diy, knee patches, leggings, kids

easy patched leggings

We are huge fans of the inexpensive leggings at Target, Wal-Mart and the like, but the downside is that so is everyone else! If you want to make your little one’s leggings a little bit more special we’ve got a few upgrade ideas for you!
diy, knee patches, leggings, kids
We scooped up the Circo brand styles at Target and dug around in our fabric scrap pile for coordinating fabrics. With a little fabric glue, you’re good to go!diy, knee patches, leggings, kids
We cut out the scraps in circles and triangles and spread an even coat of glue over the patch. (If you have iron on fabric on hand that would be equally awesome!)
diy, knee patches, leggings, kids diy, knee patches, leggings, kids

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18 thoughts on “easy patched leggings”

  1. great idea!! i bought those target triangle leggings 2 weeks ago, and then saw like 3 other babies wearing them in the past week! i’m definitely going to try this out! thanks!

  2. so adorable. and practical right now, we’re trying to teach atty all the different shapes! this might make it stick in his mind a bit more. thanks for sharing. xoxo

  3. The black with striped patches are so cute and now you’ve got me wanting to shop for leggings for my son at Target. I never really thought to just buy them in the girls dept. for him, lol.

  4. Awesome! I’m going today to get some pants …. How do they was with the fabric glue? Should I hand wash & air dry?

  5. Omg I was about to throw my girls 20 to 30 pairs leggings away but with this tips I’m going to start fixing them instead with glue so much easier …. thanks for the tips

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