hoping to adopt: the marsh family

adoptionweekbemarshMy freshman year of college, I made instant friends with a
girl named Hannah. After learning we both had cute older brothers
around the same age, we decided in one way or another we would be
sisters. Hannah was still set on playing matchmaker when her brother,
Brad returned from Brazil the summer of 2009. Once Brad came up to
school in the fall, his sister tactfully invited me over for a
Halloween party. And that is when I met Brad.
A week later we had our first date. As fate would have it, we were
engaged the following April and married on July 30th, 2010. Some would
say the rest is history; but we are still writing ours.
I have always dreamed of being a mother. In fact, I was ready for
children as soon as I said “I do.” But we decided to spend our first
year of marriage establishing and solidifying our family of two. A
year after that we were still a family of two. After meeting with some
fertility specialists we learned that we cannot have children on our
own. It broke our hearts, but our little family of two is strong and
full of love. And we want to share that love.
We currently reside in Alpine, Utah in a family neighborhood full of
kids–a childhood dream really. I enjoy crafting, reading, hosting
parties, and teaching. Brad enjoys everything sports and ESPN, being
active, baking, and being my “Mr. Fix-It.” Together we enjoy playing
tennis, and taking full advantage of the beautiful park across the
street (all that’s missing is a little babe to take there). We love
being with family and friends for any and every occasion; but also
cherish the little moments to cuddle on the couch, go on walks, and
watch movies together. I guess you could say we kind of like each
Where do we want to be? I want to be curling little girls hair and
cuddling chubby boys. Brad wants to be his daughter’s first love and
teach his son to throw a ball. We want to be parents. Although we know
our path requires a lot of patience, the hope that we can have a
family through adoption brings us so much comfort and joy.


Read more about the marsh family on their blog.

5 thoughts on “hoping to adopt: the marsh family”

  1. What a cute post Emily! You and Brad have been such great examples to me…what wonderful,fun,happy people you both are!! Love you guys

  2. I love this and I definitely teared up. This is so beautiful and sincerely spoken from your heart Em. Love it and love the future parents you will be.

  3. I know these two and there is not a more deserving couple. Truly, they are so ready to be the parents and will be the best. Prayers for you two!

  4. I am so grateful for these small fry chicks. (Went to hs with them.) It’s a great work they’re doing, and I’m grateful my awesome cousins are on here sharing such an awesome story. Love u brad and emily.

  5. I am so lucky to have these two as my brother and sister and can’t wait for them to be parents! There is no couple more deserving and full of love to give. I love you two and so proud of you so far in this journey!

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