hot pink studded sneakers

Today is the online equivalent of a really good girl’s night out. A get together with your favorite people where you walk away feeling uplifted and inspired, and you didn’t even have to curl your hair! We’re linking up with six other fashion, beauty, baking, organization, parties, and home DIY wizards with only one stipulation: the result must involve hot pink! Keep reading to check out everyone’s projects! But, first here’s what we came up with:
hot pink!

Hot Pink Studded Sneakers!

hot pink girls studded sneakers

We used the classic white Chuck Taylor high-top picked out a standard gold stud from Studs and Spikes (super cheap and super fast shipping!) and then painted each one with nail polish. Why nail polish you ask? If you’re like us you have loads of it in every shade of the rainbow, and in this instance it works a whole lot better than spray paint. With such a small surface area you’d be wasting a lot of spray trying to get enough coats to get the desired color and consistency, so give those studs a manicure!girl's studded sneakers

Now here’s where you can choose your own adventure. None of us are quite done having kids yet, so hand-me-downs are a clear and present necessity. Here’s hoping there’s a girl in there somewhere for one of us, so keeping things wearable for the next round, no matter what gender, is usually on our minds. So, with that caveat, we didn’t actually stud these shoes…We super glued them! That way if the next kid doesn’t dig hot pink studded sneakers, you can just take them off!

To super glue them in place, fold the prongs down tightly and then cover the folded prongs with the super glue. If you’re feeling precise you can also glue around the edges of the stud’s border for extra coverage.


And that’s it! We always say this, but really the possibilities are endless with this one. Endless nail polish colors to try, multiple colors, ombre, and designs.

girls studded sneakers

Now for our featured friends! Click right on their image to visit their hot pink post!

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