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adoptionweekIt all started over 7 years ago.  A girl was sitting in the living room of an apartment in a little college town waiting for the brother-in-law of her best friend to show up for a blind date.  Finally – almost 45 minutes late – he walked through the door, looked at the girl and never looked away.

Hey there!  Was that sappy enough for you? 🙂

We’re Missy and Brad.  We were married 5 months to the day after that first blind date and we’ve been having a blast ever since.  We’ve lived from coast to coast. Literally – San Francisco when we were first married to Boston currently, and a few other places in between. We enjoyed the adventures but it feels nice to be settled.

We had always wanted a large family and talked about it even before we were married.  We talked about how many children to have, how to raise them, what things to teach them and what they would look like.  We even talked about adoption and how we would both also like to add to our family through that process.
A month after our two year anniversary we welcomed our daughter, little Abigail Kay, into our family.  It was one of the happiest days of our lives. It was amazing to us how a heart that was already so full could stretch so much more to hold the love you have so such a tiny little person.  A year later we felt that our hearts could grow even a little bit more.
No one plans on infertility and we were no exception.  We had no problem getting our little Abi and we were counting on that ease again.  But God had other plans for us.  After multiple miscarriages in quick succession and a diagnosis of “unexplained recurrent pregnancy loss,” we realized that it would be through the blessing of adoption that our little family would grow.
 Harding Family1
So, for the last three years we’ve been on the roller coaster of emotions that is the adoption process.  From the anxiety and hope of putting ourselves out there for birth mothers to see and then waiting, to the elation of a call from our case worker letting us know a little girl would be joining your family in just a few months, to the heartbreak of hearing, just hours before that little girl’s birth, that the mother had made the very difficult decision to parent on her own.
After the heartbreak of flying home to Boston from Las Vegas empty handed we took a few months to regroup and focus on the three of us for a while.  Now we’re ready and keen to get back in the swing of things.  Abi especially is excited to get a “little swibling” in our house.
We would feel so honored if you would  help us spread the word & keep us in mind if you hear of anything.  You can view our adoption profile HERE, our blog HERE or take a peek at our life through instagram @missyharding
-Missy, Brad & Abi Harding


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