hoping to adopt: dana and amy


Dana is the oldest child out of five, and he’s the calm, stoic type. He’s very responsible and works hard, but also loves to play too. He is a huge fan of all sports but his greatest love is basketball, playing and watching it every chance he gets, especially if the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers are on. He is very proud of his single digit golf handicap. He is kind and gentle-hearted, and is extremely loyal, particularly to his family.

Amy is an only child, but she’s thrilled with the big family she inherited when she married Dana. She has a bachelor’s degree in English and loves to read, cook, and garden with her dad. Recently she started running 5K road races, mostly for the awesome t-shirts. She is earnest, happy and enthusiastic, and a great friend, not to mention patient, especially when it comes to Dana’s basketball and golf obsessions.

Read more about Dana & Amy here.

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