happy labor day!

It is such a bittersweet moment to say a final farewell to Summer this year. While we love the return of schedule and routine (and actually knowing what day it is!) the magic of Summer will be sorely missed. We know we fought the good fight and gave Summer all we had this year. With family vacations, weekend adventures, hiking, biking, swimming, splashing, concerts in the park, fireworks in the street, bubbles, chalk, sprinklers and sandy feet. Eating berries straight off the vine, and peaches off the tree, we played and laughed until we collapsed into our beds ready to do it again the next day. Summer, you’ve been so good to us, and we love you for it.
2608770d258621271bad3d53a0faf957Happy Labor Day readers, we hope it is relaxing and family-filled!

Image via You Are My Wild by Kelsey Gerhard.


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