just had my first baby 4 months ago and something my sister bought for me were the Aden and Anais squares, we call it his “wub” but it helps him go to sleep and he snuggles it. It’s been a life saver!

  37. I would be thrilled to give this incredible set to my college roommate who is a first time mom with new baby Nolan. My fave item is the petit mobile and sleep sack

  38. I like Candy Kirby designs on Facebook. I actually ordered my first pair of leggings from them yesterday and am DYING to get them! 🙂

  39. I like having an ergo. It’s so important to have your hands free to do other stuff around the house while keeping baby close at the same time.

  40. My must-haves are Aden + Anais muslin swaddle blankets and now for my toddler their sleep sacks! They’re breathable and get softer with every wash – LOVE!

  41. I’m a first time mom with my son who will soon be 5 months and a must have item i found are the aden and anais swaddle blankets! They are amazing, not to thick nor to thin. Can be used all year around! My baby loves being wrapped in them! Hope I win this awesome giveaway! I see lots of good things on here that I would LOVE to try! 🙂 Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  42. I love this giveaway and all the products are amazing! Definitely new mom and newborn essentials. I made sure to like all 9 companies on FB, tweeted out this giveaway, grammed a pic, and will put a button on my blog as soon as I can figure out how to do so! Thanks!!

  43. my must-haves for a newborn are aden + anais swaddling blankets, cloth diapers to be used as burp cloths (so much more absorbent), and earth mama angel baby natural nipple butter. that stuff is a boobie saver! and all natural and organic too!

  44. As a mother of a two month and a potty training 2 year old I love the 4 moms Momaroo. It saves me when I need my hands free. I also love Baguu bags to keep in my diaper bag for wet clothes and diapers. I would love to win as I’m still in need of most of those baby items. Especially the nursing tank and Ergo!!!

  45. I would love to win this. I just found out I am pregnant with baby #2 yesterday. I personally think a comfy bed, and cup of tea are the essentials needed for mama and baby. Oh and breast milk. 🙂

  46. I would LOVE everything and it’s hard to pic, but If I had to i’m dying for the Ergo baby carrier. I’ve heard it’s the best!

    I liked all the companies on Facebook! and posted to Instagram!

    Due with my first April 12!

    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  47. I LOVE all of the items you have listed!! One of my must haves for a baby is Mustella no rinse cleanser. It a MUST have!!:) Crossing my fingers! Thanks!!

  48. Ergo backpack is ABSOLUTELY my must-have item. Mine is so worn and sun bleached that it’s barely recognizable four years later. Time to get a new one before babes three and four come.

  49. I love those gauzy aiden and anais blankets! They’re perfect for nursing. This giveaway is wonderful! I have a two week old and i’ve been dying to get her theif and bandit leggings!

  50. All these vendors are truly amazing. Heard wonderful things about them and I follow their journeys. I would love to have opportunity to win! My must-have as a mom, was FAMILY, FRIENDS & SUPPORT! It’s not always easy becoming a mom but it’s one of the best loves you can experience. I think it’s great all the vendors (MOMs) are making life a little easier for us hard working mommas, so thank you! I would love to have the ERGO carrier!

  51. Ah I love your blog! My husband and I just had are first child he is 2 months old and we are adopting from Ethiopia. All of these products would be so helpful! I liked all nine on Facebook. My favorites would be the Puj tub which I need so bad and I love Candy Kirby design legging! So cute! I hope you pick us!

  52. My must have for newborns are baby gowns. I love the baby gap ones. They make those middle of the night diaper changes so much simpler. Oh and a good nursing bra.

  53. One of my favorite items with both of my babies were the little sleep gowns. I loved them. I’m currently pregnant with twins & have started stocking up on them again.

  54. The ergo and those little gowns are MUST haves for newborns, that gown is adorable! I liked all the facebook pages and instagramed the pic 🙂 such an awesome giveaway, I’ve got my fingers crossed!

  55. this is such a wonderful give away!!! wow!!! i swore by my ergo baby carrier and muslin baby blankets. both total life savers!! i am enterning on behalf of my bff and soon to be new mama, becky! xo

  56. Not sure that this is necessary, but since everyone else is doing it: I liked winter water factory and little hip squeaks on facebook, I tweeted and instagramed. Woo hoo.

  57. I love trumpette socks. They are super cute and stay on your babies feet. I liked all 9 companies. Your button is on my blog and I posted a picture on instagram

  58. I’m not a mom yet, but hope to be soon. Any of this stuff would be a step up from what I have or can afford. Thanks for the giveaway!

  59. I’m not a mom yet, but hope to be soon. Any of this stuff would be a step up from what I have or can afford. Love this giveaway!

  60. My essential is cocoa butter oil for my mama skin! It is so dry where we live and my skin beame as sensitive as my baby’s! I would love to win any of this! And to share some goodies with new mom friends

  61. One must have accessory for me so far has been my Moby wrap. My son is almost three months now and we’ve been using the Moby since week one!

  62. I’m a mom of 3 (under 4:) One of my essentials is a FEED reusable bag. It’s cloth, zips up into a wallet size, and opens up to fit diapers, wipes, bottle etc. My fav “go” bag.

  63. My must have item is swaddle blankets, and honestly a boppy! I am expecting my first baby but with my niece these two were priceless!

  64. I’m expecting my first in just a couple of weeks, wrapping up projects and preparing for the little one’s arrival. This is a great collection of baby products, and I’ll probably get many of them regardless of the result of this giveaway. 🙂 I especially love Candy Kirby, Petit Collage, and Little Hip Squeaks!

  65. I love my ergo and couldn’t live without it, hopefully the next baby will be as content in it as the first was. Mine has been to several countries, through several moves and is quite beat up, but I can’t imagine having a baby or multiple small children without it. My other all time favorite new baby item is aden & anais swaddles and chewbeads are great too!
    PS like all 9 pages! Awesome giveaway, thanks for the chance to win it. Would be wonderful to have some new stuff for our next and some of this would be perfect for my cousin too!

  66. I am a newbie at this, only 2 months along, and there are so many products to sift through! Thanks for sharing this great list. After seeing the Ergo Baby carrier, I have a feeling that will be my must have!

  67. My absolute essential when I first had my guy was the boppy nursing pillow. Such a lifesaver! I was able to eat my waffles and nurse at the same time. Nothing better!

  68. i know this is rather obvious, but already having two kids, a sit and stand stroller is a necessity for me. a good stroller is a necessity for any mother, i think, especially if there are already other kids in the family.

  69. I am due first week of June with a baby boy! I can’t wait to learn what items I could not live without–but will not know till baby Jude is here! 🙂

  70. What an amazing giveaway!! I would be so thrilled to win this because I am due with our first baby in April and all of these must haves seem perfect. I have always loved the Petunia Picklebottom Boxy Diaper Bag and think it’s a must have for all moms:)

  71. i”m a mama of 2 little ones! 2 and 3 with a little boy due in july! my new mama essential is extra numbing cream for your lady parts and for the newborn, a really good swaddling blanket to help with those sleepless night! would love to win all this great stuff!!

  72. I love all of these goodies! I am expecting my second in the fall and could really use a nice baby lounger and always some super soft and sweet leggings or blankets.
    I liked all on facebook
    Tweeted from @jescapo
    and reposted on instagram @colbiecheeseplease

  73. I’m a first time mommy with my little boy due in 2 weeks, so I’m not sure what we can’t live without yet. But I have been an aunt for 5 years, and one of the best things my niece and nephew always had in their diaper bag was the Innobaby Packin Smart Storage System. It’s 5 little tiers that clasp together and fit perfectly in a diaper bag. You can fill the tiers with snacks, formula, pacifiers, etc. What a lifesaver! Nobody wants to tote around whole containers of formula or Gerber snacks!

  74. My must have item is the NoseFrieda!! Comes in so handy when baby catches a cold! You don’t know how much you need it until a bug hits-that with saline drops and you are prepared!

  75. My must have are definitely the little hip squeaks blankets and beanies! I love to swaddle my babies and these blankets are perfect! Dying to win this awesome giveaway!

  76. First off, I didn’t know half of this stuff even existed! All in all I am really digging the Honest company, Puj Tub, and Blum. Amazing. All of these items would be a HUGE blessing to have!

  77. Eeek! What a lovely giveaway! I am expecting my first in 6weeks…and would just love to have this loot!! Because I am a first timer, I don’t have a favorite essential yet…but I can say without a doubt I am LOVING the leggins for babies right now. Especially since boy clothes are not as easy to find.
    I liked all of the pages on FB, added your button to my blog, and posted on IG about this. <3

  78. One thing that has been a lifesaver for me, has been some good lotion! When you are constantly washing your hands or sanitizing them, they dry out so fast, making lotion a must. Another is Little Twigs lavender massage oil for the babe, it has really helped us to create an enjoyable nighttime routine.

  79. My favorite baby product (although its nearly impossible to select just one because they are all so amazing) is the ergo baby carrier! This is amazing, you are all amazing, I hope I win! Thanks ladies 🙂

  80. My must have item for baby was definitely swaddling blankets! We couldn’t get through a night without swaddling 🙂 when she got bigger the blankets are good for so many other things as well – sun shade, a blanket to lay on, even an after-bath towel! The possibilities are endless!

  81. I’m due with our first baby – a boy! – at the end of May and we could not be more excited! I’m not quite sure of my most needed newborn essentials since I’ll be doing this for the first time, but I’m DYING over little hip squeaks leggings/hats/blankets and I love aden + anais. Also loving Baby Gap!

  82. I am due with our first in September, but I already know a must have is a baby carrier of some sort! Having both hands free while getting snuggle time- win win!! 😀

  83. Well, since I’m soon-to-be mom, I’m not sure exactly what my newborn must-haves are quite yet! I do know that this list looks like it would be a perfect way to get started, though! I have already ordered a few things from Little Hip Squeaks, and I registered for the Puj tub! Thanks for the opportunity! Pick me! 🙂

    -I liked all 9 awesome companies on FB!
    -I tweeted about my favorite!!
    -And I Instagramed this blog post… Which I might regret! I don’t want anyone stealing the prize from me. 🙂

  84. Not sure we would survive around here without swaddling blankets! Must have for squirmy babies!!

    Bath time is BY FAR my favorite time with my new baby! I would love to try out the Puj Bath tub! Bathing her in the sink would be SO much better than hanging over the tub!
    I don’t have Facebook.. But I have twitter! So maybe I can get lucky! I love this giveaway!!

  85. As my first son is now 6 weeks old, my essential baby item is a big fuzzy pink robe his father gave me for our first Valentine’s Day. This is essential as my son was 10+ weeks early and still in the NICU. I use it to wrap both of us when we are doin our kangaroo care. I took it home for a day to wash it and didn’t know what to do!

  86. Couldn’t agree more!!! All of these products are great! I will definitely be looking into the baby food processor set! ‘Likin’ it every chance I get!!

  87. My newborn must haves: Aden & Anais bamboo swaddling blankets… Seriously have never felt a softer blanket. Obsessed with them. And also, my boppy. Nursing would be a nightmare without it!

  88. the ergo baby carrier is my absolutely fav!….I would ♥♥♥LOVE♥♥♥ to win this!…I’m due in June with a baby girl that could use all that good stuff!:)

  89. All the the wonderful items would be a blessing for my daughter and first time mom! I Especially love the Ergo baby carrier and what is being done to support the Every Mother Counts organization.

  90. I couldn’t do without Lavanila’s baby wash and lotion. The foam pump dispenser for the baby wash is unbeatable, it smells fantastic and is the only wash I’ve found that is gentle enough to not irritate my baby girl’s skin! Also, the Honest Co’s diaper subscription is wonderful. Love it!

  91. one must-have item that i couldn’t live without after having my first child was lansinoh breast pads. i never leaked while wearing them and i didn’t feel like it was obvious that i was. so happy i found them!

  92. This would be an incredible blessing for my brother and sister-in-law. They’re expecting their first baby in July. And winning this giveaway would make me the best aunt in the world! 😉 As for my favorite new baby/mama item-the Boppy. Anything that makes breast feeding easier is definitely a good gift! Blessings! -M

  93. i don’t think i’ve ever wanted to win a giveaway so badly!! these products seem amazing! i’m still super new to this mommy thing, but so far one of my favorite things is the cute cover my sil made for our carseat. not only does it protect my babe from weather elements, but also from strangers and germs.

  94. My must have newborn item was my stroller bassinet. My first was born at the end of April when the weather started to warm up. She loved being outside and it was so great as a new mom to get out and move and not be cooped up in the house. If she fell asleep in the bassinet we could just transport her into the house without disturbing her, it was a lifesaver.

  95. I’m going to be a mom for the first time next month, so I don’t necessarily have something I have tried myself and know that it is a must have, but I have heard that the aden and anais swaddle blankets are on top of the list. I even scored some at my baby shower! 🙂

  96. Must have for us? Cloth diapers. Prefolds & flats – we use them for diapering from the day baby comes home until potty training. And they double as burp cloths, overnight breast pads for those extremely leaky weeks at the begninning, blankies, and changing pads. And when our baby days are over they will still be great cleaning cloths. 🙂

  97. I am due with #2 in September and my must-have item for new moms is a pair of TOMS. Or any other super comfy, super easy shoe!

  98. Ohhh myyy… I am having my first so I’m not quite sure what to expect:) I have been doing a ton of research and have loved the honest company for awhile now. I am all about organic, healthy, and comfy….all of these companies are beautiful! I would put their products to great use:)

  99. I am an expectant first time mom, due in May, so no must-haves..yet!! However, so many of yours are already on my registries – i’d love to win and get a headsup on my supplies!

  100. my *must* have for a new baby is a set of aden and anais blankets! a bit pricey, but worth every bit! would love to win this bundle for my baby #2 coming in August!! thanks!