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This post is brought to you by Lazoo.

We are such big fans of Lazoo, a site devoted to self-expression, fostering the creative process and empowering the imagination in children. What started as a site to house their award winning coloring books has now launched into an extensive library of crafts to do together!

Their newly launched Lazooniverse shares a new craft and project every single day! With Musical Mondays, Puzzling Tuesdays, Green Wednesdays, Foodie Thursdays, Friday Galleries, Seasonal Saturdays and Stationery Sundays there is no reason to ever hear the “I’m bored!” complaint this Summer.

One thing we love about Lazoo is that so many of the crafts can be done just with items around the house. No special trips needed. This Ocean Sounds stick is one of those crafts, and the boys were simply fascinated by the whole process.

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Supplies needed:

  • Two empty paper towel cardboard rolls.
  • A bag of un-popped popcorn, rice, or beans.
  • Two 4-inch diameter circles of parchment paper.
  • Heavy duty tape (we used 3M colored Duct Tape)

First, start by cutting a 1/2 inch slit into one of the paper towel rolls. Insert the second roll into the first and tape in place.

On one end of the now combined rolls, cover it with a piece of the parchment paper and tape in place.

Now, empty the bag of corn, beans or rice into the tubes, and cover the open end with parchment paper, taping it all in place.


To make it extra sturdy, we covered the tube in duct tape, and now you’re ready to let it rain. We’re excited to have Lazoo as a craft resource, and our boys have already picked out their next projects! A rocket, an egg crate critter,


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