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I’ve been thinking a lot about friendships the last few weeks. The first few times Hayes came home from preschool, I asked him if he had made any new friends, and he said a little down, “No, mom, I don’t have the magic.” I laughed but then thought more about it, I guess it really is a skill to be learned for my little introvert. He has his close buddies that he sees everyday, children of our friends, which feels comfortable and confident with, but this is new and probably a little scary.fryday | emily I sat down with him and rehearsed the “Hi, my name is Hayes, what’s your name?” We talked about asking about the other person’s interests and then the “Want to be friends?” and of course a quick high-five at the end for enthusiasm. The next day I waited in the pick-up line and watched him come out with his back pack bouncing behind him. He waved goodbye to Thomas, said “See you later!” to Courtney and told me that Sydney likes cars, too! My heart just about burst. It reaffirmed to me that my job as his mother is an important one. That mixed with the redundancies (How many times have I pleaded with them to share, or cleaned up spilled juice, I don’t want to know) there are shining moments  of “I don’t totally suck at this!” and break-throughs that assure you all your efforts really are building and shaping them.  Man, am I glad it’s Fryday, that means I get a four whole days with this awesome little person before I have to share him with Thomas, Courtney and Sydney again.



This weekend is The Shops at Riverwoods annual Chalk the Block! A hundred+ artists from all over gather and create amazingly beautiful works of chalk art, even some 3D pieces will be there! Proceeds got to the Clear Horizons Academy for the Autistic. From 5-7pm we’ll be hosting a family event and we hope to see you locals there!

chalk the block

9 thoughts on “FRYday : Emily”

  1. Emily, you’re a great mom and so smart to practice saying that simple line with him! So glad Hayes made new friends. 🙂

    Also, I haven’t checked out small fry for a long time but I need to! I saw a pic yesterday on my friend’s instagram of this chalk festival and told my husband how our friend seems to know all the fun happenings here and is always taking his kids to them, and how I wish I knew about this event because my kids would’ve loved it! I feel uncool sometimes never knowing about fun events around here haha but I just need to come here more often! 🙂 I’m so happy you girls’ blog is taking off and doing so great.

  2. Emily–This post is so beautiful. How tender that you took the time to listen to him, and teach him. I bet by the end of the year, he’ll have loads of new friends.

  3. Oh Haysie! You DO have the magic! You just don’t know it yet. Seriously though Em, inspirational parenting. I wish someone had helped me learn how to make friends instead of just tell me I was shy.

  4. I love this! “I don’t have the magic.” Could he be any cuter? Way to go mama, equipping him with such a priceless life skill of friendliness. You’re all just awesome.

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