Mommy & Me at Xtend Barre

We had such a blast at a Mommy and Me class we hosted with Xtend Barre Provo a few weeks ago! We brought our boys in to do a class geared toward 1-4 year olds with Miss Allison and you couldn’t wipe the smiles from their faces all morning! We know lots of gyms offer these types of classes (there’s a whole heap of Zumba for kids videos on YouTube as well) and we totally recommend it as a way to stay active during the cold months. Happily, after our Mommy & Me class sold-out in only a day or so, Xtend has created a monthly Mommy & Me class and you can read up all about it here. Also, keep reading for an awesome Xtend discount for Small Fry readers!
fitness, kids, family, dance
The highlight for the moms was the dance-off circle, when each kid (and their moms too) could go to the center of the circle, bust some moves and get wild applause from the crowd. Is it just us, or are our kids dance moves always a little suprising? Like, where did you learn to Dougie?!
fitness, kids, family, dance
Ultimately it was so nice to connect with each of our big boys and spend some quality time one on one, to make them feel extra special, and sweat a little bit, too!
fitness, kids, family, dance

Huge thank you to Nicole, the owner of Xtend for having us, we had such a great time, and absolutely adore Xtend and all of its awesome teachers!

And now some info for you locals! Xtend is offering Small Fry readers an awesome discount for their 20 punch pass! It is regularly $275 but if you mention Small Fry you’ll get it for $200, which is 50% off the drop-in class price! Call (805) 657-9529, stop by at 4801 N University Avenue #401 in Provo, or go online to sign up!

fitness, kids, family, dance

To wrap up we need to thank a couple sponsors for making the class happen!

Albion Fitness for the awesome work out gear. Albion Fitness is opening a store at City Creek Center in Salt Lake City this March and we’re so excited for them! We’re wearing the Yoga Capris and Go Long Crews found here. Their material is wonderfully breathable, but strong and reliable in the sense that it sort of sucks you in everywhere. Perfect for those hard work outs, or traipsing grocery store aisles.

We also love all our funky footwear options  from Barre Socks! They are the sister company to Richer Poorer who makes the most incredible socks for men, we’re glad they decided to branch out so we could benefit, too! Since Barre is all about balance and movement, barre socks have little grippers all over the underside to help with that, definitely a must for anyone trying Barre out!

And of course Xtend Barre Provo for putting the whole class together and treating us to classes. If you’ve been following along on Instagram you know we’ve been loving their studio, and for those of you who have asked our thoughts on the class we wanted to share the results and benefits we’ve seen from doing barre after the jump!

Nicole: I’m about as far from a gym rat as they come. Exercise always seemed like a good idea, but I never found how I fit in that world. After three weeks at Xtend, I’m smitten.  I’m seeing the quickest change in my arms and legs. It almost panics me how quickly they are toning up. Watch out abs, here I come.

Jenna: Having done Crossfit for nearly a year, I found that my body was becoming a little bit too bulky for my ultimate body goals.  In a month of barre I can definitely feel it lengthening, strengthening, and toning my muscles in ways other exercise wasn’t doing.  My legs are leaner but yet maintain strength. I love feeling that this workout is specifically intended for the body of a woman!

Emily: It was the very first class when I knew I was hooked, and the fourth where I started seeing changes in my body. I ‘ve gone down a whole pant size since starting Xtend, my shoulders went from soft to chiseled, my legs have round hard muscles every where I look and my arms and abs are cut and strong. I went from a few push-ups to thirty, from wobbling all over the place to a strong and balanced core. I started out Xtend worried about a shoulder injury I have been dealing with for a couple years. Sharp pain in my rotator cuff made me wonder if I could really do Xtend. After a few weeks of taking it easy on certain moves, but continuing the strengthening exercises, that shoulder is on the mend! The low-impact, slow movement is gentle enough to do bra-less (if you’re into that) but zoned in so tightly that even moving one inch will make those muscles quiver.


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