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One of our stops on our tour of Calfornia was to a beautiful beach filled with tide pools in Huntington Beach. We had the pleasure of meeting Kristen of Rage Against the Mini Van and her beautiful family. As always Jenner of Lumineux Films captured that innate sense of curiosity that kids emit, their zest for life and their combustible energy. 

We knew we wanted to feature Kristen for many reasons, but the most pressing is that we feel the series she created for her blog, “What I Want You to Know” is such a game changer. One thing we remember feeling so strongly as kids is that we just wanted to be understood. And it’s funny, because as adults that desire hasn’t changed much.

We want our feelings validated. To know that someone sees, hears, and values us. To be acknowledged for our unique abilities and talents, while at the same time to feel like in a sea of strangers we are the same. Isn’t it so interesting that at the core, whether age four or forty, it doesn’t change?

Kristen features guest essays on huge spread of topics from the heavy: loss of a child, rape, adoption, divorce. To the topical: stepmothers aren’t evil, being a red head, calling off a wedding. Each entry is so different, but so informative, and reading each one has helped us develop a deeper sense of compassion and understanding. Basically, we highly reccommend it, read them all here.

More of Kristen:

Read her family adoption story here.

Follow her on Instagram and Twitter (@kristenhowerton), Pinterest, and Facebook.

15 thoughts on “Small Fry Films: Tide Pools”

  1. Everything about that video is gorgeous. What an amazing family momento. I enjoy following Kristen on Instagram. She’s real, honest and you can tell how much love there is in that family. And I’m super excited to check out more from Lumineaux. Simply stunning.

  2. i thought the most beautiful part was when the spunky dude in the vibrant yellow top reached round his brothers shoulders and onto his dads. it said it all. loved it! what a precious keepsake!

  3. This captures the Mark & Kristen and their family so perfectly. So beautifully done! Brought tears to my eyes.

  4. Beautiful! I spent four years in Huntington Beach and grew up near there. I miss it. Looks like this was filmed close to the border of Newport Beach? 🙂

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