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winter to summer

It always startles us how fast it can go from chilly to hot where we live. The small golden period of “just right” is usually only a few weeks, and then we’re looking at triple digit days! If you’re like us and looking for ways to stretch out your cold weather wardrobes, we’ve got two easy no-sew ideas today.
no sew, fashion, diy, tutorial, refashion
First take those long sleeve sweaters and tees and turn them into the perfect Summer Tee. Cut the sleeve off at about 3/4th of the way down, roll twice and you’re done!
no sew, fashion, diy, tutorial, refashion

With crazy growth spurts, we usually find that the boys jeans are getting a little too short in the length even though they just fine in the waist! No need to get rid of them, simply turn them into some cut-off shorts! Tip: for the single fold cut-off, mark the knee caps of the jeans while your kiddo is wearing them for the most precise cut. If you just want a standard frayed cut-off, make your mark just above the knee before cutting.
no sew, fashion, diy, tutorial, refashion
Do you guys have any great tips for extending winter wardrobes, we’d love to hear!

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12 thoughts on “winter to summer”

  1. I love the stripes! I wish we had that sweatshirt! Think a dark gray with a little skull face on it would be cute cut? I have a little target sweatshirt that I think I may try!

  2. the cut-offs is such a great idea, especially since my little girl has all but ruined the knees of her pants this spring!

    i might make her some bike shorts from old leggings to put under her skirts as well!

  3. This is a GREAT idea!!! I love it so much! Too bad my oldest despises wearing anything jean material. I hope she grows out of that soon because it drives me bonkers! I love jeans!! What the….

  4. My toddler runs hot, so we rarely use all the hand-me-down sweatshirts we receive. Now I know what to do with them! Great post.

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