kids, birthday, drive in, car, diy

drive-in birthday party

Birthday parties can quickly become a real money pit, so when we see awesome themes and activities that don’t break the bank we just have to share! Our friend Andi, of Idaho-based Andi Marshall Photography pulled off the most darling Drive-In party for less than $50! Here’s how she did it:
kids, birthday, drive in, car, diy

Upon each guests arrival, they each got a box with all of their car’s sticker decals and tickets for buying treats at the concession stand. You can buy the printable PDF file here. They spent time decorating their cars and exchanging tickets for movie theater style confections.

kids, birthday, drive in, car, diy

They had five tickets each to spend on a variety of delights like: lemonade, popcorn, licorice, smarties and animal crackers. And Bonus! Pretty much mess-free.
kids, birthday, drive in, car, diyGuest then took their filled snack boxes back to their cars and watched the show (a 20 minute episode of Curious George.) Then after the screening, Olive opened presents and they sang and ate cake and ice cream. At just about one and a half hours long, the party was just long enough for kids to enjoy themselves and short enough to avoid those party melt-downs.
kids, birthday, drive in, car, diy
Here’s Olive the birthday girl!
kids party, drive in, diy, food


While the party required some preparation time in advance for cutting out the cardboard for the cars and the sticker decals, Andi loved how simple and smooth the party went from start to finish. Doesn’t it look so sweet! We’re sure it was a huge hit.
Head here for Andi’s photography, and darling Instagram account (those darling kids!) @andimarshall
Photo credit: Cindy Worwood
Sticker Decals designed by Spencer Marshall of Marshall Brand Advertising + Design
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18 thoughts on “drive-in birthday party”

  1. What a great idea! We’ll have to give that a go!
    Would you mind sharing the font you used in the first picture (At the Drive In Birthday)?
    Keep up the amazing work! 🙂

  2. small fry birthday hat! i looooove that little sneak! andi is the ultimate… she’ll blow your mind with creativity AND cost effectiveness…. a skill i oughtta pick up on.

    not to mention her designer husband…. who makes all things possible.

  3. Oh my word. this is the most amazing birthday theme I have ever seen. EVER. I like that it was short and sweet. I am currently planning my son’s first birthday, and I just want something simple, short and sweet. Obviously he’s not old enough for this one though. Soon enough!!

  4. I love this and think it will be perfect for my son!!! Do you mind sharing if you used a certain type of box? Or do you have a tutorial for it???? Love it!!!

  5. Thank you for this idea! My son is turning 3 in December and it’s great for the winter season. Do you have any “blueprints” on the cars? I could certainly try to do each offhand but it would be super helpful to have a design to work from! The windshield part is my biggest burden i think! Thanks in Advance!

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