unplugged: coloring pages

We are big fans of Melina Smyres, designer, farmer, and full-time Unplugger! We’ve loved seeing what everyone is up to on Instagram while they’re unplugged, and art seems to be the activity of choice, so we’re glad to share Melina’s site Color With Mimi with you! Melina designed these printable coloring pages for us just in time for Spring, and what better to represent Spring then chicks! She has a whole site full of cool printables to color and frame. Yep, they’re that cool!


Melina has a special place in her heart for chicks, when they first brought them into the farm she told her kids that the chicks were their reality TV. Don’t you love that?

Thanks, Melina!

3 thoughts on “unplugged: coloring pages”

  1. Love this! Is it just my computer – or are others having trouble downloading the 2nd page (with the just one chic) too?

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