an adoption story: the ellsworth family

She had just given me her baby. I cannot even imagine how hard it was for her to sign her name on those documents. Angels had to have been in that room to assist her.

adoptionweekMy husband and I were waiting in a corner room in a hospital waiting to see our son for the first time.  All the paper work had been signed.  We stood up silently when a girl with braids walked in.  Her eyes were swollen and her nose was red.  It was evident she had been crying. She was holding the most beautiful baby I had ever seen.  I walked over to her and hugged her. I loved her.  My hands were literally shaking when she offered me to take the baby from her arms.  I sat there for a minute to admire our new son, when I looked up our birth mother was already gone.  My heart hurt for her.  She walked away empty-handed and with more tears to shed. She had just given me her baby.  I cannot even imagine how hard it was for her to sign her name on those documents. Angels had to have been in that room to assist her. They had to have been! There is no other way other than divine intervention.

We tried for years to start our family.  We charged over $50,000 on our credit cards on IVF in hopes for a baby. All negatives. All heartache. We never gave up hope until our doctor told us to stop. We were crushed. We took some time off from “trying”.  During our “time-off” the stars were aligning in a new direction. I know that God guided us to start thinking about adoption when He did. It was perfect timing. When we were signing the last of the papers for our adoption profile simultaneously, our birth mother had gotten pregnant. Is that coincidence?

ELLSWORTH 2012-98 Adoption is a huge blessing. I now have a family with a unique story. Miles was meant to come to our family through adoption! We needed each other to progress in this life. It was worth all the sadness and heartache.  We are now ready to adopt again. We have been praying for our next birth mother to find us. We are praying that the stars are aligning now and pray that angels will assist her too.

Love, Erin

To read more about the Ellsworth family, head their blog.


  1. Katie:
    on April 19, 2013 at 8:16 am said:

    Erin! I am so glad to see your story told her. What a miracle! So happy for you! -Katie (porter) Olson

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