Fryday: Jenna

This week we moved from our house of almost six years and while we only find ourselves relocating a few minutes North, I can’t help but be sentimental about this place. This is our first house we purchased together, I remember how proud we were of ourselves for doing it on our own! This is the place we brought home both our babies to. It’s walls have seen the most sacred moments of my life. In the quiet hours of the night nursing babies and singing lullabies, silent prayers pleading for guidance and gratitude for blessings. My kitchen has had countless hours of use, making meals for my family and loved ones. Inside we’ve had laughter, tears, dancing, friends, disappointment, trial, joy, triumph and everything in between

I love reflecting on this home and knowing that it has been a place of sanctuary, safety and peace for our little family. I read once that what makes a home is the people in it and once you remove the people, all you can see is what’s not there anymore. And as I sit writing this in an empty house with truly only a few boxes left, I feel that way. What makes this house so important to me are the people in it. Not the furniture, the things, the decorations or the rug I HAD to have, just the people. MY people!


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  1. We are currently looking to buy a home to build these types of memories, and reading your post just made me a little teary-eyed thinking about the memories we will be leaving behind where we are now. The people make the house, and it looks like your family is going to make another home absolutely beautiful!

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