memorial day

Photography by the amazing Ashley Thalman.

“On Memorial Day, I don’t want to only remember the combatants. There were also those who came out of the trenches as writers and poets who started preaching peace, men and women who have made this place a kinder place to live.” –Eric Burdon
We love this quote especially today on Memorial Day. We have grandparents, cousins, and friends who serve bravely everyday, and then return home and spread kindness to others. They are inspirations to us and we are so grateful for their service!

Ashley Thalman Photography

 We met a mother who moved to America in her late teens and she told us that where she came from, life was so stressful and unsettled due to war. She said she had never heard a joke, or seen a silly prank, or even heard sarcasm. The people of her town, even the children, had become hardened and serious with so much destruction and sadness in their lives. We know how lucky we are to live in this wonderful country, in this peaceful city. It is because of those brave men and women we can live light-heartedly. The mere ability to tell a joke and be silly is a luxury for some, us included. To those men and women who sacrifice their lives, their time, and their safety to protect our families and our freedoms, our thoughts are with you today!
Ashley Thalman Photography


We called upon the unbeatable Ashley Thalman to get some, to quote ourselves, “Really professional head shots” for an upcoming feature, we are so grateful Ashley knew better and brought out such a fun photoshoot for us. We had such a blast and after working with her on other projects several times, it solidified our obsession. She is such a rare combination of talent, quiet observation, patience, and a love of the beauty in humanity. She captures moments, and feelings like no one we’ve seen, and we couldn’t recommend her more. See more of her work here and awesome instagram feed @ashleythalmanphoto.

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  • Amy Scarborough
    May 27, 2013 at 9:53 am

    beautiful words, gorgeous ladies!! Happy Memorial Day!


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