an adoption story: the Twitty family

I wanted to be a Mommy more than anything in this world. Why wasn’t something so good happening for me? Why couldn’t I carry a child, what was my purpose? Was I not good enough?

When you were born, Daddy and I weren’t there with you. When you were born, Daddy and I didn’t even know you were here on earth. When you were learning to sleep through the night, we were peacefully sleeping in our own beds getting a good solid uninterrupted eight hours in. When you were learning to laugh we didn’t hear it for the first time. When you turned six months both our worlds changed. Overnight.


You see you got to spend the first 6 months of your life with your birth mom. She got to experience all those sweet moments (minus the not sleeping part) with you. We are so happy that she got to have that time with you. Understandably many adoptions happen right after birth but for reasons bigger than us, both your birth mom and we needed that time to prepare for you. We have told you how many prayers were held on your behalf, we have shared the sweet stories of how your cousin at the age of four expressed without fear and with his little faith that he knew you were here and wondered where you were! Little did we know that you were having your time with your birth mommy.

You see mom and dad’s heart’s were very sensitive at this point. We unfortunately had a few adoptions fall through last minute. Our hearts were broken, really. And sadly it started to shake mommy and daddy’s relationship. We knew we had to turn our hearts to God and if he wanted us to be a family, it was going to be His will and His timing. Looking back we now know why. Those precious babies weren’t meant for our family. You were! So when a family friend told us that there was a beautiful 6 month old baby girl who needed a family, our hearts skipped a beat. We both still remember seeing the picture of you coming across on our phone and in that moment life paused. Without saying a word to each other we knew our life had just changed forever. The next 24 hours waiting to meet you were the longest of my life. Driving to meet you felt like we were driving for days. When we met you the family you were staying with was beyond sweet and comforting. They suggested we take you for a drive and have some alone time with you. We ended up at a park, typical for Dad and I. We love going to the park almost daily during the summer. You were a little shy at first, which you still are today around strangers, and soon you were laughing and giggling rolling all around on this perfect summer night. You had our hearts. Your big brown eyes were looking through mine, and it was like you were saying “Mommy and Daddy, you found me!” We were a family. We have since gone back to this park, usually on your “Gotcha Day” to spend time together as a family and share that special day to make it a great memory.

Driving home you cried and I tried comforting as mommy’s do. I had no idea what I was doing, but I tried. Finally you fell asleep. Calling family members saying there was a new addition to the family, calling friends to say that their prayers were appreciated over the past seven years and had finally been answered, and calling bosses saying I wouldn’t be to work in the morning (or ever!) because I was now a mommy. Those were the happiest phone calls we will ever make.

The next few days and into weeks you had visitors daily coming to meet you. And as always the first thing they always said was “Oh she is even prettier in person.” People were shocked when we had seen them two days before with no baby and then seeing us cart you around in a carseat was a shock to them. Oh and we called you “Babes” for the first three days. We couldn’t find the perfect name for you that fit. We had a list of our favorites before but none of them fit you our your personality. When we wrote Olivia on our list that was it! You are an Olivia.


It’s been 4 1/2 years since that day and still my heart begins to melt when I think back to that day and those moments. Was it all worth it? Absolutely! Was it crazy? You know it. Were Mom and Dad happy? The happiest! You came into our lives at the right moment and the right time. You are our daughter. Teaching us the importance of family and the the promises we made. You remind us daily how to be better, the responsibility we have to raise you to your fullest potential. You are one amazing little girl. A tough cookie and a tender heart. Girl Emotions off the wall, contagious laughter, and curls that everyone is envious of. We love you sweetheart more and more with each new day. You are anxiously awaiting the arrival of another sibling. Trust us when we say Mom and Dad are as well.

Adoption is a leap of faith. Adoption is a spiritual experience that is hard to explain to anyone who hasn’t gone through it. There are so many unknowns. Will this child love us? Will this baby hold my heart as if I were to carry it myself? Will this precious child question why they were placed for adoption? And the truth is, a lot of these questions we are figuring out as we go along…I think they call that parenthood! One thing is for sure that when we first met you, we felt complete peace as chaotic and surreal as it was we knew everything was going to work out.

God knew that our hearts couldn’t handle a drawn out process at that point. I vividly remember pleading with Him that I wanted to be a Mommy more than anything in this world. And why wasn’t something so good happening? Why couldn’t I carry a child, what I was meant to do here on earth? Were Daddy and I not good enough? Daddy was so sad to see Mommy’s heartbroken. Daddy’s heart was lost, he longed to be a father. I remember bawling on the side of the road while out for a walk, telling God that I don’t know how long I could carry on with this trial. Thankfully, we have siblings who have adopted as well, that they could relate with our pain. Knowing now how things worked out, it taught us a lot about patience. It taught us to never judge others and their situations. It is still to to this day a good reminder that many are dealing with the pain of not being able to carry their own children. Even though we have adopted and have a child we still are sensitive to those who pray for a child. I never want to forget the lessons we have learned. And the truth is I still don’t know why I am not able to carry a child, why us? I often cry and long for that experience. We can’t wait to bring you a sibling, no matter what journey it takes us on.

I love you Olivia,

Mommy, aka Amy Twitty.


  1. mara:
    on April 19, 2013 at 8:26 am said:

    you are absolutely killing me with all these adoption stories. i am about 14.5 weeks pregnant right now, and anything/everything baby just screams at me emotionally. i am beyond grateful that i am able to be pregnant, but i have always had a place in my heart for adoption too. i feel like it will be in my future. thank you for all of these sweet stories and thanks to all the sweet families for sharing them.

  2. Angela:
    on April 19, 2013 at 9:59 am said:

    I cry everyday in happiness for this family and wonderful people they are and what wonderful parents they are and I wish I could have had a mom and dad just like Olivia but I got two wonderful grandparents to lead me on the journey of life and love is more then words and felling can be

  3. on April 19, 2013 at 12:08 pm said:

    What a touching story. Thank you for sharing! How great is God and His timing.

  4. on April 19, 2013 at 7:16 pm said:

    What a sweet story.

  5. on April 20, 2013 at 5:04 pm said:

    Such a beautiful story. I can relate to many of these emotions. Your gorgeous Olivia looks like she could be our sweet Oliver’s sister! Thank you for sharing your story.

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