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I’m not a competitive person. I rarely compare myself to others, and I know better than to compare my children to other kids… I thought. But, last week I noticed something Dash’s friends could do, and at three years old, all his peers seemed to have it down to an art. It was a moment as a mother where you feel like you’ve failed. It was the first time (of many, I’m sure) where I’ve felt that way. I felt sad for Dash, I felt unsuccessful as a mother, and I wanted to change it immediately. I spent the entire week with this as my focus. I didn’t want Dash to be missing out on this for another moment. Last night he knelt down to say his prayers. With no one guiding him, he prayed for things that he really needed, and gave thanks for things he was truly grateful for. Afterward he gave me a hug and a kiss on my forehead. I sat there in awe at him, at his sincerity, and at his reverence, and I remembered, this boy is everything. Then it was like a punch in the stomach. Who cares what his friends can do, what other kids his age know?  I couldn’t believe I had spent a single moment even slightly disappointed in this incredible little human. I felt especially grateful for him and for his unique talents and personality, for the way he treats me, his lucky mom. I want to remember this, each and every day. And I hope that I do, always. Happiest FRYday everyone!



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  1. What a truly great reminder. It is so easy to compare (as women) and then to do it with our kids as well. A direct route to stealing joy in what we have right in front of us. What encouragement you provided on this Friday! Thank you.

  2. So lovely and true! It’s so easy to compare, and often we are around others who encourage it. Every single person is unique and given certain strengths and weaknesses. And sometimes our weakness are the most beautiful things. Such a great reminder!

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