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unplugged week: baby herb garden

Welcome to Unplugged Week! We are taking on the challenge of turning off the TV and video games for one week, and we are so excited so many of you are joining us! There are also many of you who have done this full-time for months and even years and we applaud you. This week we’ll be sharing our plans for getting through it when going outside isn’t an option (believe us, we’ll be outside as much as possible!) with our hair and sanity in tact. We can’t wait to hear what you’re doing while you’re Unplugged, too! If you’re playing along use the #unplugged tag.


Since planting and gardening season isn’t usually until May, we wanted to find a way to bring the outdoors in for those days when the weather isn’t accommodating for outside play. Luckily, an indoor herb garden can be planted year round! A tiny herb garden is such a fun activity that offers so many opportunities to teach about nature, responsibility in taking care of these plants, and cooking with herbs, too! We also let our boys paint their very own herb pots using our customary geometric taping technique.

herbs, kids, projects, garden, diyBefore planting, we suited the boys up in these awesome personalized art smocks by Stuck on You! (They’re giving five $30 credits away head here to enter!) These were perfect for playing in the dirt and painting their pots! We used inexpensive pots from Ikea, taped of with painter’s tape and let them pick which colors they wanted for each section.herbs, kids, projects, garden, diy

Once the pots were dry, we removed the paint and got to planting!

herbs, kids, projects, garden, diy

Using potting soil to fill the pots, we had the boys carefully place the roots into the pot. We found these rooted herbs at our local grocery store, but we’ve been told by nurseries that they’ll be caring rooted herbs and Spring-time plants any day now!

herbs, kids, projects, garden, diy

They were so cute and focused for this whole project, and each morning they ask if it’s time to water the herbs.

stuck on you

A huge thank you to Stuck on You for helping us make this project happen. They are the kings of personalized gear for kids and we’re loving their lunchboxespersonalized wooden name puzzles, darling striped beach towelswater bottles and genius child info slap bracelets (perfect for field trips, or trips to the zoo!)  You can also follow Stuck on You on Facebook and Twitter for extra deals and news!



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