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It seems that in this last month, particularly the last week, the lesson being taught to me over and over is how precious our children’s lives are. My week started heart broken over family friend Kollin, and today I will be attending the funeral of a perfect newborn baby. I’ve spent much of the week in sadness, toiling over what I can do for these families who are undoubtedly living in such heartache over their loss. While I can’t fill their void, despite a desperate desire to do so, I have learned an invaluable lesson from these people of great faith that I hope will bless the life of my own family. I, at times, have lost myself in the busyness of this world.fryday Sometimes I feel like I’m in twelve places at once. Responding to an e-mail, text, phone call while rushing late to meet up with someone and quieting the eager stories of a chatty Quinn, promising him “just hold on a minute, and I’ll listen!” What if I don’t have another minute or what if, and more likely, my child for that one minute feels neglected or unheard? What if you spent 100% of your time with a person and realized one day you really don’t know them at all? That’s a fate I’m not willing to accept in my relationship with these beautiful boys.

It’s my privilege and responsibility to be present for these little people. Not sometimes, but all the time. To listen to them, validate them and respect them and while we can’t stop the busyness of life, we can choose not to be absorbed in it. So for me, this Fryday is about starting over. Not just today but every day. I’m going to wake up, forgive myself for not being perfect and then make a renewed commitment to know my children.  I know if I’m conscious of that, I will find something new each day about them to cherish, enjoy and gain wisdom from because I really believe that children are the most ultimate teachers.




Not much business today, except to let you know that the Instagram shop we’ve had in the works for awhile went live yesterday! One day we hope to sell our own Small Fry goods, but for now we’re hosting an awesome sample sale for two brands Olivia Moon and Gibson. They normally sell in Nordstrom and we’ve had a lot of fun hand-picking items from their warehouse racks! Follow along @smallfryshop and you may just snag something pretty at a great deal!


  • Sara
    September 6, 2013 at 9:56 am

    Such a lovely practice. I am going to do this too!


  • Gwen, The Makerista
    September 6, 2013 at 10:38 pm

    I was just thinking today about how often in a day I say to my kids “just a second!” And really how it’s usually 5 minutes or longer.

    Thanks for continuing the conversation I was having with myself this afternoon. I really do need to work on being present more. Have a great weekend!

  • Emily
    September 9, 2013 at 12:08 pm

    Saw the posts about Kollin, so heart breaking! Really does put life in perspective, praying for your dear friends! Thank you for the reminder to be present, always a challenge for a busy parent.


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