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When Nike approached us about collaborating on the “Free Your Moves” campaign and designing the Free 5.0s with the Nike iD system for our kids we were thrilled! The concept immediately conjured thoughts of living room dance parties with our boys. When we can all let loose and be silly and not worry about who’s watching or what they’re thinking. Thankfully our boys don’t have much of that self-consciousness yet, which is such a great daily reminder to be more like them! They are constantly pulling out hilarious dance moves, stalls, kicks, and spins during these sessions and we thought it would be so fun for them to see some real breakdancing in action. Who better to call than local B-Girl herself, Rachel Savage?

break dancing || nike


Rachel is a self-taught local breakdancer (see her in action in this video) that runs with the University of Utah Break Club, teaches hip-hop fitness at Cool E, and in general, is super awesome. We didn’t really prepare the boys for what was about to happen, she just came in with her giant boom box and let it rip. We wish we had a picture of their faces, jaws on the floor, eyes wide with amazement… priceless!

Rachel (or BGirl Savage as she’s known professionally) told us that one thing she loves about breakdancing is that there’s essentially a handful of moves, but not choreography. Once you have a few steps in your pocket, you can string them together however you like, endlessly! It’s all about self-expression and creativity. The boys did their best to mimic her moves and then eventually just asked for help, see below, “Spin me mom?”



break dancing || nike


Turns out Rachel is a sort of wise old (twenty-three years) hip-hop owl with loads of wisdom and inspiration. Inspiring things like turning down a stable desk job to teach and perform breakdancing for a living, donating her time and energy to helping her community get active. Working to break the negative stereotypes associated with hip-hop and teaching a bunch of rhythmically challenged suburban moms and their boys her best moves to name a few.


break dancing || nike


Needless to say the boys didn’t stop talking about, or trying the new moves they learned to this day, and the sneakers still haven’t come off. We think it might have been a hit! A few cool things we’ve learned about the 5.0 Frees are that they’re built to support healthy muscle development from a young age. The 5.0 is pliable and flexible while increasing foot strength, range of motion and balance. We used the Nike iD system, which allows you to select colors from lace to sole, and even personalize the shoes! Here’s a few that we personalized together with them:




“QUINN – QUINN” // “JUDE – POP” // “SUPER – FAST!” // “CAL – LUM”

Using nicknames, favorite sayings, or motivational phrases (we saw a hilarious pair that said “I HATE – TO RUN.” These investment shoes immediately turn into keepsakes that we’ll pack away and save for when our kids have their own kids! What would you put on your pair?Give the NIKEiD a spin here.




  • Gwen, The Makerista
    September 5, 2013 at 7:34 pm

    Love the color combos!

  • Sara
    September 5, 2013 at 8:02 pm

    I used to make these all the time & the custom bags & tees! You know, back when I used to get Nike merchandise for free. Wah! I miss those days.

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