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Next up: Palm Beach, Florida! One of the Easternmost cities in Florida, right up on the coast, and home to Andrea of Oh Dear Drea! We’re so happy to have Drea here today, we’re big fans of her blog and we’ll her tell you all about it!


I’m Drea. I reside in South Florida with my tiny, but wonderful family, where we live as simply, naturally, and as happily as possible. I’ve got a big love for simple pleasures, food, cooking, healthy lifestyles, veganism, and all things creative and aesthetically pleasing. I started ohdeardrea as a soon-to-be single mother and spent the first two years of Marlowe’s life, mostly raising her on my own. My life has changed a lot in that time, and through all the ups and downs, I can only look back and say: I don’t regret a thing. While my story isn’t perfect, it is my own, and it is real and honest. I hope you enjoy your time while you take a peek into our little lives with big hopes and dreams.
Small Fry | Tiny Tourist | Palm Beach

First up! The Palm Beach Zoo! Formally known as Dreher Park Zoo. This zoo is much smaller than the Miami Zoo, but it’s incredibly well designed and well shaded. It’s a non-profit, open, outdoors, and there’s a splash pad for kids on the extra hot days. There’s not a lot of big animals at this zoo, but there are birds EVERYWHERE and they’ll happily eat the food right out of your hands.
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Fruit and Spice Park: Or really any of the farms down in Homestead, Florida. Fruit and Spice is open year round, so find out when your favorite Florida growing season is and come visit! (We are particularly fond of May and June: mango season!) Go, bring a knife, and you’re allowed to eat any of the fruit, as long as it’s fallen from the tree. Spend all day eating mango after mango after mango, if you’d like, but bring a towel or some wipes, you will get messy. Then after, take a drive up and down 177th (Kromes Ave) before or after for fruit for purchase, arepas, fresh tropical fruit milkshakes, or smoothies. Also, quite a bit of these stops have small farm animals to check out.
Harry’s Pizzeria is our favorite pizza place in Miami. Food featuring seasonal ingredients, pizza for the kids and craft beer for the adults. They’ve even brought out a itty bitty pizza just for fun for our toddler. And their Friends With You wall is the cutest thing ever. If you’re a little bit North, more in the Palm Beach County area, try Pizzeria Oceano, our favorite more local (to us) pizza place.
tiny tourist palm beach
Loggerhead Marine Center in Juno Beach. A Loggerhead turtle sanctuary for injured and baby turtles. It’s a five dollar donation to enter, there’s a tiny learning center, an activity center, and of course: turtle tanks! The best thing is you can head right onto Juno beach before or after, since it’s right across the street. Of course, the best part about coastal Florida is the beaches, the more North you stay, the less crowded!
tiny tourist: palm beach
tiny tourist palm beach

Thanks Andrea! Here’es hoping you have room for the three of us and our crews, because this looks like a dream!

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