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Once school started one mini-series we were sad to see go was the Summertime School posts. So if you don’t mind, we’ll keep these educational based ideas coming! Today’s cloud guide project couldn’t have come at a more opportune time, we had the most insane storm yesterday roll in, flooding homes, ripping roofs, tearing trees from the roots. This is the perfect stormy weather indoor activity, and also a free download below! Of course we had to do a little research to actually be able to teach the boys, starting first with where clouds come from (basically just water vapors from streams, lakes, and oceans that attach themselves to particles in the air which create clouds!)

Here’s what we learned together about these four types of clouds:
cloud type handout

Cumulus // The “fair weather” cloud. Puffy cotton ball looking clouds, sometimes with flat bottoms, these clouds are a good sign!

Cumulonimbus // A vertically built cloud that usually brings lighting, storms and snow blizzards in the Winter!

Nimbostratus // The rain cloud! Gray and and cotton candy like, this one carries rain wherever it goes.

Stratocumulus // Another dark grey cloud that travels in bunches. It usually comes at the beginning of a storm and is the “sprinkle” cloud, where you’ll only feel little droplets of water.

cloud type handout


For this project we simply gathered a bowl of cotton balls and stretched them out be able to manipulate them. Then using Elmer’s glue we had the boys attach them to the clouds on the download. The next time we play the “What do you see in the clouds?” game we’ll let you know if the usual “Elephant! Dragon!” responses are switched for a more accurate “Cumulus! Nimbostratus!” One can dream.

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