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Would you believe us if we said we actually have a few male readers? It’s true, (hi dads!) we’ve even heard from a couple of them and they could not be sweeter. One specifically asked us to touch on what fun things he could do with his kids after a long day of work. I think so many parents can relate to that desire and want to create wonderful memories together, but being so exhausted it stops us sometimes. Yes we’d love to build a rocket together, but by the time you get all the supplies it’s dark outside and it’s a school night, and all the sudden those great ideas don’t seem feasible.

All of these feelings pushed us to try Cooper & Kid. Their mission is to help dads, uncles, and grandparents leave a legacy with their children. To be an honorable example in the lives of those around them. Cooper & Kid knows what we know, and that is the only way to leave that kind of impression is to put in the hours together, rubbing shoulders. They send you all the supplies you need for activities to do together, this kit we got had the “fly with me” theme: rockets catapults, parachutes, floating lanterns and more, and it’s all delivered to your door.
For those looking to create those fun and teachable memories each week, a kit would easily carry you through a whole month of fun, and we had Dane and Dash give it a go last weekend.

Dane works long hours, so Saturdays are their family day to really make it count. Dane said he loved being able to spend quality time with Dash while showing him how to work with his hands, teaching him and answering all Dash’s questions like “how did it do that?!” Dane especially loved seeing Dash’s face light up when things like a pile of wood actually turned into a catapult.

We loved hearing Dane recount their day together, and it was such a great reminder at how lucky we really all are to be able to be our kids’ number one teachers. To show them amazing things and answer all their crazy questions. To watch the wheels turn in their heads and see their pride at something they built.

Do you have any awesome at-home projects like these you’ve done as a family? After seeing what a hit this Cooper & Kid box was, we are inspired to make every weekend count!

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