hoping to adopt: the Bennett family

Our daughter’s name is Sam and she went to heaven when she was just 9 months and 6 days old.

adoptionweekI find it hard to even begin telling our story that has lead us up to adoption. We are Laura and Zach Bennett from Lincoln Nebraska. My husband is a 3rd grade teacher and I am also a teacher in a pediatric rehabilitation hospital where I work with children who have sustained some sort of injury in relation to head trauma and or spinal cord injuries. Lots of sad cases that I deal with daily, but I can’t think of a better job. We also run a small business out of our house “Little White House with the Pink Ribbons” named after our daughter.
We are parents to one of the most stunning and bravest individuals that we will ever meet. Her name is Sam and she went to heaven when she was just 9 months and 6 days old. She had big brown eyes and olive colored skin and a smile that would melt anyone’s heart. It’s hard to sum up the amazing but difficult life that she lead but I will give it a shot….
Sam was born perfectly healthy on September 23, 2009. We were beaming with joy when we finally became parents. Our first several weeks with her were full of snuggles, sleepless nights and lots of diapers. When Sam was 7 weeks old her body seemed week as her arms would dangle when we picked her up. After a series of about 50 blood draws into our babies body she was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy…. a fatal disease. Rather than becoming stronger, her body grew weaker and weaker. She was missing a gene that ran through her spinal cord to tell her muscles to work. Rather then putting Sam on life saving machines to keep her alive, it was an easy decision for Zach and I to agree to give Sam the best life we could with the short amount of time that we had with her… so we did! We both took extended leaves from work to spend ever last minute we could with our dying daughter. Our prayers were answered when Sam passed away just how we would have liked her to, at home with her in our arms telling her how proud we were of her and just how much love she filled our lives with never ending love. Under the extreme amounts of morphine that we gave to her, I feel that she was comforted enough to understand every word we spoke to her. Since her passing we have raised thousands and thousands of dollars to help needly families out. Our way of keeping Sam’s memory alive.
We had no idea that both Zach and I carry the gene that gave Sam her disease. If we were to have another child on our own they would also most likely die from the same disease; this is why we are choosing to adopt. We would do anything in the world to be able to see our daughter’s eyes through a brother or sister but we feel adoption is the most responsible route to take.
We have been on the adoption waiting list for nearly 2 years and due to the decrease in adoption placements we aren’t having any luck. We continue to wait and hope someday when our phone rings it’s for a placement. We know our lives and hearts would be filled to the brim with joy to bring a child back into our home.
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8 thoughts on “hoping to adopt: the Bennett family”

  1. I almost bawled after reading the part about their daughter Sam. I can only imagine… May this family be gifted with a child who will forever fill their lives with so much joy.

  2. What a lucky gal Sam was to be apart of your family and have such loving parents that allowed her to fully live for her beautiful 9 months of life. I hope you find your miracle soon as you are so deserving.

  3. As a birth mother of an amazing nine year old and now a mother of two amazing kiddos, I can only cry with you for your loss. Then pray that the right birth mother finds you, because you are a special couple. I loved reading your story and more on your blog. Thank you for sharing yourself.

  4. I got chills reading about sweet Sam’s story. My cousin’s 2 year old daughter Ella is living with SMA type 2 and was diagnosed at 8 months old. Ella operates a 300 pound electric wheelchair with the biggest smile and giggles as her two older siblings run beside her. What courage you both had to endure such a loss. I pray the perfect birth mother finds your family soon!

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