Fryday: Jenna

My husband travels a lot for work, so I spend weeks at a time parenting alone. I’ve acquired such a respect and compassion for women who do it on a full-time basis! My youngest Jude got really sick while my Andrew was gone this last stretch. In and out of a high fever, lethargic and super fussy. I find it’s in those moments when I feel like I might  pull my hair out dealing with a sick child with no break, that I’m given so much more strength! Some kind of primal Mommy-ness kicks in and I’m better then ever, handling the situation and doing my best to make Jude feel better. Then Andrew comes home, the tiredness hits me and I seriously can’t form a sentence if I tried. It’s funny how our bodies and mind will adapt until the last moment, and then sort of force us to take it easy.


Despite any inner strength, I still lose my patience more than I would like to. What’s so great about kids though is that they give you so many moments to start over. To be forgiven and the moment forgotten. When your patience is shot, theirs isn’t, they always allow you to begin fresh. My kids forgive me long before I forgive myself. Even the hardest of weeks are still full of moments of magic playing on the floor with toys or hop scotch in the rain. So this week I’ve thought a lot about how I might cut myself a bit more slack, the way my boys do. To forgive myself more quickly, and love myself more unconditionally, the way my children afford it to me. How I might bless those around me (but mostly myself, honestly) with the gift of starting over, beginning fresh with just lots of love and joy. What better day to start new then this one?

— Jenna


6th Street Series

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  • Hailey Devine
    May 31, 2013 at 11:35 am

    You are an inspiration, Jenna! I don’t know how you do it all 🙂


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