What hope you had a nice Earth Day yesterday! One of the most important charges we feel as parents is to instill a sense of wonder, curiosity, and respect for nature. Children are so observant innately, so this concept is not hard to teach, if anything  it’s a great reminder for ourselves! To help them point out the beautiful, interesting, and even at times “yucky!” things in their surroundings, we sent them off with Twig Creative’s darling wood cameras. Virtually indestructible, they felt pretty cool getting to tote around their own camera. We just followed a few steps behind so we could capture what caught their eye.

nature, hike, twig, wooden toys, kids, outdoors

This gorgeous zebra wood camera is an instant heirloom.

nature, hike, twig, wooden toys, kids, outdoors

Seeing things that should not be in nature helped spark an easy conversation about littering, and keeping the Earth clean.

nature, hike, twig, wooden toys, kids, outdoors nature, hike, twig, wooden toys, kids, outdoors

We love Lola’s awesome Geggamoja beanie and faux moto jacket by Little Giraffe.

nature, hike, twig, wooden toys, kids, outdoors

Snack break!

nature, hike, twig, wooden toys, kids, outdoors

Cal in a Pocket on My Tee and Quincey in Lately Lily.

nature, hike, twig, wooden toys, kids, outdoors

Thanks to Twig for helping us inspire the inner photographer in our little ones, and for Little Duck Organics for feeding them after a strenuous tenth of a mile nature walk. They loved the dried fruit packs, and at 3 grams of sugar, we loved them too!


  • Hello Sisilia
    April 23, 2013 at 10:24 am

    I love these toy cameras. So cute! These photos are pretty darn adorable too. I have an old lomo that I gave my little 2yr old to photograph and it’s quiet amusing to see what he sees.

  • Stephanie Perkins
    April 23, 2013 at 1:07 pm

    The kid at heart and photographer in me totally wants to snag this “faux” cam!

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