FRYday: Nicole

This last couple of weeks have been the kind that I live for.
Family popping in from out of town, adventures with my littles around every corner, and so many opportunities to be with good friends. Not a dull moment. But, with all of this dreamy living has brought one exhausted momma. FRYday : NicoleAs much as I dont want to admit it, I think I have over done it, unfortunately the kids are still going one hundred miles per hour. Then I pause and notice those around me and it’s moments like this stops me dead in my tracks. I feel completely awe-stricken at all of you incredible mommas, who keep on trucking day in and day out. Everyone with different sizes of families, some of you with full time jobs, and without a doubt, everyone with trials of their own. What lucky babies you have! I never see any of you just give up, or throw in the towel. And for that, you are incredible. With that being said, TGIF everyone, and happy FRYday. If it wasnt for everyone’s strength and examples, I probably wouldn’t leave my couch until Monday!


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