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Congratulations to Maria Elena for winning this giveaway!

Welcome back to Small Fry’s First Birthday Week! Let’s start this party the best way we know how: giving away some free stuff! When we talk about the best parts of this job, it is people, not things or events, that come to mind. So many wonderful influencers, mentors, inspirations, friends, creators and business owners have made this first year so amazing! We asked a few of them to share their favorite must-haves with us so that we could in turn together give them to you.  Check back tomorrow to enter Part Two, but let’s see what you can win today!

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Susan Petersen of Freshly Picked // @freshlypicked

We forced her to be our mentor and her generosity and smarts are unending. Susan is the most giving friend you’ll ever find.

Champion Juicer :: $250

“We have gotten really into juicing lately and both the kids love helping juice. Hattie likes watermelon and carrot juice, Gus likes bell pepper juice.”

Casey Wiegand of The Wiegands // @caseyleighwiegand

We met Casey for the first time in NYC and were each blown away at her genuine and kind spirit. She makes us all feel like a million bucks and has a heart of gold.

Tangled Tantrum Set :: $50

“I LOVE Tangled Tantrum for my kiddos. Is there anything more glorious than a babe straight out of the bath that smells like coconuts in their pjs. AMAZING! I love all of their products.”

Joy Cho of Oh Joy! // @ohjoystudio

Lo & Sons. The OMG Overnight Travel bag :: $275

Joy took a chance, invited us into her home, and let us film her and her doll-baby Ruby last year. She treated us like old friends, and of the million things Joy’s got going for her and going on in her life, she wants everyone to succeed and makes time for us. We’ve always felt like Joy was rooting for us, and there’s no one better to have in your corner!

“We’re currently on vacation in Paris, and I’ve been using this bag for travel all over the city (and on the airplane)! it’s been so handy with tons of pockets for babythings and comfy shoulder straps for lugging around the city.”

Kelli Murray // @kelli_murray

Barefoot Dreams blanket via Layla Grayce :: $55

Kelli was another friend made last year, that we’ve watched soar. Her talent is astonishing, her style is impeccable, her family precious. Kelli is laid back and so easy to be around, it’s probably better she lives in California or we’d make her hang out with us everyday.

” The softest plush blanket that comes in cute simple patterns.  This has become Rylee’s favorite.  It comes with us on road trips and in airplanes and always makes her feel at home.”

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We will pick one winner each from Parts One and Two of this giveaway on September 30th, 2013. Check back tomorrow to enter for the other items up for grabs!

469 thoughts on “favorite’s favorite pt.1 [closed!]”

  1. My current must have is those tiny boxes of raisins. Definitely not as glamorous as the items here but a small-sized snack is a lifesaver almost every day!

  2. We don’t leave the house without our Ergo! From tackling the grocery store to walking the dogs I keep my little close, when he’s not walking around of course! You guys share the same birthday month! Happy 1 year ladies!

  3. My current must have is a bosch mixer. I can make bread with, cookies dough, and even shred chicken. It’s the best and so light.

  4. Following on IG…. My must have is simply my iPad. Made such a difference to this stay-at-home mom, part-Tim church staff worker’s life!

  5. My must have item is a camelbak water bottle. I have one and so does my 20 mo old daughter…she loves that she has a bottle like mama!

  6. Current must have for my toddler girl is good sing-a-long music for the car. We can drive around all day as long as she has her music. Our favorite right now is Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: life lessons. Teaches her the cutest little songs about dealing with life. When she struggles with something new I find her always singing “Just Keep Trying, you’ll get better”. It’s the cutest.
    Happy one year small fry. You girls are amazing!!!

  7. Love the must haves! I think my must haves are Burt’s Bees Lip Balm, my iPhone, med/large purse to fit my essentials AND diapers and wipes 🙂

  8. Thanks for this giveaway! My must have item for babies is “Sophie the Giraffe” Teether! We have 2 in case we lose 1! They are the best! Mommy must have is Mac bronzer!

    I follow on twitter (cortneytackett), instagram (Callenscloset), Facebook (Cortney Tackett) and Pinterest (cococt).

    I shared on pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/60446819972050013/

    I shared on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cortney.rosa

    I tweeted on twitter: https://twitter.com/CortneyTackett/status/382165276659171330

    I reposted on IG: @Callenscloset

  9. Love the small fry blog! I follow all your channels! 🙂

    My must have item is Diorshow mascara by Dior. It literally transforms my not so great lashes into lush beautiful lashes! It’s perfect for the days I don’t want to wear any make up but need to look lively or if I want to be glam! Best part is that it’s relatively affordable! 🙂

  10. My must have right now is super soft Lululemon long sleeved running tops now that the weather is cooling down. I’d love to carry them to and from the gym in that Lo& Sons bag! 🙂 Following everywhere as well!

  11. Followed on FB, IG, and Pinterest (don’t have a twitter). My must-have item of the moment is pickles… I’ll let you guess why since I haven’t made the official announcement 🙂

  12. Must have ties between a Vitamix (great for smoothies on those mornings that you can barely get it together) and Lo and Sons bag… light, handy, lots of pockets.

  13. My current must-have are my polka dot Toms. Why? Because I can no longer (comfortably) go barefoot in my house because it is too chilly! And Toms are super easy to slide on… they save my toes on cool mornings! 🙂

  14. Follow you on IG!

    My favorite item I can’t live without is my Ju Ju Bee BFF bag. I LOVE IT. The backpack style is a must when you have two busy little kids. Having both hands free has been a game changer when we added #2 to the mix last year!

  15. My go to item is my Eco jaz lids and straws I love using them for my juices, these help me reduce the amount of plastic that fill landfills.

  16. I don’t have a kid yet, but during these pregnancy months, I am living in LuluLemon leggings and CakeEnvy bras.

    For when the kid arrives, I’m excited about the 7 a.m. Les Enfants diaper bag, blankets from Wren & Rumour (on etsy), Baby Deedee sleep nests, and baby (for once they start to stand) Minnetonka Mocs!

  17. My current must have is the baby ergo. I cannot leave the house without it. My little one is so content snuggled up to me all day.

  18. Little Giraffe everything! My daughter is obssessed with her chenille blankie and takes it EVERYWHERE. We also love their regular blankets and hooded towels. 🙂

  19. My must have is always a big bag – like the Lo & Sons. I don’t care the brand, I just need to be able to cram as much in it as possible!

  20. My must have item currently is Slatkin and Co.’s “Autumn” candle. The most delicious smell – makes the whole house smell like FALL, my favorite season:)

  21. Following on Twitter, FB, Instagram and Pinterest:

    My must-have is anything by Benefit – as they keep me looking fresh!

  22. OMGoodness gracious… SUCH a sweet giveaway! Love all the goodies, but LOOOVE the Lo & Sons bag. Would be a perfect bag to tote around my camera & the kitchen sink!

    Thanks girls. xx

  23. following via all social medias.
    twitter: @ooohhhyeah
    instagram: @oohhyyeah
    facebook: athena demetro
    pinterest: athena d/ooohhhyeah

    and my must have item right now is my neutrogena make up removing towelettes. i’ve been using them for years, and they are my absolute favorite. i never have to use more than one to take off my makeup. and it leaves my face feeling so refreshed.

  24. My must-have is my Kitchenaid stand mixer. I love to bake (and especially make marshmallows right now) and having it has made it so much easier to multi-task!

  25. My Galaxy S4…it’s definitely a must have, whenever and wherever I go, I know it’s a phone and you’re suppose to have it with you at all times, but for me it’s more than a phone, it is helping me to grow my small business 🙂

  26. My must have item are baby wipes. Kinda boring, but there are seriously so many uses from removing make up to cleaning up purred carrots!

    I follow on all social medias

  27. My current must have for myself is KMS salt spray and for my boys it’s gap baseball tees.
    Following you on all but twitter and tagged you on pinterest.

  28. Great contest! My must have’s right now would be EOS lip gloss, mane message hair ties and giant blanket scarves. Following ya everywhere!

  29. Love this giveaway! I’m following you on everything 🙂 I think my favorite must-have is for my daughters: their bla bla dolls! They love to cuddle them and they instantly soothe them– which makes this mama HAPPY!

  30. My current must haves for Ollie are anything Aden and Anais, auqaphor, and sophie the giraffe. My favorites for me are MacBook pro, my Nikon, and iphone to capture all his wonderful moments.

  31. LOVE the Aiden and Anais snuggle blankets. It was clutch during swaddle transition. (sent to you on Pinterest!) Also, for me, fall is driving moc weather. We all have them…including baby!

  32. Following all 🙂
    I am 6 months pregnant and as of right now my must have item is….BellyBuds. This is an unusual, “must-have” but they are simply fabulous. We recorded my husband reading rhyming books and I can play this to our son any time. This is great because it allows our baby to hear and bond with my husband, just as much as me. We also love to play him music, too (only when he’s kicking of course).

  33. The one I want the most is the Lo & Sons – OMG Overnight Travel bag. I’m going on a vacation to Europe soon and it would be PERFECT!

  34. Love all these! I have been hearing a lot lately about tangled tantrum! Ill have to try it!
    My current must have these days is Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo. Its amazing, best I have tried and I have tried a lot! It smells wonderful and my it lets me keep a blowout for days! Try it! Its Sooo good!

  35. With a one year old during back to school season? Two words: BOOGIE WIPES
    pick me, i’ve been “picking” enough lately… get it?!

  36. My must have item of the moment is most definately the Bobino cord wrap. There’s nothing worst than tangled earphones on the subway each morning. This does the trick!

  37. My current must have are my Tom’s Nepal boots. It is finally nice and cool in Denver and these little boots are keeping my feet nice and cozy.

  38. My current must have is my espresso machine! All summer I’ve just been drinking iced tea, but now that it’s gotten colder it’s nice to be able to make myself a hot treat!

  39. My must-have these days is my new espresso maker – nothing beats starting my morning with a soy latte in a pretty travel mug every day!

  40. My must have item is my pocket sketchbook and traveling watercolor set. Never know when inspiration will strike, and it’s perfect way to pass the time if you’re stuck waiting in line.

  41. Awesome giveaway! Following you of course and I’ve been wanting a Lo & Sons bag for a while so fingers crossed:) My must have is a good mascara and flats:)

  42. Happy Birthday! I just adore your blog! You gals are the cutest! Thanks for this giveaway! My must have item is ‘they’re real benefit mascara’ love it!

    I follow on twitter (@bringonthenews), instagram (@calliebowers), Facebook (CallieCBowers) and Pinterest (callieabowers).

  43. My current must have is cuties oranges for myself since I’m nauseous from pregnancy. My must have for my daughter is her studded jean jacket from Zara, makes any outfit look super cute!

  44. My current must have is my aritzia leggings. I’m not ready for maternity clothes yet but need a little extra room,they are so comfortable!

    1. If you need this info to confirm: 🙂
      Twitter- @green_twiggy
      Pinterest- greentwiggy
      Instagram- green_twiggy (private account)
      Facebook- Tannis Wiebe

  45. My must have is my iPhone of course….it’s like a hundred things in one! Camera, calculator, map, phone directory, mirror, flashlight…and soo many more!

  46. I can’t live without my Medela Pump in style breast pump. I just went back to work last week after my maternity leave, it is my lifesaver right now.

  47. Can my must-have be Instagram? Cause it totally is. I get so incredibly inspired by other moms especially, kinda sorta making real life friends on there, and I have a mini baby memory book through it.
    My other would be my vitamix – I can make fancy ‘banzai bowls’ that my 10months old ‘baby food hater’ likes and I can eat the same thing. boom.

    Following on instagram

  48. I follow you everywhere…that sounds a little creepy!
    My cannot live with out item is my iphone. It is literally my lige in the palm of my hand!

  49. my must have is downtime after the kids go to bed. usually playing a little candy crush then watching a show with the husband.

    I dont do twitter but follow all the rest

  50. Lately I’m completely dependent on blogs like yours, Pinterest, and parenting books as I sail into uncharted territories…The terrible twos are upon us and by golly if we aren’t ready!!

  51. Awesome giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity! My absolute must have every day is my wacom tablet, I’m an illustrator, print and pattern designer and need this for my work to flow with ease.

  52. My own must have is patience… As a mom of four, if I don’t have patience I’m going to have rotten days. Oh, and great cups of coffee with my favorite Latin coffee Bustelo!

  53. I currently can’t live with my homemade teething necklaces and coffee! A teething infant and an on the go toddler are an exhausting but awesome bunch!

  54. my “must have” is cetaphil. sounds boring, but surviving the dry dry weather in Idaho is tough and cetaphil facial cream is THE best. and it was the only cream to cure my little one’s eczema.

  55. My must haves are…in no particular order..

    A stack of CS Lewis nonfiction, fresh brewed white peony tea, red shoes, a good tattoo shop, & a nifty embroidery ringed project on my lap.

  56. Following on Pinterest, facebook, and IG. My current must have right now is probably my gym pass! Keeps me fit, gives me extra energy to keep up with my 3 littles, and is a nice little break during the day while the kids play in the gym’s child care.

  57. I have so many baby products that I love, but my favorite item for years has been my Bodum French Press. I only drink 1 cup of coffee a day, but by 9PM I am literally excited to go to bed to get up and drink it. Life is too short to drink bad coffee 🙂

  58. Following ALL! And my must have item is Dry Shampoo. Simple, but oh-so-necessary if I want to get away with not washing my hair for 3 days. Which always seems to happen.

  59. After throwing away countless plastic lines boba over the past 3 years, we received a silicone bin as a gift and I think it’s one of the bed inventions ever for mealtime. Easy to wipe clean or throw in the dish washer. They can be used for years with multiple kids. We bought more in he tommee tippee brand 🙂

  60. Happy birthday. I am following on twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. My must have right now is my camel bak water bottle, it goes everywhere with me!

  61. My must-have item is my iPhone! I seriously cannot function without it! My whole life is wrapped up in that little white rectangle. I’d be lost without it! Technology…. Gah!

  62. My must have item is an infinity scarf! Perfect for almost all times of the year and adds an extra layer to my outfit! Love the Lo & Sons bag!!!

  63. I love my kate spade diaper bag! It is black vinyl with chain link straps and looks like a classy purse instead of a mom bag. It holds everything I need it to (and more!). The best thing is that when I run out of the house on my own without baby girl in tow, I don’t feel awkward or silly since it really just looks like a nice purse.

  64. My must have item right now is Healing Balm by Honest Company. My son doesn’t get too many diaper rashes, but when he does- the quickest way to get rid of them is by using a little Healing Balm! It smells delicious too 🙂

  65. My must have item is my leather jacket and LOTS of coffee!
    I don’t have instagram but follow you everywhere else 🙂
    FB Lynn B.
    Pin /lynnb83
    Twitter @lynnlynnbobin

  66. I follow Small Fry everywhere, and my favorite item is Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Eclat. It makes my tired eyes look a little brighter even though I am majorly lacking sleep!

  67. I am dying over the Lo & Sons handbag. That is a must need for me. Some of my other favorites right now are Up the Amp lipstick by MAC and my new Wet Brush (that would work perfect with that Tangled Tantrum)

  68. when it comes to baby essentials, i think it really comes down to the basics. i love aden + anais swaddle blankets. although my baby never liked to be swaddled, these blankets can grow with her and she now loves to snuggle up with them. i also couldn’t live without my baby carrier. baby wearing has been a lifesaver for me.

  69. Our favorite item right now is her aden+Anais bamboo Swaddle blanket. It was perfect for the spring and summer. But now that it’s fall and getting chilly. We’re hoping to win a barefoot dreams blanket!

  70. My must have item for me and my babe since day one has been the Aden+Anais swaddled blankets. Now that my babe is out of the swaddling stage, we’re using them as comfort blankies. And as burp cloths, teethers, and toys sometimes too!

  71. At 7 1/2 months pregnant, I’d have to say that I cannot live without my army of pillows (REALLY loving the Boppy pregnancy sleep wedge!) to get me comfortable and keep me sleeping through the night.

  72. Hi! This giveaway is amazing!
    My must-have item right now is the Crane Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier because it is starting to get cool and my skin gets dry! <3

  73. My current must have is my Herschel backpack. Cute, functional and convenient, nods above any over the shoulder diaper bag that I’ve tried.

  74. My current must haves are all pregnancy related. Belly band, to make my non maternity clothes work. Coco Butter, to keep my skin soft, Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag, for when baby comes, Freshly picked moccs and Candykirby design blankets for when our little babe comes.

    Following on twitter (@swtserendipityy) Insta (ana_sweetserendipity) Pinterest (Ana SweetSerendipityBlog) and Facebook (Ana Souza)

  75. My current must have item the new similac bottle…have you tried them?! Bridger won’t use anything else, its as close to the real thing as I’ve seen.

  76. Awesome picks! Current must haves are our muslin swaddle blankets, you can do anything with those things! And for mama, my phone 🙂

  77. following you on everything! my must have is my IPHONE. i seriously couldn’t live without it, my LIFE is in that thing! sad, but true.

  78. My own must have has to be our coffee maker- nothing fancy, but man does it do the trick on those nights when the baby refuses to sleep

  79. You ladies are amaze-balls! I want it all! My must-have right now is Torani Coconut Syrup to make “dirty” sodas to my hearts content at home. Every mama needs a large supply of caffeine ready for a moments notice. 🙂

  80. I follow on FB, IG, Pinterest, & Twitter. My go to item would be my softbums cloth diapers since we use those a lot and my iPhone 🙂

  81. My must-have item is my beco butterfly. It’s been such a lifesaver when he was tiny and colicky, and is great now that he’s bigger for times when I need to walk our dogs. One of my favorite baby investments.

  82. My must have item since my son was born almost three months ago are the Aden and Anais gauzey swaddle blankets. My little man was born during some of the most sweltering days this summer, and those blankets kept him from overheating, but still snug. I still used them for everything.

  83. My current must have is a combo purse/tote/diaper bag — everything needs to find a place and there are so many new things to find a place for 🙂

  84. Follow on Twitter as mummytotwoboys1, Pinterest as mummytotwoboys1 and Facebook as d schmidt.

  85. MUST HAVE: my iphone.
    It’s insane how reliant we/I am on this thing, but it holds so much of our everyday, past and future it’s really something fantastic. To be able to capture a memory instantly by snapping a picture and to be able to share it within seconds is amazing.

  86. Love these items!! Thanks for a great giveaway! My current must have item are my Nike Free running shoes. I just started running again after having a baby and they make running so much more enjoyable!

  87. For my youngest (5 months), his favorite thing is this stuff called Baby Paper. We bought it at Babinskis baby and its great. It makes that crunchy sound babies love, its soft and washable. My 4 year old loves these books from Paula Opal called Simply Small, they are so sweet and simple. My favorite thing for mom is a bag of Guittard chocolate chips and a coke.

  88. My must-have is my Helen Ficalora gold initial necklace. I wear it daily, and with mine & my daughters initials the same, its a sweet reminder of her always on me! That and smiths Rosebud salve. Lips, chapped skin, diaper rash…it’s the best!

  89. My must have item would definitely be my planner! Sometimes I wish I could leave it at home just so I didn’t look at it a million times… But I always end up dragging it along!

  90. My must have item is my Kitchen-aid. I had wanted one for so long but just couldn’t afford it. Then my husband won one at his work party. I have made so many delicious things ever since. I love it!

  91. Following on all the above mentioned channels. My must-have item is a high powdered blender. My family has enjoyed an almost daily smoothie since becoming Vitamix owners in July. Definitely worth the investment!

  92. Must haves would include a large selection of herbal tea (and a big tea mug), dry shampoo, coconut oil (it works for everything), and the vitamix (liquid meals – awesome lol!)

  93. I couldn’nt live without my Mason Pearson brush & Vitamix but have ALWAYS wanted the OMG overnight bag by Lo & Sons – this would definitely be my new must-have!!

  94. My must have item is the wet brush. My boys have long curly hair (sometimes sticky), so this brush is always a tear free way to detangle after their bath.

  95. I follow on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. My must have item at the moment is my Aden and Anais Swaddle blankets for my little one.

  96. My must have items right now are my Rainbow sandals! This may change as summer turns to fall, but here in Southern California I can usually wear them through to December and then again from March.

  97. My must-have is Aden and Anais blankets. They have been used for everything in my house and my three-year old is still using them. I kinda wish they made one in bigger sizes for me!

  98. I follow!!! My current must have is my double bob running stroller. With two boys close in age, its nice to be able to go for a run and keep them happy and comfy at the same time! Great giveaway!

  99. My current must have Item is her inexpensive $20 ikea large wooden easel, she can draw and paint almost all day long, everyday. This helps her explore, be creative and express her self and keeps her busy. She is always so proud of her drawing and paintings and loves to show them to everyone, she is currently two but has been painting since 10 months old. I think I have an artist on my hands. hehe 😀

  100. Our Baby Bjorn Babysitter Balance has been a must have in our family over the last five months. We have found it to work almost as well as a swing but it is lightweight, compact, and very portable. We’ve spent numerous fun nights camping this summer with the little one because of the Bjorn Babysitter! 🙂

  101. my must have item is miss jessie’s pillow curl cream. it’s the only thing that can turn my natural frizz into dreamy curls. (or at least make it look much better!)

  102. My current must haves are black Rockstar skinnies from Old Navy, nude Gap ballet flats to run after my littles and my ninja blender to make my protein smoothies that get me through my day!

  103. My must have item is Jcrews maternity pixie pant! For all the pregnant mommas with sensitive bellies these are the best. For baby I love aden and anais blankets and am loving the etsy shop iviebaby!

  104. My must have item is my ipad! Seriously gets me through the day. It’s a book, tv, calendar, computer, recipe keeper, camera….and more.

  105. This sounds ridic, but my must-have right now is my glass of water that never leaves my side! It’s a must since I’m nursing and I’m thirsty all the time. Love my Mason Jar Company tumbler. 🙂

  106. My go to item is anything Honest company. I’m so happy that I started using the brand when my son was born. It makes me feel good when I am using the brand. Thanks for the giveaway.

  107. Our must-have items are our ergo – my newest baby girl loves to be held so this is how I get anything done! My 2.5 yr old loves his Natives – great colours, cute style for the beach, dirt – easily washed off for the next adventure!

  108. My must have item would have to be boogie wipes, with a sick 2 year old I make sure to keep a package in my bag and at home at all times. I love the grape smell too, yum!

  109. My must have is my Skip Hop travel wipes case. It is the one thing I never leave home without. Love your blog, love this giveaway!!

  110. Wow, such an amazing giveaway…thank you for the chance! I feel silly for admitting this, but I’d have to say my must-have item is my iPhone. My husband is at school/clinic usually 7-7, so my weekdays are spent outnumbered with my two tiny tots. With my iPhone, I can so easily and quickly text my husband, do FaceTime (which my 2-year-old thinks is the greatest thing eve!) with family, take great pictures that help me capture the joys of motherhood, and connect with other mommas with social media outlets, like Instagram. I think technology can have it’s positive and negative influences, but I really try to use it for good!

  111. Just got twitter, so I can follow you guys on there! Already following on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram! Love you ladies!

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