hoping to adopt: the Litchfield family

The Litchfield family waits anxiously to bring home three orphaned children in the Congo.

adoptionweekWe are so thankful and feel so blessed to be traveling down this road of adoption. I have always had a heart for the orphaned but somehow never considered adoption to be something for our family. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to adopt but the thought truly never crossed my mind.
One night, about two years ago, I began to get a glimpse of what God had in store for us. Our biological daughter was three years old at the time and we wanted her to have a sibling, but with a history of stressful pregnancies I was so worried and anxious about the thought of having another child.  As I laid in bed, tossing and turning, worrying and praying I heard God speak to my heart. “Why not adopt?” I sat up. The thought was so loud and so clear it was as if someone had spoken the words out loud in my bedroom.
That night was the first step in this amazing journey. God planted a seed in my heart that I could not ignore. It took almost year to really process the thought, to make the commitment and to begin to develop the trust that was needed to take that leap of faith into the adoption world. I am learning that until we step out in faith to follow God’s plan, we can never dream up what He has in store for us.
In November of 2012, eight months after applying to our adoption agency, we met our caseworker at a coffee shop in Atlanta, armed with a clothing donation for the orphanage. In February we finally received a referral for a little four year old boy and in his picture he was wearing a shirt that was included in my best friend’s donation from last Fall! This shirt had made it to an orphanage in DR Congo, Africa, and onto our little boy – the day that his picture was taken for us! We felt God leading us to him.
Earlier in March we learned more about our little boy. We learned that he is the oldest of three children. He will be five years old in May and he has three year old twin siblings. We received pictures of the twins and the littlest boy is also wearing a shirt that my friend recognized as her son’s former shirt. “Trust Me,” we felt God saying.
We’re reminded that this whole adoption idea was His in the first place. We are here because of our willingness to trust. Maybe we have been placed right where we are to fight for these kids who cannot fight for themselves. They sit together at an orphanage with no voice. We are their voice and we will trust.
Last week after learning about the twins, but having not shared this with our daughter, I asked her if she was getting excited about her brother. She replied, “Yes mommy, but I REALLY wanted a sister.” She continued, “You know what would be perfect? If Jesus gave me two brothers and a sister. That way we would have two girls and two boys!”
The twins, in fact, are a little boy and a little girl. Sweet Emmaline, it looks like God is answering your prayers. We plan to do everything we can to bring all three of these sweet children home, together!
 We are humbled and so excited to be on this journey. We will continue to trust God as our story unfolds. We hope you will pray for our children as we anxiously wait to bring them home. You can follow our story and learn more on my blog, “To Africa and Back,” at www.caralitchfield.blogspot.com and be a part of this adventure with us!


  1. on April 18, 2013 at 8:48 pm said:

    This just gives me goosebumps! As a former adoption social worker I am so excited for your family!!!

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