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We’re so excited to be Guest Editors over at the flash deal site Brickyard Buffalo this week! We’ve been working hand in hand curating an awesome week of sales featuring our favorite brands and goods. Here’s a taste at what you can snag and save with our friends over at Brickyard Buffalo this week:
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1. Polarn O. Pyret Rainboot $35 – BB deal $28!

2. Goose Grease Undone DIY family kit $27 – BB deal $18!

3. Bla Bla Cloth Dolls $34 – BB deal $23.99!

4. Walls by Mur Small Fry Dots $35 – BB deal $24.50!

5. Goat Milk Pant $50 – BB deal $35!

6. “Love You” night light $24 – BB deal $19!

7. Goat Milk sleeveless onesie $32 – BB deal $26.50!

8. The Wet Brush $14 – BB deal $8!

9. Urban Nester dinner plate $16 – BB deal $12.50!

10. Goods by Grinn pillow $34 – BB deal $22!

11. Munkstown t-shirts $28 – BB deal $19.60

12. Mason and the Tambourine leggings $28 – BB deal $21!

We will be sharing how we use all these awesome items on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds all this week,  we hope you’ll follow along!

5 thoughts on “brickyard buffalo guest editors!”

  1. Hey, I’m sure you already know, but the links aren’t working. Well, I should say that the site isn’t working. Happy Monday!

  2. hi there – so i came to bijou market last month and i got home and don’t have my binky strap holder 🙁 do you remember someone leaving it – i bought it from the booth in the very back left corner that also had cute arrow and cross shirts by the bathroom hallway area. i know its been awhile but i just had my baby so i haven’t been going through my stuff until just recently and saw that it wasn’t in my bag 🙂 if you remember that happening that would be great. if not then i at least appreciate a response. thanks so much

    1. So sorry! Was it a binky holder by Elm Avenue? We can get you in touch with her, she may have an extra. We had a box of go-backs at the end of the event so I’m not sure if it was in there or not, but Elm Avenue might remember!

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